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sights around the village…

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Stock Market got you down?

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Stock Market got you down?
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Not really sure what your investments are doing?
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Unsure weather you should go with tax free or taxable investments?
Don’t know which retirement plan is right for you?
Should you take profits or let it ride?

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Truck Ban….

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Police Chief William Corcoran and Village Engineer Christopher Rutishauser recently presented Mayor David Pfund and Village Council members with several recommendations aimed at improving pedestrian and vehicular traffic safety in the downtown business district. One of the proposed ordinances would ban ALL truck deliveries in Ridgewood’s Central Business District between the hours of 10:00 AM and 11:00 PM. Yes, that’s correct, no truck deliveries anywhere downtown for a 13 hour period, 7 days per week! It is possible the proposal would include deliveries being made by drivers for FedEx, UPS, and the US Postal Service.

Back Rent

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During the Village Council’s May 24th Work Session, Councilman Jacques Harlow publicly revealed that the Social Services Association of Ridgewood, Inc. hasn’t made a rent payment for their headquarters at 6 Station Plaza in over seven (7) years. The property, formerly a baggage/freight office for now defunct Erie Lackawanna Railroad, is owned by the Village of Ridgewood. Councilman Harlow estimated that Social Services owes the VOR approximately $12,000 in back rent. Social Services’ lease for the property expired in 2002.

Fly on the wall reports….

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RAHP (Ridgewood Academy of Health Professionals) is paying the tuition for approximately 15 students to attend Bergen Community College and will add an additional 10-15 students this fall for a total of 30 students whose tuition is being paid by our Board?

Breaking News:

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It appears as thoughDr. John Porter has gotten the job in San Jose, California.

Memorial day 2006

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Remember ………

Glen Rock PD To Use Pease Memorial Library Building?

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The Pease Memorial Library building, located at 30 Garber Square Ridgewood,
is being considered as the site Glen Rock Police Department officers will
call home during renovations planned for their current headquarters at Glen
Rock Borough Hall. According to a report in the May 29th edition of The
Record, Ridgewood Mayor David T. Pfund and Village Council members have not
yet discussed this proposal.

Use of unoccupied space at Pease has been a hot topic of discussion at
several Village Council meetings in recent years. The building’s entire
main floor became available for use when Ridgewood’s Police Department moved
back to Village Hall in August of 2005. Council members have not yet
reached agreement as to what should be done with the vacant space. The
local League of Women Voters chapter has suggested the space be designated
as for “public use only,” while others suggest it be rented out to the
highest bidder, with revenues directed to the Library’s operating budget.

Ridgewood Republican Club Meeting

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May 30, 2006
Annual Meeting/Vote on Club Officers


United Methodist Church100 Dayton StreetEast Room
7:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Update: fly on the wall

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the Ridgewood blog has learned that ,in November Dr. Porter will be starting his fifth year of a five-year contract. If he signs up for another five-year term, the BOE will buy into 15 YEARS of his pension (apparently, promised to him by a former BOE member). This member has retired form the board ,so whether this is a rumor or not remains to be seen.