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New Street Lamps for Central Business District Delayed – Yet Again

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Deputy Mayor Keith D. Killion is probably a very unhappy camper right about now.

On September 3rd, Killion blasted Village Engineer Christopher Rutishauser for the lack of progress in getting new street lamp assemblies installed within the Village’s Central Business District. At that time, Killion remarked that the project began when Quentin Wiest was mayor (1986-1990), and still isn’t complete. He then wondered aloud if it would be finished by the time his four-year term was over.

The Deputy Mayor further criticized Rutishauser when it was revealed that recent project delays resulted in an additional $49K expense for materials, and when Rutishauser suggested the project would not be completed prior to this year’s holiday season.

Now The Fly has learned that Killion and his fellow Council members will be forced to reject all bids received in connection with the necessary replacement of lamp post bases associated with the project. It is unknown at this time why the bids must be rejected, but additional project delays will certainly occur as a result of this latest debacle.

Annie Zusy seems to be on a big winning streak lately; maybe she should be tasked to assume oversight of this project.

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There is no way that natural grass would stand up to Varsity, JV, and Freshman games in football, soccer and lacrosse in both boys and girls sports.

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If you look at the Fields and Rec Master Plan and understand what drove some of the recommendations you will understand why the plan calls for “turf” at both Stevens and the “RHS Stadium.” The committee looked at all sports, not just football. The school administrators, coaches and teams are all very interested in playing as many games in as many sports as possible at all levels “on campus.” Currently the various teams play all over the place, some on substandard fields without available restrooms, locker rooms etc… With the lack of room on Stevens and the Stadium Field the best way for this to be accomplished would be to move the track to BF (increase it to 400 meters like every other HS in America) and “turf” both of the fields. The resulting larger space at the HS Stadium will allow both boys and girls soccer and boys and girls lacrosse games at both the varsity and sub varsity levels to play their games on a quality field in a beautiful setting in front of the HS with access to restrooms, locker rooms, and athletic trainers. It would also allow Stevens to be used for more than just football practice as the resulting damage every fall pretty much makes Stevens unusuable for big chunks of the rest of the year.

There is no way that natural grass would stand up to Varsity, JV, and Freshman games in football, soccer and lacrosse in both boys and girls sports. I think everyone would agree if we had the space and the resources to maintain grass fields to the level they should be maintained we would all choose grass over “turf.” Unfortunately that is not possible with the limited fields controlled by the BOE combined with the number of teams and the number of participants in the various sports and thus “turf” becomes the next option.

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Garrett Official Statement on Failed Bailout Bill in the House

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Washington, Sep 29 –

Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) released an official statement today on Bailout Bill vote:

“Congress has been faced with making a grave decision for the future of our country and the welfare of American families. Citizens across the country are anxious for the current economic crisis to end, however I had serious doubts about the ability of the Bailout bill to accomplish that goal. What I am certain of, however, is that this bill would have set a precedent for government intervention in the marketplace, added to the ever increasing national deficit, and increased the chances that inflationary pressures would impose what is surely the cruelest tax on families.

“As a result of these concerns, I have voted against the Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. I have instead chosen to join with over 30 of my colleagues in cosponsoring the Economic Rescue Alternative Plan introduced on the floor today.

“Prior to this bill coming to the floor for a vote today, I was very outspoken about the need for in-depth discussion and hearings among Members of Congress to determine the best plan of action for the American taxpayer. It is my hope that we can now progress forward in productive bipartisan negotiations to formulate a better piece of legislation.”

Garrett Speaks on House Floor Regarding Bailout Bill

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Washington, Sep 29 –

Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) spoke on the floor of the House of Representatives today during the debate on the bailout bill:

“I thank the speaker.

“I came to the floor this week and I said, ‘you should be concerned about what Washington is about to do.’

“Last night, I came to the floor and said, ‘you should be alarmed about what Washington is doing because lack of deliberation.’

“Today I come and say, ‘America, you should be outraged about what Washington is about to do because Washington is not listening to you.’

“Whether you’re Republican or Democrat, our offices have been hearing phone calls 10-1, 100-1 against this proposal. But Washington is not listening; they are going ahead with the proposal. There is a problem. We recognize the problem. We must work on it now.

“We should not go for the solution to the problem to the same people who have brought that problem to us. We should not go to the administration, who has brought this problem to us through their actions in the past.

“The federal reserve with their roller coaster interest rates from 2001 through 2004, 6% to 1% down and then 2004 to 2007, 1% to 5% up. Bubbles and bursts from the Fed and their false promises with Bear Stearns and A.I.G. Nor should we turn to the Democratic Leadership who signed on to this bill, the Democrat Leadership that led to the meltdown in the subprime market, nor should we turn to the Democrat Leadership who blocks reform in the past to the GSEs and say they will block reform in the future GSEs.

“We should look for new solutions. I will close on this, Mr. Speaker. The noted University of Chicago economist Robert Shimmer tells us the U.S. has long been a beacon of free markets in the world. When economic conditions turned sour in Argentina and Indonesia, we give clear instructions on what to do: balance the budget, cut government employment, and don’t prop up failing enterprises.

“Those approaches by the U.S. are clear. But when the U.S. ignores its own advice in this situation, it reduces our credibility in the future. Rewriting the rules of the game at this stage will therefore have serious ramifications not only for the people in this country, but for the future of the globe. The social causes are far, far greater than any $700 billion. I yield back.”

Wall Street Crisis Hits Home

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According to BusinessWeek, the cities are ranked by percentage of people employed in finance, insurance, real estate and leasing in 2007.

Darien, Conn. – (27.23)
Bloomington, Ill. – (26.31)
Hoboken, N.J. – (23.33)
West Des Moines, Io. – (22.15)
Garden City, N.Y. – (20.22)
Summit, N.J. – (19.74)
Westport, Conn. – (19.39)
University Park, Tex. – (18.83)
Wethersfield, Conn. – (18.73)
Mountain Brook, Ala. – (18.66)
Lake Forest, Ill. – (18.60)
Urbandale, Io. – (18.52)
Normal, Ill. – (17.28)
West Hartford, Conn. – (16.67)
Newport Beach, Calif. – (16.56)
Westchase, Fla. – (16.45)
Rockville Centre, N.Y. – (16.29)
Naples, Fla. – (16.10)
Ridgewood, N.J. – (15.94)

Announcement Regarding Leadership Change Rumored As Being Imminent

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Ladies and Gentlemen; may The Fly please have your attention:

An announcement concerning a short-term change to the Village’s senior level management structure is expected to be made at Village Hall on Tuesday or Wednesday morning of this week.

It is being reported that Mayor David T. Pfund will personally inform all Village Directors and Department heads of the planned leadership change during a group meeting.

It is not known at this time whether any other members of the Village Council will be present during the Mayor’s briefing, or at the subsequent question and answer period.

Hot Offers

That is all.

Thank you for your attention.

Ridgewood Blog Poll :Will Anne Zusy be the next Mayor ?

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She is the one we have been waiting for 35 (36%)
Rather have a hockey mom 19 (20%)
Better Dead than Red 6 (6%)
Never Trust A Hippie 35 (36%)

Total Votes 95

36% of respondents feel Anne Zusy is the one they have been waiting for ,while a full 62% are looking for other alternatives.


A Down town with out Banks?

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Chase bought WaMu and Citi bought Wachovia. Consolidation of branches is expected and as such, we are likely to see a couple less bank branches downtown. With the possibility of more bank acquisitions and failures, this could continue.

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Bob Greenlaw Returns to Ridgewood

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Bob Greenlaw was seen at last week’s Village Council meeting.

The party line is that Mr. Greenlaw was in the Village to see one of his best buddies, Brian Pullman, being sworn in as Ridgewood’s newest police sergeant. Of course, the rumor mill is that Mr. Greenlaw retuned to Ridgewood in hopes of getting back his old job as Director of Northwest Bergen Central Dispatch (a position reportedly just awarded to Jacob Tancos of Hawthorne).

Mr. Greenlaw is currently the Director of the Blaine County Emergency Communications Center, Hailey, Idaho. He retired (??????????) in 2006 as Director of the Northwest Bergen Central Dispatch and 9-1-1, the first agency to receive CALEA Public Safety Communications Accreditation. He has over forty years of public safety and emergency management experience. He graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University and has been a Certified Emergency Manager since 1995.


Ridgewood’s very own “Brooklyn’s Brick Oven Pizzeria” rated best pizza in Bergen County in Bergen Health & Life Magazine’s October issue.

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In this town with all the great pizza places the Ridgewood blog wants to know what you think ?

from the blog :http://ridgewoodfrontporch.com/2008/09/27/brooklyns-brick-oven-pizzeria-in-ridgewood-nj-named-best-pizza-in-bergen-county/#comment-327

Ridgewood’s very own “Brooklyn’s Brick Oven Pizzeria” rated best pizza in Bergen County in Bergen Health & Life Magazine’s October issue.

For once, a review I can agree with. My family gets take out from Brooklyn’s Pizza in Ridgewood all the time. They have a great menu and the pizza and fresh toppings are excellent. They also make a great garlic bread that actually comes in the shape of a pizza pie, as opposed to a loaf of Italian Bread with butter and garlic salt that you get in most pizzerias. My 2 boys love the mozzarella sticks which also have a unique shape. In fact, they are not “sticks” at all. They are triangle shaped and they are the best mozzarella sticks triangles I have ever tasted.

I do agree that Brooklyn’s is the best pizza in Bergen County but they do have one fatal flaw – they don’t deliver.

In the interest of full disclosure, Brooklyn’s Pizza did tie for the #1 spot with Kinchley’s Tavern in Ramsey. I have heard great things about Kinchley’s but I have never been there. I have heard tales of long lines at Kinchleys, and since I know what I am getting right here in Ridgewood, I have never bothered to take that long 10 minute drive to Ramsey.

If you live in Ridgewood and don’t want to get up off the couch to pick up your pizza, I would also recommend Renato’s and Puzo’s. They both deliver.

Click the link below for info on the best Ice Cream in Ridgewood.

4 Great Things to do in Ridgewood this Summer
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