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Village Council Authorizes Transition to Black & White Patrol Cars

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Acting on the joint recommendation of Ridgewood Police Chief William
Corcoran and PBA Local #20 Representative Paul Knapp, Village Council
members tonight authorized the police department to begin purchasing new
patrol cars painted black & white.

Citing a need to distinguish their vehicles from those operated by many
local fire departments and EMS organizations, and to be uniform with vehicle
colors being used by police departments in adjacent communities, Corcoran
and Knapp successfully petitioned Council members to fund an extra $650 per
patrol vehicle for the special paint job.

Although Deputy Mayor Betty G. Wiest favored a rapid transition to the new
color scheme, it was agreed that the black & white units will be phased into
the department’s fleet of 10 marked patrol vehicles at the rate of 2 per
year over the next 5 years.

Ms. Wiest and Councilwoman Kim Ringler Shagin both felt that the public
might become confused by the department’s planned use of differing color
schemes at the same time. However, both acquiesced when Chief Corcoran
assured them that this would not be an issue.

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The Ridgewood High School Band Association, a non-profit organization
comprised of parents, staff, and alumni, whose goal is to provide financial
and moral support to the band program through a variety of activities,
donated a new 2006 Chevrolet Kodiak truck valued at $61,000 to be used for transportation of RHS band equipment. The new vehicle replaces a
1991 GMC model.

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The Board of Education approved an annual budget of $79,414,637 for the
2007-2008 school year at a public hearing on the budget on March 27, 2007.
The budget represents a 3.5 percent increase in the tax levy. Property
taxes for the average Ridgewood home with an assessed value
of $473,770 would increase by $289. The Second Question asks Ridgewood
voters to approve an additional $565,087 or .83 percent to replace outdated
technology at Ridgewood High School. The cost to the average homeowner is
$67.81 a year. Another way to gauge the property tax impact is to apply the
following formula: for every $100,000 of assessed property value on an
individual home, the tax increase is $61; for the Second Question, $14.31;
or $75.31 if both the budget and Second Question pass.

Besides honoring the Board’s commitment to all current programs,
reasonable class sizes, a rich humanities-based education, and a wide range
of academic opportunities and extra-curricular programs at every level, the
budget calls for the addition of 2.5 new elementary teachers to address the
fourth-grade class size issue at Orchard, Somerville, and Travell, as well
as the hiring of an additional crisis intervention counselor. The budget
will also support the hiring of three additional special education teachers.
The budget includes the purchase of math and social studies textbooks,
both elements of a multi-year roll-out of new curriculum for these subjects
at RHS and the middle schools. The math texts represent the second step in a
three-year sequence that will assure that all students are exposed to
Algebra I by the end of eighth grade, providing more opportunities for
acceleration in high school math. The social studies curriculum is required
to meet the New Jersey core curriculum standards that stress increased
emphasis on global studies beginning in middle school. The Grade 8 social
studies program is slated for 2007-2008, and Grade 9, 2008-2009.
The capital projects budget includes the completion of a comprehensive
security system at all district schools ($1,000,000), the second and final
phase of windows at Benjamin Franklin Middle School ($1,000,000), and a
capital repair of the east wall of the main original building at RHS

The Second Question covers the replacement of outdated technology at
Ridgewood High School. The total of $565,087 includes a new world language
learning center ($250,582) to replace 20-year old equipment, 100 laptops
for science labs ($141,247), new television production technology
($89,979), new computers to support new curriculum requirements ($73,279), and mobile camera/projection systems to be shared among all
teachers ($10,000). Further information is on the website
(www.ridgewood.k12.nj.us) and in the district Newsline which will be mailed
to all Ridgewood households. Questions on the budget or the Second Question
may be directed to budget2008@ridgewood.k12.nj.us.
The Annual School Election and Budget Vote is Tuesday, April, 17, 2007.
There are two candidates – Michele Lenhard and incumbent Joseph Vallerini
– for two seats on the Board of Education. Polls are open from 7 AM to 9
PM. Please vote!

Man about Town

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Features reviews of restaurants and local businesses

Puzo’s at 16 West Ridgewood Ave (201)445-3332 features a large selection of gourmet pizza’s and customized specialized pizza’s. More than just a pizza parlor Puzzo’s offers a full range of Italian favorites as well as hot and cold sandwiches. The atmosphere is friendly fun and casual making Puzo’s a great place to grab quite bit for lunch.

Email the blog if you have any of your own ideas jamesfoytlin@optonline.net

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Easter in Ridgewood, Saturday, April 7 – Chamber of Commerce Event

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From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., festivities are centered in Memorial Park at Van Neste Square where there will be a Petting Zoo and a Train. The Easter Bunny will lead an Easter Bonnet parade along with the contestants and winner of the “Easter in Ridgewood” poster children. A Trolley, sponsored by the Ridgewood News, will take visitors to member businesses where there will be button making, egg decorating, face painting, cookie decorating, jelly bean contest. edible jewelry and an Easter Egg hunt! All activities are free! There will be a Bake Sale to raise funds for the Chamber of Commerce Scholarship program. For further info – 201/445-2600

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Assembly Challenger Calls on Rumana to Protect Marriage

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Caliguire for State Senate
Schweighardt and Ginty for State Assembly

Press Release

Assembly Challenger Calls on Rumana to Protect Marriage

Ginty Demands that Rumana Refuse to Conduct Bogus and Misguided
“Civil Union” Ceremonies

(Ridgewood, March 26, 2007) – John P. Ginty, a conservative candidate for the Republican nomination for the State Assembly in District 40, today called on Wayne Mayor Scott Rumana to stand tall in the face of judicial and legislative assaults on the institution of marriage in New Jersey.

Ginty noted that Rumana indicated in last Friday’s edition of The Record newspaper that he will officiate as mayor at gay “civil union” ceremonies, for a fee of $100 per event.

In the article (“Civil Unions, Marriages are Free”, page L-3, The Record, March 23, 2007), Rumana criticized several Wayne councilmen, including Ginty’s running mate in the state assembly primary campaign, Wayne Councilman Joseph G. Schweighardt, for voting against the fast tracking of the imposition of fees for both civil marriages and “civil unions”. Rumana said, “The state law is the state law. This is not our battle.”

Ginty disagreed and said, “Scott Rumana is wrong. This is our battle, and if Rumana wants to be a Republican Assemblyman from District 40 he had better figure out what his real position is on the protection of marriage in New Jersey. Any mayor who agrees to officiate at these bogus ‘civil union’ ceremonies is complicit in the campaign to wreck marriage and the family in this state.”

“It looks like Rumana is primarily concerned with how much money the town can collect when he conducts these nonsensical ‘civil union’ ceremonies”, Ginty continued. “Rumana and his running mates, Kevin O’Toole and David Russo, will be held to account by the Republican voters in this district based upon their campaign’s commitment to protect traditional marriage and the family in the state legislature.”

The following municipalities are included in state legislative district #40: Cedar Grove Township, Franklin Lake Borough, Little Falls Township, Mahwah Township, Midland Park Borough, Oakland Borough, the Village of Ridgewood, Ringwood Borough, Verona Township, Wanaque Borough, Wayne Township, Wyckoff Township.


Paid for by The Election Fund of Caliguire, Schweighardt, and Ginty

Village Council Plans to Appropriate $115K for Graydon Pool Fencing

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The Village Council will hold a Special Public Meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 28 to introduce Ordinance # 3052, an appropriation of $115K for purposed of installing fencing at Graydon Pool.

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Reader Speaks out on BOE Budget

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I was infuriated by the members of the BOE, who seemed to be patting themselves on the back for raising our taxes, AGAIN, in last week’s RN article about the budget! Does anyone else agree that the BOE does NOT have a mandate to propose a budget that uses every bit of Trenton’s “allowable” annual increase, every year.

Isn’t it the BOE’s responsibility to try to deliver a budget that does NOT increase automatically every year? Only infrequently and in unusual circumstances should the annual allowable increase actually be used.When is enough really going to be enough?

If Rudy Giuliani could reduce or eliminate 23 different taxes in NYC during eight years, why can’t Ridgewood manage to even hold taxes (let alone reduce them)? In the past six years the average increase from the BOE has been 4.59% per year and the cummulative increase from the BOE in that time has been over 25%. This is a disgrace. Our BOE members don’t seem to understand that it is NOT “OK” to keep dipping into our pockets. Perhaps it is time to take back control of our village’s educational destiny from the teachers’ union…

A message from Scott Garrett

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Dear Friends:

Last week, as a member of the House Budget Committee, I participated in the mark-up of the budget resolution for Fiscal Year 2008. The House is expected to consider the resolution on the floor later this week.

I was pleased that the Budget Committee approved my amendment calling on the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to provide some financial assistance to veterans and their families when they are laid to rest in state veterans cemeteries.

Currently, veterans can be buried in either federal or state veterans cemeteries for free, but if they are buried in state veterans cemeteries their loved ones may have to pay a fee to be buried with them. Regrettably, particularly in recent years, there has been a tremendous strain on the already limited space available at the federal cemeteries and more and more veterans are turning to the state-sponsored options. These veterans served all of America and the last thing that their families should be concerned about when laying them to rest is whether cost will keep them from being buried by their sides.

I also offered an amendment calling on full funding for the Highlands Conservation Act. The federal law protecting the Highlands has been very successful in preserving this natural treasure in a manner that is consistent with private property rights. The Act authorized $10 million per year for 10 years, but actual funding provided has been much lower. I was pleased that the U.S. Department of Interior released nearly $2 million in funding for the Highlands just last week. Regrettably, my colleagues on the House Budget Committee did not show similar support, rejecting my amendment in mark-up. Rest assured, I will continue to work to preserve this important part of New Jersey’s natural heritage.

Overall, however, the budget that was passed out of committee over my objections is something that I simply cannot support because it fails to make the tough choices necessary to restrain federal spending and to balance the budget without raising your taxes. You can read more on that below.


Scott Garrett
Member of Congress

Contacting Rep. Garrett

To send an e-message to Rep. Garrett click here: www.house.gov/formgarrett/contact.shtml

Special Public Meeting/Public Hearing on the School Budget

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Ridgewood, New Jersey

Special Public Meeting/Public Hearing on the Budget

7:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Education Center