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Future July 4 fireworks displays could be jeopardized if more structures are built on Vets Field

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During the 11/29 Parks, Recreation & Facilities Master Plan hearing, Ridgewood Fire Chief James Bombace publicly revealed that the construction of any more buildings on Vets Field could impact the Village’s ability to safely conduct future July 4 fireworks displays.
There was no official response as to whether the proposed Jon C. Vandevander concession stand would create such a condition



Highlights of Park, Fields, Facilities & Recreational Master Plan Meeting – 11/29/06

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Residents turned out in force for this meeting; there was standing room only in the Sydney V. Stoldt, Jr. Court Room.

Following a 45-minute slide presentation by representatives of the Village’s consulting firm, residents lined up at the microphone to offer their opinions on many issues pertaining to existing facility use and possible development.

Residents of the Lawns area were most vocal over their opposition to any development of either Grove Park or Pleasant Park; i.e., conversion of the existing natural wildscapes into playing fields. Citing their desire to avoid being plagued by the noise, litter, traffic, and artificial lighting issues affecting residents living near existing Village recreational facilities, these residents made it quite clear that any effort made to bring organized sports into their community would be blocked at all entrances.

Several residents offered comments about Graydon Pool; most were critical of the facility’s murky water.

Some key revelations were made by the Village’s consulting firm: 1) an additional playing field could be “squeezed in” at the new Irene Habernickel Family Park; 2) if the Frank Kasschau Memorial Shell were relocated from Vets Field (to an undisclosed location), an additional playing field could be “squeezed in” there; 3) although much of Pleasant Park is wetlands, “fill” could be trucked in to facilitate developing it into a surface suitable for construction of multiple playing fields.

The audience was advised that the formal Master Plan would be submitted for review and approval by Village Council and Board of Education members sometime during the first quarter of 2007; a referendum approval process could be an option.

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if you think you can do a better job than them, then step up and get involved.

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Once again some people feel the need to twist an example of how well our town’s three critical services work together into something divisive. First of all, our police, fire and emergency services personnel regularly do an outstanding job and work very well together. What many people don’t realize is that many of the volunteers within the ambulance corps and emergency services have come from the ranks of the police and fire department, and still do. If fact the ambulance was originally run by the police department up until the early to 1980’s. Many of the founding members of the Ridgewood’s volunteer ambulance corps and emergency services were police officer/EMTs and fire fighter/EMTs. The current Teen In Emergency Services group began as The Ridgewood Police Law Enforcement Explorer Post, which was merged into the Ridgewood Emergency Services Explorers to involve and expose the teens to all aspects of the various emergency services within the town. Once again this was a cooperative effort of Police, Fire and Emergency Services Personnel volunteering their time to train and work with these teens whom in turn became a valuable resource for our community. Currently a significant portion of the police and fire fighters still maintain certifications as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT). We are very lucky to have the caliber of volunteer and paid personnel who service our community. Currently if someone in the village has medical emergency or is injured the first couple of people they will meet will be police officers who will initiate medical care, normally during the day one paid EMT will man the ambulance (volunteers can and do also respond with the ambulance if they are available). The fire department will respond with their EMTs, and if needed the Paramedics will respond. Normally the fire EMT will go to the hospital with the paid EMT if no volunteers are available. If necessary the police EMT can go in the ambulance to the hospital. At night the ambulance is primarily staffed by our volunteer EMTs. Many of the neighboring towns have great difficulty with ambulance response particularly during the day time. Most don’t have the benefit of a paid fire department, not to mention the availability of trained EMTs via the police and fire personnel. With reductions in the size of our police and fire departments our community increasingly depends on the services of our emergency services and ambulance volunteers. So instead of complaining, be happy we have these dedicated people serving our community regardless as to whether they are paid or volunteer. But if you think you can do a better job than them, then step up and get involved.
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An Invitation to RHS Alumni Artists …..

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The Ridgewood High School Department of Art & Design is looking for alumni to participate in the second annual Alumni Art Show.

Last year’s show was a great success and the art department hopes to reach even more of alumni this year. The exhibition will be a show of work created after graduating from RHS. It will be held in the Carroll Art Gallery, Room 135, at RHS, from December 21, 2006 through January 5, 2007. There will be a reception for the artists on Thursday, January 4, 2007, from 3 to 5 PM. Anyone interested in participating should contact the Art & Design Department at 201-670-2803, or email the department supervisor, Denise Sivulich at dsivulich@ridgewood.k12.nj.us.

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The fly on the wall believes . . .

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That tonight’s Board of Education decision (by a 3 to 1 vote – Shelia Brogan was the only BOE member present voting “No”) to hold a fifty-five minute Executive Session prior to the public comment portion of their Monthly Consent Meeting will certainly go down in history as one of the most arrogant, inconsiderate, and taxpayer insensitive actions ever undertaken by Board members.

In announcing that the Executive Session would proceed as scheduled despite Ms. Brogan’s objection, BOE Vice President Robert Hutton told a packed meeting room that the BOE needed time to meet with their legal counsel. Mr. Hutton summarily dismissed Ms. Brogan’s concerns by stating: “the vote was 3-1.” However, he did promise her that the meeting would be “short” (and it was not).

The fly suggests that it would have been more appropriate for the BOE to schedule a meeting with their attorney at a time when members of the public would not be sitting idle waiting in a packed meeting room. Couldn’t the meeting with Counsel have been scheduled to begin at 6:30 P.M., a full one hour prior to the scheduled start time of the public meeting?

Obviously, BOE members felt it more important to hold this meeting at a time convenient for them and their attorney than at a time suitable for attending members of the public (and those watching on cable TV). Poor judgment calls like this cause the fly continue doubting the current BOE’s ability to effectively manage $76 million in taxpayer provided funds.

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Early Morning Crash Injures One Driver

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Ridgewood Firefighter Greg Hillerman works to stabilize one of two
automobiles involved in a serious accident at the intersection of Maple and
Spring Avenues at approximately 8:30 this morning. The driver of this
vehicle was transported to The Valley Hospital with non-life threatening
injuries. Ridgewood Police, Fire, and EMS, responded to the scene as did
paramedics from The Valley Hospital.

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The fly on the wall has learned . . .

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That in early 1996, the Ridgewood Sports Council proposed construction of several athletic fields and a parking area within Grove Park. Councilman Patrick A. Mancuso was mayor at the time; he was also an active member of the Sports Council.

In March of 1996, approximately 120 residents living near Grove Park attended a heated public hearing to voice their objections to the proposal. During this hearing it was revealed that a Green Acres funding agreement signed by Village officials in 1977 prohibits Grove Park’s property for being used for any purpose other than: 1) wetlands overflow, and 2) natural wildscape. Based on public opposition and limitations imposed by the Green Acres funding agreement, Village Council members withdrew the proposal.

So the fly asks: if this Green Acres funding agreement is still in force, why are Village officials again considering constructing athletic fields at Grove Park? Has Councilman Mancuso had a convenient memory lapse?


the BOE needs to be enlarged significantly

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Again this brings up my previous editorial that the BOE is just too small for the size and complexity of this school system. There needs to be a significant increase in the number of seats on the board. This bloger believes that part of the blame of all the recent failures of the school system is due to the inability of 5 individuals to properly conduct oversight of the school system. There are just to many legal, educational, union and management issues involved in running an $80 million dollar school system for 5 people. It is no shame on the current board members ,but lets face it a school system of this size and expense probably needs a board of at lest 9 members to conduct and maintain proper oversight and uphold fiduciary responsibility to all parties involved.

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The fly on the wall wonders. . .

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What’s up at the Board of Education? In a VERY, VERY unusual move, the BOE has scheduled two separate Executive Sessions during their Monday, November 27th public meeting. The first Executive Session is slotted for early in the meeting, prior to the public comment section. The fly can’t remember ever seeing an agenda like this.

Anyone have a clue as to what’s going on? Rumors are swirling that there will be changes at the BOE…