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I dont want to "rain on anyones parade" but……

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I dont want to “rain on anyones parade” but is the Village Hall fixed yet ?

Why does the police parking lot slope toward the building ?

Why was all this money spent with no additional parking?

Did it realy flood because of the river ,thats funny Vets field wasnt flooded but the parking lot was ?

Why wasnt drainage considered since the building is in a flood zone?

Isnt it dangerous that both our first responders (Police and Fire) are headquatered in flood zones ?

How much is going to cost to fix it?

Do we have any recourse with the “architect?”


The League of Womens Voters "Candidates Night "

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Reminder: The League of Women Voters “Candidates Night” for Village Council candidates will be held on Monday, May 1 at 7:30 PM. Location is the Ed Center on Cottage place, top floor. Be there or be square!

Does anyone besides me think its funny they are holding a debate on MAY DAY ?

Need a haircut ?

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Cherie at Panico

144 East Ridgewood Ave


The RRC Blog rides to my rescue

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The Ridgewood News, a smaller, less important rag of the leftist North Jersey Media Group, declared war on the Ridgewood Blog (www.theRidgewoodBlog.blogspot.com) today. Dismissing the proprietor of that website and it’s posters as a bunch of anti government grumblers, the Ridgewood News promoted its own version of a blog. The promotion of their own blog underlines the real reason for the attack. The Ridgewood News is losing circulation to the bloggers and ad dollars are very dependent on circulation numbers. And another problem that is worrisome to the Ridgewood News is the fact that the Ridgewood Blog scooped them on a number of issues. The blog uses the input of the entire community instead of a small set of reporters looking for a story (and usually missing the elephant in the room). Having those types of resources is priceless and the paper knows it.The Ridgewood News editorial writer delighted in the fact that the Ridgewood Blog was banned from the computers of village hall. They pointed out that this did not surprise them as the blog used “anonymous” postings from people. Sadly, the paper missed the point again. Anonymous or not, a lot of people are upset with the way the village is being handled. Dismissing the posters as a bunch of anonymous crack pots misses the real story. Oh and by the way, the editorial in the Ridgewood News was unsigned.So the battle is joined. On the one hand is old media, with an ever shrinking stream of revenue and readers on one side, and new media emerging and engaging the public in a way that the news papers could never do. The real issue here is control of information. The Ridgewood News is no longer the only game in town. And if it keeps this attitude up, it won’t be in town much longer.

What will the Emails bring today?

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"Mutual Aid " by local Fire Departments

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In fact anonymous is incorrect in his/her statment about our fire department responding on a first call basis to other towns. All of the surrounding towns have their own fire departments and only request “mutual aid” from Ridgewood FD when they have a fire that requires additional resources above and beyond what they have available. Just as the Ridgewood FD makes requests to those towns volunteer fire departments when they have a problem that requires additional resources. These agreements are in effect to protect the property and lives of the residents of all towns involved. The definition of “mutual aid” is that both parties have the same relationship with one another for assistance. In fact the Ridgewood Fire Department responds to very few of these calls per year (Probably around 1% of total call volume). I saw on the blog just today that there was a fire on Washington Place. What is not seen in the photos is that there are at least three other fire departments assisting Ridgewood’s fire department. I drove by and saw Ramsey’s fire department there as well as on my way home saw the Hohokus and Allendale fire departments at our fire headquarters. I wonder whether they should charge Ridgewood for their services for this small fire? It is my hope that the residents who read this blog and comments realize that we residents are lucky that we have some of the best public safety services in the area. There are some towns around us that have a hard time just getting an ambulance to a sick person and a fire truck to a fire most of the time. Thanks for your time and letting me clarify this error.


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A FIRE HAS BROKEN OUT ON WASHINGTON PLACE ,POLICE AND FIRE HAVE RESPONDED .Looks like the second floor of a two family . Ridgewood Police and Fire are on the scene and things look to be under control . I am not sure if there are any injuries.

photos by http://artchickphotos.com/

Sights around Town

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Anti Goverment Grumblings ,Who me?

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Anti Government Grumblings, Who me…

As some of you know the Ridgewood blog has made the Ridgewood News. In this piece the Ridgewood News has accused the blog of “anti government grumblings” . Well, if that means that some people in town are a little annoyed by the seeming lack of accountability of elected and appointed officials, then yes it is antigovernment it is. There was also an accusation made that people should stop complaining and get involved. Funny I don’t recall anyone asking me if II know who the posters are? I can assure you that many of the posters do attend meetings, run for office, work for the village or just pay taxes here. Many are old time residents that are getting a bit disturbed by the direction our Village has been going in the last dozen years or so. Many residents are starting to feel they are being made a fool of. Many think the town is run by a group of insiders that no longer has the Village’s best interests at heart. And finally and most importantly it’s about respect. Do you think the town is getting the respect it deserves? There was a time when Ridgewood had the best of everything and there was no town more admired than ours. If we did it everyone wanted to be like us .Yes that’s right everyone wanted to be like Ridgewood. We didn’t live in New Jersey we lived in Ridgewood. We had the best schools, the most active and interested residents, and the cleanest and safest streets. But alas I am not so sure that the same can still be said. Well as I have said before everyone is invited to participate by sending us your thoughts, comments or complaints. The blog is trying to give voice to local issues that often go unnoticed in out busy lives.

James Foytlin

fly on the wall update

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Village Hall has blocked access to the Ridgewood Blog;It’s true; verified by numerous employees at Village Hall. Why isn’t the Ridgewood News following this issue? Will Village Manager James Ten Hoeve also order access to the Ridgewood Taxpayer’s Association web site blocked?