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Bank CD Rates are heading Higher

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CD rates have been moving up nicely over the past few weeks. Here are some rates:
3 month 4.45%
6 month 4.70% to 4.90%
1 year 4.90% to 5.05%

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Bob Hutton Seeks re-election to the BOE

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Letter to the Editor:
I write to announce my candidacy for re-election to the Ridgewood Board of Education, and I respectfully ask for your support. While my work over the past three years has helped to keep Ridgewood a school district in which many take pride, I believe there is more to be done. Our schools are our responsibility, and I will continue to work to ensure that every Ridgewood student receives the best education our community can provide.
In tending to the business of education, I contributed directly to the fiscal responsibility of the District, keeping critical dollars invested in education, not administration. The resources our community so generously provides for education must always be focused on producing well educated students with a life long interest in learning. In this regard, I worked with our state representatives on legislation to increase state funding for our district. Investing in education is an investment that pays off for the community and one that should always be a priority.
My work on the Board of Education is about our students and our community, finding new ideas to provide each student with a better educational experience. This takes not only a commitment from the Board, but from the Village’s families, student parents, and teachers. Education is not something that is solely taught in the classroom. It is an active engagement with the community, recognizing the unknown and learning from it.
It has been a privilege to serve on the Board these last three years and I look forward to your support in the coming months. With your support, the Board and I can continue to find challenging new opportunities for students while enhancing the stewardship of the Village’s educational resources. Our schools often define our town – known for tradition of excellence. With your support, that track record will continue.
I ask for your vote on Tuesday, April 18th.
Bob HuttonRidgewood

Ridgewood Resident John Ginty Runs for Senate

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He has been hot on the campaign trail and is running as a conservative alternative to Tom Kean Jr. for Senate . You may know John because John is involved in many local organizations including the Knights of Columbus here in town and the Ridgewood Republican Club.

afternoon coffee

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whats your favorite coffee in town?

the Local Rumor Mill

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It has been rumored that several employees of the Village in Village vehicles have been seen making the rounds at local bars every Friday night, from time to time the party is moved ,but as always a very good time is had by all, sometimes perhaps too good of a time.

the Local Rumor Mill

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Rumors have been swirling that the proposed new cell tower on the boarder of Glen Rock and Ridgewood is going to be built on contaminated land used in the past by the Village to dispose toxic refuse.

League of Women Voters Candidates Night

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The League of Women Voters will be holding a candidates night on Tuesday April 4th at 7:30 pm at the Ridgewood Education Center on Cottage Place on the 3rd Floor(aka the Board of Ed Building) . Sheryl DiBranco and Bob Hutton will be taking questions from the moderator Minna Greenburg. Look for fireworks ,Sheryl has been a frequent critic of the BOE the last few years and Bob has been a long time member of the board. The School Board Election is April 18th . Last year only a little over 2600 voters out of close to 16000 controlled the destiny of our school system and its 77million dollar budget.

Get out the Vote

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Village Council Election – 3 Candidates are RunningThere are 2 Council positions up for election at the Village Council Election on May 9, 2006. Both seats are for a 4 year term. There are 3 candidates: John L. Papietro “3R’s Responsible Representation Not Rhetoric”; David T. Pfund and Patrick A. Mancuso “Ridgewood First”. Last date to register to vote in this election is April 18th. For further information contact the Village Clerk at 201/670-5500 ext. 201.

Board of Education Election – April 18thThere is one 3-year seat up for election in the Board of Education Election. There are 2 candidates running: Sheryl DiBranco, Robert A. Hutton. The last date to register to vote in this election is March 29th.


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Ridgewood to Start RevaluationThe Village of Ridgewood has recently been ordered by the Bergen County Board of Taxation to perform a revaluation for the year 2008. The process will start with the selection of a qualified revaluation company to work with the Division of Assessments. It is anticipated that the property inspections will begin in the fall of 2006. Residents will be notified in writing when the inspections start. Revaluations are required periodically to ensure the equitable distribution of the tax burden. The Village does not gain any additional revenues because of the revaluation. Ridgewood’s last revaluation was conducted in 2001.

New in town Studio Art

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PlayArt at the next level brings a more in depth approach to the art making process. Children have the choice to choose the subjects that most interest them while getting an art history lesson with each class. Classes are designed to be hands on and interactive between teacher and student. Students are encouraged to explore different materials and develop a portfolio of work by the end of each session. Classes range from beading/ Jewelry Making to Mad Science .

27 chestnut street suite 2a (201)857-2084

April 15th 11-2pm Easter Trolley