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Street Department Gears Up for 4th of July Parade

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Unsung Heroes :This is a new column on the Ridgewood Blog devoted to all those people who most of us only notice when something goes wrong ,but most days things work so we never pay any attention.

The Street Department wants you to know that they are getting the town spruced up for the 4th of July parade ,by patching roads, sweeping the streets, cleaning storm drains. Also, puting out 350 barricades thru the parade route, so there is safety. On rainy days and storms they constantly are cleaning low line areas to compile with the regulations so there is no additional flooding in the streets.


Meet and Greet the Artist Tonight @ C.Magor Gallery 21 Oak Street 5pm -9:30pm

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Kristine Di Grigoli Paige a Ridgewood resident has been known as primarily a performance artist, having performed publicly since July 25th, 2002. Recently she has put more of her focus and her energies into translating her life’s experiences into art. Her first project was the completion of the “B&W” (Black and White) series and the start of her new square foot series “Eyes”. Her travels, friends, and music all play a significant role in her work, including her life long obsession with mysterious veiled women. She generally works with acrylics, a habit formed by painting in front of live audiences and needing a quick drying time. When studying an image she alters it to borrow its structure, its shadow, and provide her interpretation. The outcome will provide movement of emotions sometimes indescribable but likeable. Currently she is attracted to texture, giving some of her work a three dimensional quality. She often uses bold colors and will challenge tradition in order to express herself. Her work is modern in style but is often more significant by what it makes you feel. A painter by day a Club Photographer by night and once the sun goes down she puts down her brush and pallet and takes up her newest love photography. Frequently on evenings and weekends she can be found in New Jerseys hottest night clubs capturing youthful exuberance on digital images and recording this generations efforts to define itself. “Life of an Artist” Kristine Di Grigoli Paige Solo ExhibitionWorks from 1997-2006 June 22-July 6th, 2006 First Open Reception Thurs. 6/22/06- 5pm till 9pm

Open Reception Thurs. 6/29/06- 5pm till 9pm with a short lecture on Investing in Art by Ridgewood Financial Advisor James Foytlin

Location: C. Magor Gallery 21 Oak Street Ridgewood, New Jersey 07450
(201) 670-0555 Gallery
(201) 362-0552 Kristine
Visit this artist portfolio at www.thesoundandvision.com


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***Graydon Pool Closed TODAY (6/28/06)***
Due to extreme rain and flooding of both the north and south Graydon Pool Parking Lots, the Ridgewood Fire Department has closed the pool for today, Wednesday, June 28th. Check here for further updates.

public meeting regarding the proposed Saddle River Pathway extension

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A public meeting regarding the proposed Saddle River Pathway extension will be held @ 7:00 PM on Tuesday, June 27 in the Village Hall “Garden Room” (1st floor). Frank Debari, Director of the Bergen County Parks Department, is scheduled to review project plans and proposed timelines. Ridgewood Councilman Patrick Mancuso and Village Engineer/Director of Public Works Christopher Rutishauser will also be on hand to answer questions from taxpayers regarding this hotly contested project. Whether you oppose or support the bike path being extended to Linwood Avenue, this meeting is a “must be at.”

Let your voice be heard

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It is summer time and the Ridgewood blog would like to invite you to submit articles and photos of events around the Village. If you are a local merchant or a community organization and would like to tell us about your business please feel free there is no charge .And finally if you’re looking to promote a garage or yard sale it is free to all village residents.

Village Calendar Correction for July 2006

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Village Calendar Correction for July 2006
The Village Council meetings in July 2006 are as follows:
July 1 – Village Council Reorganization Meeting at 12 Noon
July 12 – Village Council Work Session at 7:30 PM
July 19 – Village Council Public Meeting at 8:00 PM
All meetings are held in the Village Hall Court Room.

All meetings of the Village Council are televised “LIVE” on Channel 77.

Honor Varian Fry, Ridgewood Native – Support Stamp Commemoration

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Honor Varian Fry, Ridgewood Native – Support Stamp CommemorationVarian Fry, a Ridgewood native, was a journalist responsible for saving over 2,000 lives in Vichy France from sure death. Mr. Fry’s story, like Oskar Schindler’s, deserves to be remembered. After visiting Berlin in 1935 and recording Nazi’s brutality toward Jews for an American political journal, he volunteered in 1940 for what was to have been a short term mission in occupied France. He established a clandestine network to rescue intellectuals, artists, and musicians.France has awarded Varian Fry the Cross of the Legion of Honor, and Israel has also designated him as “Rightous Among Nations” for his heroic actions.There is a new effort to recognized Mr. Fry’s acheivements by having a stamp named in his honor. To support this effort send a brief signed note of support to: Virginia Noelke, Citizens’ Stamp Advisory Committee, 475 L’Enfant Plaza, S.W., Room 4474E, Washington, D.C. 20260-2437

and a little more info :

Varian Fry, a 32 year old Harvard-educated classicist and editor , helped save thousands of endangered refugees who were caught in the Vichy French zone escape from Nazi terror during World War II. Yet this man, known as “the American Schindler,” died in obscurity, without recognition, having been reprimanded by the US government for his actions.
Despite having had no training in underground work and no knowledge of forgers, black marketeers, or secret passages, within 24 hours after his arrival in France Fry committed himself to a mission that saved prominent persons such as artists Marc Chagall and Max Ernst, writer Hannah Arendt, and sculptor Jacques Lipchitz.
Fry said, “I stayed because the refugees needed me. But it took courage, and courage is a quality that I hadn’t previously been sure I possessed.” This man who found the courage to save some of Europe’s greatest artists, writers and thinkers remained unrecognized by his countrymen and unacknowledged by his country until recently.
In 1991, 50 years after his courageous actions in France saved thousands of innocent lives and 24 years after his death, Fry received his first official recognition from a United States agency, the United States Holocaust Memorial Council. In 1996, Varian Mackey Fry was named as “Righteous Among the Nations” by Yad Vashem, the Holocaust Heros and Martyrs Remembrance Authority in Jerusalem — the first American recipient of Israel’s highest honor for rescuers during the Holocaust, an honor also received by Oskar Schindler and Raoul Wallenberg.©1997 The Varian Fry Foundation Project/IRC

“Life of an Artist” Opens at C.Magor Gallery

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“Life of an Artist” Kristine Di Grigoli Paige Solo ExhibitionWorks from 1997-2006 June 22-July 6th, 2006

C. Magor Gallery 21 Oak Street Ridgewood, New Jersey 07450
(201) 670-0555 Gallery

Second Open Reception Thurs. 6/29/06- 5pm till 9pm

Yea I know it was a hot one ,but those who braved the heat were treated to the music of Rich and Royal and the Bloodsugars ,Kristine created 3 new works to add to her 50 or so paintings that are presently on display . Kristine will be in the Gallery all next week so call the Gallery to make an appointment to get to meet her .

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The Ridgewood Blog just wanted to take this moment to wish the best for all out graduating seniors !!!!!!!!!!!

the Fly on thhe Wall has heard…

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It was reported during last night’s Village Council Work Session that Social Services of Ridgewood, Inc. has paid their past due rent bill, for the VOR owned building at 6 Station Plaza, in full.