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Score Card : Blog (vs) Flog

In BOE elections, flog, Ridgewood NJ, the Ridgewood blog on March 26, 2009 at 11:55 pm

The flog is a blog run by an administrator who remains anonymous. Unlike this blog, which is run by PJ, the flog creators refuse to identify themselves. The flog was created by a ficticious duo who call themselves “andrew and sue.” Andrew and Sue seem to have no purpose but to rail against posters on PJ’s blog. It is widely believed that “Sue” is Susan Sherrill, former editor of the Ridgewood News who is a big supporter of the BOE. James Rose has identified himself as a poster on this Blog.

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Saraceno Tells Village Council: “There Will Be Fist Fights To Rent Space In Your Building!” – Feels “Personally Demonized" by Blog Posters

In John Saraceno, Onyx Equities, Parking, Ridgewood NJ on March 26, 2009 at 9:02 pm

John A. Saraceno, a principal of Onyx Equities, LLC and a resident of Coventry Court, Ridgewood, appeared before Village Council members in public session last night to answer questions about his firm’s proposal for the construction of a multi-million dollar parking garage/commercial complex on North Walnut Street. Village Council members had previously selected Onyx as the project’s sole developer.

In response to a statement made by Councilman Paul Aronsohn that the parking garage/retail complex project should not move forward, Saraceno said:

“Even in today’s economic climate, if that space were now available, I could rent it in one hour or less.”

“There will be fist fights among quality tenants to get space in your building.”

“Stores such as Brooks Brothers, J Crew, and Aeropostale want to be in Ridgewood badly and will likely sign letters of intent as soon as it is known space will be available.”

“The retailers likely to want this space are national retailers who will stay open until 10:30 PM Monday through Saturday, and draw nighttime business into your Central Business District.”

Mr. Saraceno made mention of The Ridgewood Blog in his opening comments to Council members. He said that although he does not read The Ridgewood Blog, he had received phone calls from several friends about his name being mentioned within, and had concluded that he was being “personally demonized” by Blog posters.

Further discussion regarding Onyx’s proposal has been scheduled for the Council’s April 22nd Open Public Meeting.

Questions for Mr. Saraceno:

If retail space in Ridgewood is such a hot commodity, how come your building at the corner of Ridgewood Avenue and North Maple Street (formerly Sealfons) is not completely rented out? And don’t tell The Fly that you can’t rent it because you have no parking there; the building is surrounding by parking lots!

Also, The Gap, Ann Taylor, and other national retailers in Ridgewood do not stay open anywhere near 10:30 PM on weeknights. What do you know that we don’t?
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Spring is here……………………..?

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Maybe this is why no one will run for the BOE ….

In BOE, flog, Ridgewood Schools on March 26, 2009 at 5:18 pm

Maybe the constant assault by BOE flunkies not reasoned criticism is what has driven away all the potential candidates for BOE ,but I guess that’s what they want .

Nice to know that we have once again we have lowed the bar to have more in common with Camden than even Newark as a former BOE person once remarked .

Just think despite all this ,”you still can get a GOOD education” in Ridgewood (for $90 million we add…)

When will Parents and Tax Payers say this is enough ?

Anonymous said…
who is the expert? that’s kind of important to know – if it’s just some idiot parent, then i would discard these ratings.

11:08 AM

Anonymous said…
“if it’s just some idiot parent, then I would discard these ratings.”

And pray tell, who are you? The “expert” flack for the BOE? Your idiot slip is showing. The parents involved in helping Ridgewood students get better math are anything but idiots. In fact, from the information they have provided our community, they are far more expert than any of the administrators tasked with solving this problem. Smarter than Regina and certainly smarter than Nancy (show me the money) Schultz.


pj heres my update ….

Anonymous said…
yes PJ it is amazing that the BOE allows these idiot morons to speka for them all the time …

its the same jerk over and over the BOE should put and end to this

1:36 PM

Anonymous said…aka flogger
or maybe the nattering nabobs of negativism really are “all bark and no bite”

1:36 PM

Anonymous said…
Yes perhaps the BOE will sponsor a blog made up to attack peeple for posting on this blog anonymously …oh they already do that with the flog better watch out Mr Rose they are after you

1:39 PM

Anonymous said…aka spin machine
The original post makes no sense.

Last year, Maskin & Lois were treated with MUCH greater respect than Brogan (“hair clips”) and Hutton (“caddy”). But I guess for you that’s what passes for “reasoned criticism” of the BOE.

1:41 PM

James Rose said…
I guess andrew cant take his own medicine ,but guess what I am just getting started ….

1:44 PM

Anonymous said…
I think the BOE has a resposibility to the comunity to fire the floggers and go straight

1:45 PM

Anonymous said…aka flogger
I love reading the Napolean-wannabes on here, demanding that we fire this person or that person.

The senseless bleatings from flaccid observers is hysterical!

1:51 PM

Anonymous said…
fire the floggers use the money for something educational ,now thats an idea

2:00 PM

Anonymous said…aka flogger
tell me again — exactly how much are the floggers getting paid by the BOE?

2:01 PM

Our Expert’s take on the final four math programs.

In math wars, Ridegwood Schools on March 26, 2009 at 1:43 pm

Our Expert’s take on the final four math programs. We rate these up to four stars (best) based on our criteria for 1) content; 2) clarity; 3) skill development; and 4) sequential connections.

A) Math Expressions
This is a reform program that boasts “new ways to teach and learn mathematics.” Yes, there are educators actually searching for new ways to teach elementary math, like adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. The publisher has found those people and is aiming its product directly at their need for the new. We would describe this program, but the publisher does it best: “Combining the most powerful elements of reform mathematics with the best of traditional approaches, Math Expressions uses objects, drawings, conceptual language, and real-world situations to help students build mathematical ideas that make sense to them.” We especially applaud the goal to “build mathematical ideas,” NOT. Best use of faddist buzzword, “real-world situations.” Rating: **½ out of 4.

B) enVision Math
This program is the marriage of math and technology. But be forewarned, fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. The features of enVision — interactive computing, smartboards, bell and whistles — are designed to be alluring and ultra modern, like a classic whore with perfect make up. Teachers who don’t like math and don’t have a clue how to teach math will really like this program. They just have to show up, plug it in and WHAM — instant math instruction. This program is only one year old, so if Ridgewood picks it, the publisher’s stock will go up and there will be money for contract payments (i.e. kickbacks). Please note that enVision is Nancy Schulz’s (Montclair math consultant) preferred program. Publisher describes program using verbiage such as, “sequential visual/verbal connections,” “Visual Learning Bridge,” “daily Data-Driven Differentiation,” “Visual Learning strategies to deepen conceptual understanding,” yada, yada, yada. Only problem, it doesn’t make coffee. Rating: * out of 4.

C) EveryDay Math
EveryDay Math has just about everything the National Math Panel said elementary math instruction should avoid. It is based on the spiral approach which is designed to keep kids from being bored by jumping all over the place, touching lightly on topics and endlessly revisiting them. This program has taken the notion of an algorithm (short, sweet, quick and accurate) and made it more like fun with Dick and Jane. Your young elementary student will not only learn how to add, but will learn how to add upside down, in a tree, on a beach and in space using a Ouija board. If this doesn’t make sense to you, then you’re too old. EveryDay Math does not support automaticity of any basic math facts (boring), it emphasizes language over math (because math is boring) and is enraptured with non-standard algorithms (standard ones are so passe and boring). It is an expensive program that requires lots of work from Nancy Schultz, our permanent math consultant and teacher re-training guru. If Regina gets her way and picks this program, taxpayers may want to consider taking up a collection and buying Nancy a house here in Ridgewood. Rating: ** out of 4.

D) Primary Mathematics
Primary Mathematics is a Singapore Math program. For parents, Singapore is the land of plenty. For math educators, Singapore is the land of too much, since in public school, education administrators are very careful not to set too high a bar for themselves. Students of Singapore Math are approximately two years ahead of other American students. This means that our teachers would have to be ahead, too. That could be a problem if we don’t hire the best and the brightest, not our strong suit with Regina and Dan at the helm. About the program – it is streamlined, mostly steak, little potatoes. There are some fluffy reform words to woo progressive thinking teachers, like conceptual understanding, visual learning strategies, real-world problem solving (as if others are using fake-world strategies), but these phrases are kept to a minimum, allowing the program to succeed by not replacing the actual math with such marketing selling points. This is a fundamental math program that actually lays out the instruction of math in a manner that focuses on teaching the student until he/she gets it. It is sequential, uses accurate math concepts and terms, emphasizes retaining math knowledge and lays a clean, uncluttered foundation for ongoing math study. Rating: **** out of 4.

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The Fly Says This Makes No Sense What So Ever

In municipal jobs, Onyx Equities, Ridgewood Parking problems, VC on March 25, 2009 at 4:39 pm

Tonight, Village Council members are scheduled to again debate the introduction of a multi-million bond ordinance to raise funds for construction of a massive parking garage/retail complex on North Walnut Street.

Current speculation is that construction costs for such a facility would total $18-$20 million. Council members had initially hoped construction could be financed without the need for tax dollars above and beyond $3 million already appropriated for property acquisition and site remediation.

However, The Fly has learned that Onyx Equities, LLC, the Council’s chosen real estate development firm, is not willing to completely fund this endeavor. It is not known at this time exactly how much Onyx is willing to contribute, but insider information obtained by The Fly suggests the number is miniscule.

The Fly suggests Village Council members begin walking Ridgewood’s Central Business District on a regular basis. Empty parking spaces are now a commonplace sight, as are vacant storefronts. Take a close look around Mayor Pfund! Why spend millions for more parking and more retail when we don’t need it?

The Fly suggests Council members scrap plans for this insane project and divert any currently unused funds to pay for continued public safety and public works services.

Kill the garage to keep municipal jobs!

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Seems that in their infinite wisdom, the town has postponed the yard waste pickup until April 20.

In Ridgewood NJ, VC, Yard Waste on March 25, 2009 at 1:10 pm

Seems that in their infinite wisdom, the town has postponed the yard waste pickup until April 20. I abide by the collection dates on the Village calender, which clearly state TODAY for my area. They did a poor job of communicating this, as evidenced by yard waste in front of EVERY house in the neighborhood here. It would have been quite simple to send out the yard waste schedule INDICATING that there would be a change made. This is a foolish attempt to save money, when pissing away millions on other dumb programs. At a minimum the communication of this was deficient. I do not read the Ridgewood News so its ‘my fault’ that I missed some sort of notice there, or the cable tv channel (the polite woman @ Village Hall advised me that was how they communicated it)

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AFP-NJ Announces Taxpayer Tea Party to Protest Gov. Corzines’s Tax Hikes, April 15

In AFP-NJ, Jon Corzine, new jersey fiscal crisis, Stimulus Bill, tax protest, tea party on March 24, 2009 at 8:07 pm

New Jersey citizens urge Corzine to reduce spending, reject stimulus money

Join AFP-NJ along with grassroots activists across the country on April 15th at 5PM for a Taxpayer Tea Party to protest Governor Corzine’s proposed tax hikes.

NJ has the worst tax climate in the nation, and yet Governor Corzine continues to rely on tax revenues to support the state’s overgrown budget. This tradition has left us poorly positioned to deal with the economic recession.

Even with the so-called stimulus funds that are coming to New Jersey– totaling $2 billion– Governor Corzine has introduced a FY 2010 state budget with a $7 billion deficit, and massive tax hikes to go along with it.

Governor Corzine continues to increase taxes—it is the same mistake over and over again. Taxpayers have carried the burden of these mistakes long enough– It’s critical to fight back against this proposed budget and its tax hikes!

Urge Governor Corzine and state legislators to take the first step in mending this $7 billion deficit by cutting the size of the state budget and planning for New Jersey’s financial future.
What: Taxpayer Tea Party
Who: Americans for Prosperity
When: Wednesday, April 15, 5:00pm
Where: Johnson Park ( River Road, Piscataway Township)

For more information or to register, click here or call 201-487-8844

One of the four math program finalists is Primary mathematics. This is a Singapore program and is the gold standard for elementary school math.

In BOE, math wars, Ridgewood Schools on March 24, 2009 at 8:05 pm

One of the four math program finalists is Primary mathematics. This is a Singapore program and is the gold standard for elementary school math. A Blog Reader had this to say about the program and what it would mean for Ridgewood elementary students.

This is the Singapore program approved for Oregon and California.

I’ve always thought the right thing for Ridgewood to do is use what California’s been using, and now Oregon as well. However, I’m very concerned now because the Ridgewood parents might not choose it due to its lack of glitz. The parent community may not be savvy enough about math materials to understand why Singapore is superior to the others. I can only hope that the Ridgewood parents who go to look at the books will recognize this f act about themselves, and will do their best to find out the substantive truth, rather than get distracted by the glitz.

Here is some information on the Singapore site about Cavendish Singapore.




Students of Singapore Math are approximately two years ahead of other American students.

For eighteen months I taught all three of my kids daily, using Singapore Math. All of them had had an American education and specifically, some amount of TERC in school. Singapore is divid ed into two half-years.

My grade 2 child tested and placed at Singapore grade two (the equivalent of American grade K) before the lessons. After the eighteen months, he tested as ready for Singapore grade seven (the equivalent of American grade 9).
My grade 5 child tested and placed at Singapore grade three (the equivalent of American grade 1) before the lessons. After the eighteen months, she tested as ready for Singapore grade seven (the equivalent of American grade 9).
My grade 7 child tested and placed marginally at Singapore grade four (the equivalent of American grade 2) before the lessons. After the eighteen months, she tested as ready for Singapore grade seven (the equivalent of American grade 9).

You can see that the older the child, the more catching up they had to do, after years of an American math education.

My kids started out varying a great deal in their ability to learn math. Yet after the 18 months, all of them had become skilled in both mechanics and in problem-solving, and knew the basics of Algebra. In addition, all three had learned weights and measurements, both English and metric.

Ridgewood School District would be making a big mistake to reject Singapore Math, which is quickly becoming the gold standard. Just look at California, a state that’s been through the mill concerning “reform math,” and which now has its own version of Singapore Math. In fact, it’s this version that Ridgewood is considering.

After all, it is universally known among math education experts that Singapore is the top math-achieving country in the world. It’s hard to argue with that. Children don’t need glitz when they can instead feel the deep satisfaction of a lesson learned well. And what’s downright poetic about this is that because Singapore is less glitzy, it’s probably also cheaper than other programs. What a thought.

I do not recommend parents tutoring their kids at home unless they love the idea. It’s not easy. In my case, I have a math teaching license, and got a sick thrill out of teaching my own kids.

But if our district’s elementary schools get Singapore Math, the parents will be able to relax for the first time in years. I’ve heard some people argue that Ridgewood’s teachers are not equipped to teach Singapore Math, as it is more rigorous than American math, but I disagree. I believe Ridgewood’s teachers will take to Singapore Math like a duck to water. It’s organized and has good materials for treating teachers as lifelong learners. In my opinion, it contains the best of what reform math tries, but fails, to do. It is both traditional and progressive. It’s the blend that the board has been talking about, is more proven than Everyday Math, and will cease the uproar