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Let me Show You how to take Advantage of the Flat Yield Curve

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3Month CD’s Yielding over 5% Call me today for a quote

Unlike a Certificate of Deposit that is bought directly from a bank; a brokered CD is sold by stock brokers (and others). And unlike a bank-bought CD, a brokered CD is marketable on a secondary market. It is FDIC insured up to $100,000 and it is often marketed as a suitable alternative to Treasury issues.
Because these are marketable securities it is important to go farther than yield; another words don’t just be a yield hog.
1. Remember like other fixed income investments if interest rates go up, the market value of these securities may go down. That is elementary to anyone who has ever been interested in fixed-income investments.
2. Check the rating of the bank. Stick with higher quality banks.
3. Check the value of a similar issue on the secondary market. Higher rated Bank’s CD’s trade stronger and lower rated banks trade weaker. That means that if you want to sell the CD before its maturity, which you can, CD’s from Banks that have lower ratings often trade below what they were bought at. This could create a loss for the investor.
4. Check the secondary market, as an alternative to new issues, if the secondary-market value is less than par. That may result in a good deal for you. For instance, an issue with a coupon rate of 4.15%, if it sells on the secondary market for 93.5, will yield 4.98%.
5. Remember as a broker I have hundreds of Bank CD’s to chose, from 1 month to 10 years so it is very important for the prospective buyer to as forth coming and truthful about their needs as possible so that the best alternative can be found.
Call me for a Quote CD Today,

James J. Foytlin Jr.


Update: the fly on the wall

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The fly on the wall has learned that another village employee got into a bit of a tiff with another motorist and did some serious damage to themselves and the other car….

Rumors continue to fly that the story has been suppressed by higher powers and the county paper has dropped the ball, let’s see when the editor at large returns from her vacation will she be willing to put it on the line at the local level….

Garage Sale’s for Saturday July 29th

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Garage Sale at 54 Washington Place 8am to 2pm Saturday July 29,2006 ,Nikon Cool Pix Camera,Marrantz receiver 2215b,Gate Way Computer with Monitor and key board, glassware ,octagon wood coffee table , chairs ,binoculars, Movodo watch , an official Jetzen Jacket and much more …….NO EARLY BIRDS PLEASE

Just around the Corner

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$7 Million Referendum to expand Ridge and Willard – The Ridgewood BOE has tentatively approved the development of a proposal to expand the Ridge and Willard schools if funding is authorized by a referendum in either September or December of 2006.

Ridgewood to Start RevaluationThe Village of Ridgewood has recently been ordered by the Bergen County Board of Taxation to perform a revaluation for the year 2008.

Sports Emergency?

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How could Mayor Pfund, Deputy Mayor Wiest, and Councilmen Harlow and Mancuso have possibly classified the need to complete a study of recreational fields as an emergency, and accordingly have voted yes to authorize a “Special Emergency Appropriation” in the amount of $42K to hire an external consultant for such a study? What is the big emergency? We’re talking about sports here. Do they really think the public is gullible enough to buy such an argument? A sports related emergency? How absurd!

Regardless of Village Attorney Matt Roger’s opinion, the legality of such an action based on existing NJ Municipal Funding Laws is clearly in question. In light of opposing comments voiced by a taxpayer at the ordinance’s Public Hearing, wouldn’t it have been more appropriate, and respectful of the taxpayer, to have requested a ruling from Trenton prior to the Mayor’s call for a vote? Oops, I forgot; they had an emergency at hand; no time for such a consultation. Excuse us.

Undoubtedly, one of the first official actions undertaken by Mayor Pfund’s recently reorganized Council was highly suspect, to say the least, in nature. Hopefully, their consultant’s report (which is hopefully made available for public review) will be worth every penny of the $42K in tax dollars Mayor Pfund personally signed off on.

Events Around the Village….

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8/1 Bucky Pizzarelli
Sponsored by Daily Treat Restaurant and Ulrich, Inc.
Kasschau Shell will feature Bucky Pizzarelli, Jazz Guitarist, on Tuesday, August 1 at 8:30pm on Veteran’s Field, behind the Library. Bring a chair or blanket and enjoy music under the stars! For recorded information call 201/444-1776

8/3 Kasschau Shell
Sponsored by Village of Ridgewood
David Cedeno and his Orchestra will play salsa music at *8:30pm at the Kasschau Shell on Veteran’s Field, behind the Library. Bring a chair or blanket and enjoy the music under the stars! For recorded information call 201/444-1776

8/3-5 Ridgewood Sidewalk Sale

8/8 Kasschau Shell
Sponsored by The Valley Hospital
The John Lesko Orchestra will perform swing music at 8:30pm on Veteran’s Field, behind the Library. Bring a chair or a blanket and enjoy the music under the stars! Recorded message at 201/444-1776.

8/10 Kasschau Shell
Sponsored by Brogan Cadillac & Buick Inc., and Feeney Funeral Home
Andy Cooney and His Band will perform Irish music and more a the Kasschau Shell, Veteran’s Field, behind the Library at 8:30pm. Bring a chair or blanket and enjoy this free music under the stars! For recorded information call 201/444-1776.

9/8 Fall Car Show
Chamber of Commerce Car Show from 6 to 9PM at Van Neste Square at E. Ridgewood Avenue. Call the Chamber for more details.

9/17 Fall Craft and Art Street Fair
Organized through a vendor by the Village of Ridgewood Recreation Department. Booths of crafts and food will be set up along E. Ridgewood Avenue from Noon to 5PM

Village Council Work Sessions

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Village Council Work Session

Village Council Public Meeting

Village Council Work Session

Village Council Public Meeting

Village Council Work Session

Ridgewood’s own water …hummmm

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Ridgewood Water – Consumer Confidence ReportFederal regulations require that water utilities report specific information about the quality of the water they supply to their consumers and the general public. Ridgewood Water has published and mailed the report for 2006 to all of its customers. Copies of the report are also available at the public libraries and municipal buildings within the service area. To read the report, Click Here

Water Water Everywhere ? hummm here we go again…

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Stage II Water Restrictions Now in ForceDue to high temperatures and lack of sufficient rain, Ridgewood Water has imposed Stage 2 mandatory water restrictions. Irrigation of properties with odd-numbered addresses is allowed on odd-numbered dates, and irrigation of properties with even-numbered addresses is allowed on even-numbered dates. No irrigation of any kind is allowed on Mondays. Irrigation using a hand held hose is allowed on any day except Mondays.

Some would suggest there is a leaky pipe somewhere perhaps running near Linwood Ave. across the Ho Ho Kus brooke …well they say just another mess from Floyd…dont fool with mother nature..

lesson learned with the Village Hall fiasco

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Citing their desire to avoid the commonplace delays & cost overruns associated with municipal construction projects (lesson learned with the Village Hall fiasco, thankfully), Village Council members last night informally approved plans to have a private corporation build and operate the proposed downtown parking garage.

An as yet to be created municipally managed redevelopment agency would designate the area intended for garage construction, and take whatever steps are necessary to acquire needed property (hint: eminent domain). Following the assembly of all required parcels, the designated private corporation would build and operate the garage. Funding/leasing arrangements have not been finalized.

At this time, Village Council members want the garage constructed on the west side of Walnut Street, between Franklin and Ridgewood Avenues. Property said to be under consideration for “redevelopment” includes lots occupied by The Town Garage, Just Our Shoes, and a strip of land behind stores along the east side of Oak Street.