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The flog is a blog run by an administrator who remains anonymous. Unlike this blog, which is run by PJ, the flog creators refuse to identify themselves. The flog was created by a ficticious duo who call themselves “andrew and sue.” Andrew and Sue seem to have no purpose but to rail against posters on PJ’s blog. It is widely believed that “Sue” is Susan Sherrill, former editor of the Ridgewood News who is a big supporter of the BOE. James Rose has identified himself as a poster on this Blog.

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Saraceno Tells Village Council: “There Will Be Fist Fights To Rent Space In Your Building!” – Feels “Personally Demonized" by Blog Posters

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John A. Saraceno, a principal of Onyx Equities, LLC and a resident of Coventry Court, Ridgewood, appeared before Village Council members in public session last night to answer questions about his firm’s proposal for the construction of a multi-million dollar parking garage/commercial complex on North Walnut Street. Village Council members had previously selected Onyx as the project’s sole developer.

In response to a statement made by Councilman Paul Aronsohn that the parking garage/retail complex project should not move forward, Saraceno said:

“Even in today’s economic climate, if that space were now available, I could rent it in one hour or less.”

“There will be fist fights among quality tenants to get space in your building.”

“Stores such as Brooks Brothers, J Crew, and Aeropostale want to be in Ridgewood badly and will likely sign letters of intent as soon as it is known space will be available.”

“The retailers likely to want this space are national retailers who will stay open until 10:30 PM Monday through Saturday, and draw nighttime business into your Central Business District.”

Mr. Saraceno made mention of The Ridgewood Blog in his opening comments to Council members. He said that although he does not read The Ridgewood Blog, he had received phone calls from several friends about his name being mentioned within, and had concluded that he was being “personally demonized” by Blog posters.

Further discussion regarding Onyx’s proposal has been scheduled for the Council’s April 22nd Open Public Meeting.

Questions for Mr. Saraceno:

If retail space in Ridgewood is such a hot commodity, how come your building at the corner of Ridgewood Avenue and North Maple Street (formerly Sealfons) is not completely rented out? And don’t tell The Fly that you can’t rent it because you have no parking there; the building is surrounding by parking lots!

Also, The Gap, Ann Taylor, and other national retailers in Ridgewood do not stay open anywhere near 10:30 PM on weeknights. What do you know that we don’t?
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