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How To Text Your Way Into Your Kid’s Life

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Pool Project Enthusiasts Pledge 5,050 Memberships-$757,500 Yearly

In Graydon Pool, Ridgewood New Jersey, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on January 31, 2009 at 8:58 pm
Probably the most enthusiastic Village Council Meeting seen in many years. But, the most important piece of information was that the New Pool Project Enthusiasts easily out numbered those against the project. That numbered easily counted by the announced “confirmed” numbers of New Pledged Memberships of 5,050 and likely more.

That many would easily translate up to $757,500 annually …. The announcement was met with thunderous applause, even from some Coucilmen, and a sprinkling of jeers from the dishearted. Reality was beginning to sink in… “There will be a new and improved Ridgewood Pool” and the Village Council must not drag its feet and delay it any further. The initial bonding asked for to move the process forward can be secured with confidence that the first $757,500 could be held in an escrow account and released as needed and recommended by legal counsel and auditor. This or other similar process will assure the Village that the early bonding committed to will be secured.

There will be some modifications to the final design recommendation but, that can’t be achieved unless the process begins now. Will it take some hard work?… Of course it will, but when it is a worthwhile endeavor “It Can Be Done” Become a part of it.

From: Dom Nizza

Did anyone go, was there any public comments of opposition?”

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Yes, there were comments of opposition. After the presentation, comments were allowed, many supporters commented, and there were several non supporters that also spoke. Opposition showed much concern against the large project, some wanted to keep the pool as it is, several concerns regarding a bond if falls thru, may not work, and the tax implication on taxpayers, some comments about how one sided the respond form by the committee was on the village’s website and no question from the public for a ’yes’ or ’no’, the robo calls, no formal information was sent to the village residents, some want to have a formal vote, the numbers of needed memberships, would they hold up yearly, that would make it self funded, comments of being here several years and each year more large projects go thru causing increased taxes along with the BOE budgets increases on taxes. The mayor extended the time to allow for those who wished to comment, so everyone could get to speak. It was a well balanced amount of comments – pro and opposed.

Then the council members gave their comments. Some support the project. discussions will be ongoing, possibly for a need to meet in the middle of issues.
Guess its back to the drawing board for the pool committee.

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Comedy legend Joan Rivers will meet and greet her fans on Saturday, January 31st Book Ends at Ridgewood, New Jersey 11am – 1pm

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Comedy legend Joan Rivers will meet and greet her fans on Saturday, January 31st, Book Ends at Ridgewood, New Jersey 11am – 1pm to sign copies of her two newly published titles.


An informational social commentary, comedy, memoir, and practical, info-packed journey into beauty treatments including plastic surgery, Men are Stupid…is written for every woman who wants to improve herself, giving the average woman a step-by-step guide on how to look and feel gorgeous – delivered with Joan’s quintessential sense of humor.

In Rivers’ new novel, Murder on the Red Carpet, it’s Oscar night in Hollywood and the famous mother-daughter interview team is on the red carpet, mikes in hand. Everything is glitz and glitter as the stars arrive, but things turn quickly from fabulous to scandalous as a just-back-from-rehab starlet drops dead.

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Garrett Statement on Obama Meeting

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Washington, Jan 27 –

Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) released the following statement regarding President Obama’s meeting with House Republicans today:

“I thank President Obama for his efforts to reach out to Republicans in the conversation about how best to stimulate our economy. The discussion centered on many Republican-offered suggestions, such as tax cuts for small businesses. While he did not embrace any of the ideas offered, I look forward to additional opportunities to share our pro-growth ideas with the president so we can work together to find a solution to the current economic crisis.

“My main concern with this bill is that some Members of Congress are seeking this opportunity to institute major spending projects that are not at all stimulative. We will stimulate the economy by allowing American businesses to grow and create jobs, and allowing American taxpayers to keep more of their money in their wallets.

“The proposed plan on which we will begin debate today includes $200 million to re-sod the National Mall, $600 million for Federal vehicles and $1.3 billion to upgrade the IT systems for various State and Federal agencies. Now, some of the projects listed in this bill are certainly worthy of government funding, but let’s not masquerade these projects as a stimulus. Stimulus is not an excuse to expand government programs. Stimulus means the economy will grow. Stimulus means people will be employed. Stimulus means we empower taxpayers, rather than burden future generations of Americans with unbridled debt.”

Scott Garrett

Aronsohn is not against the parking garage.He is just against the parking garage RIGHT NOW.

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Aronsohn is not against the parking garage.

He is just against the parking garage RIGHT NOW.

From his own website:

Parking Garage

The parking problem in the business district is notorious. Too many cars. Too few spaces. And the situation will likely get worse with the planned renovation to the train station, which is scheduled to start next year.

For years, consideration has been given to the construction of a parking garage, and there are a handful of proposals on hand in the Village Manager’s office. All would alleviate some of the parking problems. All would provide additional retail space. But all would also have the potential to negatively impact the flow of traffic and temporarily exacerbate any additional parking problems caused by the train station renovation.

As a temporary measure, I would therefore suggest merely developing the designated location – on the corner of Franklin Avenue and North Walnut Street – into an expanded parking lot alongside the adjacent lot already in operation.

This would save money… save time… and would alleviate at least some of the parking problem in the very near term. If necessary, the development of an above ground parking facility could be revisited in a few years – after the train station project is completed.

Simply stated, it would be wrong to overwhelm the downtown with two major construction projects happening simultaneously.

That was from the Aronsohn campaign website. For a more current view of his thinking, read the Aronsohn opinion piece in The Ridgewood News (December 19).

“Simply stated, I am not convinced that we need a large, potentially expensive garage in our downtown area, and I am not convinced that we need additional commercial space. In fact, the more I learn about the situation, the more I believe that a garage now would be a big mistake.

Granted, downtown Ridgewood is often congested and finding a parking space in front of your favorite restaurant or store can be near impossible at times. But there are always – repeat, always –empty parking spaces in the central business district. You just have to walk a block or two to find them. And if you are unwilling or unable to walk a couple of blocks, then a garage – situated on the edge of the business district – would not likely help you.

And as for commercial space, our focus should be on trying to fill the many vacancies that already exist throughout the downtown area. The possibility of adding stores – even a “big box” store – may be attractive to some, but now does not seem to be the time to take such a gamble. In addition to our own vacancies, one only has to drive down Route 17 and in neighboring towns to see that the recession is taking a very real toll on our local economy.”

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This pool project supporter showed up prepared

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Pool project council meeting – No decision made, discussions will be on going. This pool project supporter showed up prepared, did she think that Village Hall would flood?


the Fly :BLEND to reopen early April

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LQQK for an early April opening from what I hear. Food will be something like you’ve never experienced in Bergen County. Lots of big things happening over there at BLEND from what I’m told.. Stay TUNED!

Reader says,"Sounds like Mr Aronsohn is taking the right position. "

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$18 million dollars – for a parking garage and retail stores? Have you walked down Ridgewood ave east or west, or franklin ave, or broad street? Vacant stores are popping up everywhere. The drive thru coffe shop is gone. The new storefront on franklin where the car dealer was is still empty.
WAMU on Ridgewood is going to be empty w/in days(merging with Glenn Rock Branch, Chase doesnt need 3 branches in one town). Several other store fronts stand vacant as well. So lets build more space and pretend the rent from the stores will help pay for the behemoth above it. I am not sure, but it sure seems like the economy in the US is in trouble. It might come to a surprise to many, but Ridgewood IS feeling the effects, even if many dont want to beleive it, with $250,000 playground drives, $13.9m pools and more more vacant retail space. There are over 30 homes in foreclosure status for sale in Ridgewood. Sounds like Mr Aronsohn is taking the right position.

Paradysz Matera

Mayor Hints He Won’t Seek Re-election In 2010

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Mayor David T. Pfund dropped a bombshell during last night’s Village Council Work Session when he hinted that he would not seek re-election to the Village Council prior to the expiration of his current term in 2010.

The Mayor commented that he would not be serving on the Village Council in 2011, which is when the proposed $13.9 million “Graydon Water Park” would open if construction begins as proposed in August of 2010.

It is being reported that Mayor Pfund is supporting every major capital project currently under consideration by Council members, including:

The $2.9 million purchase of vacant property on West Saddle River Road for preservation as open space

An $18 million parking garage/retail complex on North Walnut Street

The $13.9 million “Graydon Water Park”

The Fly wonders if Mr. Pfund is supporting these expensive projects only because he won’t be around to deal with the mess that will surely follow if our economy continues to go down the tubes, and the Village has trouble paying off the interest on any municipal bonds sold to raise cash.

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