Reader asks’"a degree in "Education Leadership." What exactly is that???"

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A much noted definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. So why is the BOE so intent on hiring people who replicate the very people we already have in place to solve a problem they have been unable to solve? Notice that Jessica Anspach has her degree in “Education Leadership.” What exactly is that???

New Director of Curriculum and Instruction Reports to Work Dr. Jessica Anspach comes to the district from the Manalapan-Englishtown Regional Schools, where she was the Language Arts and Basic Skills Instructional Program Supervisor. Dr. Anspach has a Doctorate in Education Leadership from Seton Hall University.


  1. ‘Leadership’ is the most overused word in higher education. Everyone is a leader, but they couldn’t tell you what the word means.

  2. Speaking of schools…

    Now that the election is over does anyone know the cost to the HSA for the police presence in the schools?

  3. Great, let’s start complaining about another administrator before we’ve even met her.

    Can we have the trial *before* hanging the accused?

  4. 9:18pm,

    “Education Leadership.” Come on, you’re actually defending someone who paid for such an asinine sounding degree?

    It begs to be ridiculed.

    It would be like getting a degree in say, advertising leadership or sports leadership. Please don’t try to compare it to an MBA or similar advanced degree.

    Why aren’t educators getting degrees in a say, Math, English, Science, History… shall I go on?

    Stupid titles and degrees in non-sense like this is why the education establishment is held in such contempt by the other professional classes.

    When the educrats decide to get serious about education, then the rest of us will show them some respect.

  5. Now the bloggers question the meaning of some graduate degrees? You are in way over your head.

    It may seem easy for people with no background to pretend to understand how the educational system works. Just because you graduated from high school does not mean that you understand the workings of the educational system – in any state in the union.

  6. It’s easy to understand the education system. It works like a union does. Bad workers are protected at the expense of getting the job done. What else is there to understand?

  7. I don’t know where to put this:

    I saw a van stopped by the hospital entrance on Van Dien today. They unloaded a (very nice looking)coffin. Shouldn’t they be doing that at a delivery entrance? I thought that the deceased were brought to the funeral home, and then placed in a coffin.

  8. Me too…. they are embalmed (if that is the case) there. Maybe they transport there in a coffin and then embalm??? Maybe someone in the know can comment here?

  9. “Just because you graduated from high school does not mean that you understand the workings of the educational system…”

    What is to understand, it is failing miserably. Silly mandates, low standards, life time job security for its employees, failing urban schools, mediocre suburban schools, bloated bureaucracies, inflated and run away budgets, poor student achievement scores, politicization of curriculum, lack of accountability to parents, resistance to change and competition.

    What’s to lead? There is a crisis in confidence in our public school system and the politicians and the unions refuse to do a damn thing about it.

    You can’t honestly argue that public school education is serving the American taxpayer very well, let alone their children.

  10. “…how the educational system works…”

    It doesn’t work. It’s broken. That’s the problem.

    Leadership degrees is not going to make it any better.

    If that were the case, the exalted expert math panel assembled by Regina would reflect an honest cross section of math experts, not charlatans of constructivist math.

  11. these dopes in the educational system are only fooling them selves these degrees and titles are a joke and the jokes on them ,people join the internet revolution and dump public education

  12. 918 i am tired of the same old retreads for our schools the kids deserve better

  13. this math is part of the ghetto-ization of our schools , the taxpaying public will continue to pull their childern from the public school system so the schools will have to import students from other locations to fill the classes and justify the budget ,like englewood ,thats also why they wat to build all this section 8 crap !

  14. “this math is part of the ghetto-ization of our schools”

    Nice twisting of the language.

    “Ghetto-ization”? Please.

    Your posts are the “dumbing-down-ification” of this thread.

  15. 12:52 I hate to break it to you but constructivist math was indeed invented for kids stuck in failing Ghetto/urban schools, which are usually staffed by the least able teachers. It was to be so easy even a Geico Caveman could do it. Not only would they be able to “do it,” but they would do so without the help of the union teachers in the room. Hence key words like “discovery.” These teachers could not teach math so the students had to discover it by themselves with the help of a math program so dumb that even…

    You get it yet?

  16. 10:34 – Great, now you're blaming it on inner city black kids & their teachers, whom you compare to cavemen.

    Nice. Very nice.

    You're showing your true stripes, and they ain't pretty.

  17. 12:52 PM –

    Get your head out of the sand… or maybe it’s in another dark place about 3 feet higher.

  18. You’re hopeless 12:52. It is the constructivists who declared their program would suit inner city children better than traditional math. More PC stuff, get it!

    Also the reference was more to a hilarious Geico commercial campaign, than to any caveman. Tsk tsk.

  19. 12:52 PM,

    As the saying goes,”It’s just like a Wap to bring a knife to a gun fight.”

    You are so out gunned intellectually that if it weren’t so pathetic, it would be funny.

    I am sure you can find offense with my statements.



    Your friendly neighborhood Italian.

  20. “Educational leadership” is just the new term for an administrative degree. If you check credentials you will find that many teachers and administrators have a master’s degree in their subject field as well.

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