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Scott Garrett Swearing In Ceremony Bus Trip

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Thursday, January 4th
Leaving Ridgewood at 5:30 am
from the Graydon Pool parking lot.
(Northern Pkwy. & Linwood Ave.)

Return time from Washington to be decided by group.

$25.00 Person
Call Jerry DeSimone (cell) 201.709.5668
e-mail pdesimo@optonline.net for reservations


(Even More) the Year in Pictures 2006…..

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2006 the Year in Pictures….

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Merry Christmas Everyone

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The frequent posters on this site continue to show their true colors…

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In November, when The Fly On The Wall got you all worked up with his query about whether portable lights are legal on Ridgewood fields, he missed an important point…the volunteer non-profit sports organizations who use the fields are co-sponsored by the Parks and Recreation Department. Therefore, the question is whether the ordinances, which the Fly On The Wall suggested are being violated, apply to the VOR (Parks & Recreation Department). Here’s a clue…they don’t. Therefore, nor do they apply to the co-sponsored organizations.

The bottom line is that, no laws are being broken. No ones’ rights are being violated. And, no organization is pillaging woods or backyards (or plans to do so in the future). Stop looking for non-existent conspiracies and playing the role of the “victim.” You are no more the victim than the people you complain about are evil consirators, in league with the Village Council and/or BOE. You live in a COMMUNITY with small acreage lots in proximity to your neighbors and village recreational facilities.


You chose to live here instead of a more rural area where solitude is possible. Your neighborhoods and these facilities were not built in the last 10 or 20 years. So, don’t complain about how these facilities are now encroaching on your fictitious rights. These facilities are provided by the VOR as a convenience to its residents. It is your PRIVILAGE to have them. They are an important reason why your home is worth as much as it is. It is NOT your right to complain about the appropriate use of these facilities.

While residents at Glen School may have had legitimate complaints this fall, due to the loss of use of Maple Field, none of you have any basis for opposing the thoughtful and appropriate reconsideration of Ridgewood’s active and passive creational facilities. This includes the passage of a dynamic fields usage policy that establishes a clear guideline for the future. Demanding specific concessions at Glen and Hawes at the expense of the field’s usage policy and prior to the Master Fields Plan recommendations was totally inappropriate. Granting them was unforgivable. Furthermore, Bob Hutton’s conduct in this process demonstrates why he should never be re-elected or apointed to another public office. He is an example of what is wrong with Ridgewood.

As I said at the start, many of you continue to show your true colors. In the past weeks, there have been several posts that openly ask for your constructive suggestions about how to address the serious issues facing the VOR. Interestingly, NOT ONE OF YOU has offered a helpful or positive suggestion. In fact not one of you has responded…period. Clearly, all you want to do is complain. Guess what…the 60’s era of protest against “The Man” are over. Grow up! If you don’t want to be a positive contributing membr of the Community, then keep your thoughts and questions to yourself or move somewhere else. The absence of your negativism would actually be a positive contribution to the community.

Community Alert

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On Monday, December 18, 2006, a BFMS student who was walking home from school was passed several times in the Travell School area by a slow moving vehicle. The incident is under police investigation. The Ridgewood Police Department asks parents to advise their children to use extra caution and tell an adult immediately if they see any suspicious activity.

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Reader Writes ,Ridgewood has become a village of seagulls

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Ridgewood has become a village of seagulls. We all know what seagulls do–they flap their wings and their beaks and crap all over everything. That defines Ridgewood A.D. 2006. I can’t imagine why anyone would ever “volunteer” to provide a service to the residents of this town. Jack Carroll, Ed Seavers, and their fellow members of the Fields Committee have gone far beyond the call of duty to their Village as they contemplated a workable policy to manage the scarce resource of recreation areas. For this, they receive scorn from well-orchestrated blocs of ignorant residents, interested only in selfish agendas articulated through vitriol and nasty expression.

Haven’t we heard far too many times the resident’s plaint that his children are being “forced” to sleep “five feet from the soccer field line” in the light and noise of other kids playing soccer? Guess what? Get over it. I live on Ridgewood Avenue, where the NJ Transit buses start running every morning at 5 am and don’t stop until after midnight. They make a lot of noise. And, they travel a lot faster than the posted speed limit. It’s not a great situtation, but I knew the drill when I moved here. If it was such a problem I would have moved away–which is everyone’s option.

Thankfully, people like Carroll, Seavers, members of the Board of Education, members of the Council, Planning Board, Zoning Board and every other Village VOLUNTEER body choose not to move. They make Ridgewood what it is–a highly desirable place to raise a family.

All you seagulls out there, instead of making the mess worse through your shallow intellect and self-important NIMBY attitudes, pick up some tools and start building something.

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BOE Approves Field Use Policy; Bob Hutton Casts Only “No” Vote – 50% Reduction of Portable Light Usage at Glen School Promised

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By a 4-1 vote, with Vice President Robert Hutton casting the only “no” vote, BOE members approved the contentious Athletic/Recreational Field Use Policy late last night. Jack Carroll, of the Village’s Parks & Recreation Advisory Board, promised that if the policy were approved as is, there would be a 50% reduction in the use of portable lights at Glen School during next year’s Fall soccer season.

Residents of Eastbrook Road and other streets in the Glen School area had come out in force during recent meetings to protest the heavy use of the school’s athletic field. Citing their desire to have significant reductions in noise levels, intrusive lighting, and litter, residents petitioned BOE members to move games & practices elsewhere, or at least rotate activities among other schools within the district.

BOE President Mark Bombace thanked Mr. Carroll for coming up with a workable compromise for next fall’s Glen School field schedule, but insisted that Board members would need to approve all schedules beginning with those planned for Fall 2007 (to ensure no single neighborhood is being overloading with activity). A memorandum of agreement will be attached to the Field Use Policy to accommodate Mr. Bombace’s request.

Separately, and in what could be considered a very politically damaging revelation, Mr. Carroll, speaking again on behalf of the Village’s Parks & Recreation Advisory Board, made this somewhat eerie, on-the-record statement about the continuing controversy over use of mobile floodlight trailers on Village and BOE owned athletic fields: “I know there’s been some discussion about, you know, the legality or Village Code on the use of portable lights and what have you. And my understanding is that the Village has the Engineer and, um, um, Building Inspector looking into it; and, they are expecting a report back, and they asked for this in August. And they are not in a big hurry; and it is also my understanding that the Council [Village Council] is willing to change the Village Code if needed [to legalize the use of mobile flood light trailers on athletic fields]. With that said, their initial advice apparently was they probably would not have to change the Village Code. And that is what is standing as far as that issue is concerned.”


NJ Police and Fire Pension "The Truth"

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BOE Set to Approve Field Use Policy on Monday, December 18

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Selected Agenda Items from BOE Consent Meeting, Monday, 12/18/2006 – 7:30 PM at the Education Center on Cottage Place

Superintendent Search Specifications:
Dr. Charles Fowler, Dr. Carol Choye, and Dr. Vincent Beni, of School Leadership, LLC, will present specifications for the superintendent search gleaned from meetings with members of the community and the on-line community survey.

Second Reading and Approval: Village of Ridgewood and Board of Education Field Usage Policy:
The Board will have a second reading of the Village of Ridgewood and Board of Education Field Usage Policy.
It is recommended that the Board approve the policy.

First Reading: Revised Policy #6145.2 – Interscholastic Sports and Administrative Procedures:
The Board will have a first reading of revised Policy #6145.2 – Interscholastic Sports and Administrative Procedures.

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