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The Valley Hospital’s zoning strategy (as taken from a FAQ posted on The Valley’s web site)

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Q. What does the hospital need to begin?
A. Current Ridgewood Village zoning does not permit this renewal without seeking approval from the Board of Adjustment. This approach, which has been used by the hospital in the past, is being set aside in favor of developing a broader, more appropriate solution: recognition of a modern hospital zone by the Planning Board. The Village is currently undergoing a master plan review, including evaluating development standards for the hospital zone. We believe the time is right to establish the modern zone. If we can establish the modern zone, Renewal can begin.

The bottom line: The Valley has no intention of applying for zoning variances. Instead, they will lobby heavily to have the existing Hospital Zone (H) ordinance amended/revised to fit their expansion plans. All amendments/revisions to Village ordinances must be approved by the Village Council.

Link to Valley Hospital’s official web site presentation of their “Renewal” program



Here’s the current Land Use Ordinance for hospital zones:

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§ 190-117. H Hospital District.

A. Principal uses and structures. The following principal uses and structures shall be permitted: (1) Hospitals for humans.
(2) Child-care centers.
(3) Municipal buildings owned or leased by the Village of Ridgewood and used for public purposes.

B. Accessory uses and structures. The following accessory uses and structures shall be permitted, provided that they are located on the same premises as the principal use or structure to which they are accessory: (1) Parking facilities, as regulated in §§ 190-90 and 190-121.
(2) Signs, as regulated in § 190-122.
(3) Accessory uses customarily incident to the above principal uses.

C. Conditional uses and structures. The following conditional uses and structures shall be permitted in the H District only if they comply with the appropriate regulations for such uses or structures in § 190-123: [Amended 10-13-1998 by Ord. No. 2643] (1) Public or private schools for kindergarten through grade 12.
(2) Houses of worship.
(3) Public utility buildings and structures.
(4) Cellular telecommunications antennas mounted on an existing structure at least 40 feet high.

D. Prohibited uses. Any uses other than those uses permitted by this section are prohibited.
E. Bulk and lot regulations. The following conditions and requirements shall be complied with: (1) Maximum building height: 48 feet, provided that roof-mounted service equipment structures may exceed such height by a maximum of 17 feet, subject to Subsection F below.
(2) Minimum front yard: 40 feet.
(3) Minimum side and rear yards: three feet for every one foot of height of the building.
(4) Maximum coverage by above-grade structures: 16% of the lot area.
(5) Maximum floor area ratio: 65%.
(6) Maximum coverage by improvements: 90% of the lot area. [Amended 6-7-1999 by Ord. No. 2670]
(7) Screening of parking areas. Parking areas which directly abut upon property zoned and used for residential purposes shall have a continuous wall not less than six feet in height and not more than eight feet in height along the common property line to separate such properties. Other area for parking of vehicles shall have a suitable hedge or other natural planting within the required setback area.

F. Other regulations. Roof-mounted service equipment structures permitted by this section shall be subject to the following: (1) They shall be set back at least one foot for every two feet in height of the service equipment structures, measured from the perimeter of the roof on which the structure is located.
(2) They shall not occupy more than 65% of the roof area of any building on which such service equipment structure is located.
(3) They shall not exceed 25% of the land area covered by buildings on the property.

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The Valley Hospital Announces Expansion/Reconfiguration Plans

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During last night’s Village Council Work Session, Audrey Meyers, President and CEO of The Valley Hospital and The Valley Health System, publicly revealed Valley’s plans to expand/reconfigure its campus at Linwood and Van Dien Avenues.

Phase I of Valley’s plan will require relocating most employee parking from Linwood & Van Dien to a nearby “off site” location. A new “North Building” would be constructed at the site of an existing surface parking lot that now separates the Valley’s buildings from Benjamin Franklin Middle School. Ms. Meyers estimated that construction of this new “North Building” would take 2 years. The new building would have four (4) above ground and two (2) below ground levels.

Following occupation of their new “North Building,” Valley would begin phases II, III, and IV of their overall expansion/reconfiguration plan. New “West” and “East” buildings would be erected, in concurrence with the demolition of current structures built/occupied in the 1960’s and 1970’s, and an expanded surface & underground parking lot would be constructed at the campus’ south end (near Linwood Avenue).

Based on data provided during Ms. Meyers’ presentation, Valley is planning to significantly increase the usable building square footage at the Linwood & Van Dien site. This might require a major change in the Village’s existing “hospital zone” land use ordinance.

Valley plans to mail complete details of their proposal to all Ridgewood residents sometime within the coming week.46offer

Ridgewood Taxpayers Association is always looking for new members

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Ridgewood Taxpayers Association, Inc
54 Washington Pl
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

The members of the Ridgewood Taxpayers Association are organized for the following purposes:

1. To analyze and increase awareness of tax issues affecting residents of the Village of Ridgewood;

2. To promote local, regional and state legislation for the fair taxation of the Village of Ridgewood residents;

3. To monitor local and related county and state spending practices and, where applicable, to develop and promote alternative means of providing necessary services to the residents of the Village of Ridgewood at lower cost;

4. To share ideas and information with other local and county taxpayer groups and our elected officials and to facilitate and demand prudent spending in the State of New Jersey;

5. To devote time, attention and effort to maximizing efficient use of tax monies raised from the taxpayers of the Village of Ridgewood.










I will serve on a committee: _______Membership _______Publicity _______Event _______Other

see the link on the bottom left of the Ridgewood Blog


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The total student population in Ridgewood Public Schools declined by nine this school year, from 5,569 to 5,560. While the total count will not be official until October 15, schools reported the following numbers on the first day of school: Glen, 44 (+5); Hawes, 427 (+13); Orchard, 317 (+3); Ridge, 482 (-24); Somerville, 469 (-2); Travell, 414 (+17); Willard, 465 (-18); BFMS, 629 (-7); GWMS, 630 (-5); RHS, 1673 (+9). The number in parenthesis reflects the change in the student population since September 30, 2005


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The Board of Education approved student participation at Ridgewood High School in the Social Norms Prevention Campaign conducted through Rowan University. Social Norms is a proactive prevention model that encourages safe habits for students by correcting common misperceptions college and high students have regarding the prevalence of at-risk behaviors among their peers. The initiative was pioneered by Dr. Wesley Perkins of Hobart & William Smith University, who found wide disparity
between students’ descriptions of their alcohol consumption and their perceptions of their friends and classmates drinking habits. Because perceptions influence decision-making, the Social Norms approach discourages at-risk behavior by publicizing the true nature of student social behavior. For example, while the media coverage of student drug use and binge drinking on high school and college campuses creates the impression that at-risk behavior is more pervasive than it is, the Social Norms message attempts to correct that misconception. The idea is that if students know the truth they will feel less pressured to engage in dangerous
practices themselves. By using hard data collected in surveys, Social Norms dispel the notion that most students binge drink on a frequent basis.
Because studies at the college level have shown success in reducing alcohol intake among targeted populations, the Social Norms approach has been modified for middle schools and high schools. The purpose is again to promote healthy behaviors through conveying positive, inclusive, and empowering messages that provide information on the true nature of social behavior among their peers. Statistics are accumulated using web-based surveys. Consent forms for individual students to participate will be mailed to parents or guardians. Because of New Jersey statute (18A:36-34) concerning parental consent, only students who have signed parental consent forms will be allowed to take part in the web-based survey. The study has been designed to protect each student’s privacy. The results of the survey will be used to determine which healthy behaviors are student norms and that message will be communicated via a multi-media campaign, including the use of posters, flyers, advertisements in student newspapers, bulletin boards, and newsletters.

Vox populi :What is going on with Emergency Services?

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Hi PJBlogger…
I am wondering if there is any info on what is going on with the management there…Bob Greenlaw resigned earlier this year, now I am told that the new Chief Paul Gilard is resigning as of October 1st, and the latest I was told is one of the two Captains resigned, and the other is not being asked to resign at the end of the year. The person I spoke to, who I would rather not name, incase this is not yet public info, said that the current Deputy Chief Brian Pullman, who is also a Police Officer in town will be the new Chief…just seems like a conflict of interest. They are apparently really really short on EMTs, it just seems like something is going wrong. This came from a very reliable source, a long time member who is an officer…so I was just wondering if you could post and maybe get some feedback. A couple of cops in town who are ‘buddies’ with Ten Hoeve already confirmed the Gilard resignment and the Pullman appointment. Could this be related to the Parkwood
Incident? Thanks.Apple iTunes Sharper Image


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Estimated professional service fee to find new Schools Superintendent is $17K

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At their Monday, 9/25 public meeting, BOE members are expected to approve a contract with School Leadership, L.L.C., of New York, New York, to conduct the Schools Superintendent search. The proposed fee is $16,000, plus reasonable and necessary expenses (subject to prior Board approval and anticipated to be no more than $1,000).

Ridgewood High School boys soccer coach steps down

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Craig Mahler, the boys soccer coach at Ridgewood High School, announced his resignation Friday after interim superintendent Paul Arilotta reinstated two players who had been cut from the varsity team.

Arilotta cited the district’s student eligibility and participation policy, which reads in part: “Whenever the ability of facilities, coaching personnel and budget permits, a no-cut policy is desirable.”