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1st Mail Art Installation & Rockstar DJ Installation By Artist: Kristine Di Grigoli Paige (aka ArtChick) March 1st – March 31st 2008

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1st Mail Art Installation & Rockstar DJ Installation By Artist: Kristine Di Grigoli Paige (aka ArtChick) March 1st – March 31st 2008 Stable Gallery, 259 N. Maple. Ave. Weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. First international Mail Art Installation to take place in Ridgewood, NJ. Come see ArtChick’s (Kristine Di Grigoli Paige) personal collection of Mail Art from places such as Italy, Portugal, California, Brazil, among many others. ArtChick enjoys trading Mail Art with other artists as well as participating in mail art exhibitions around the world and sending work to private art collectors. Visit: http://www.TheSoundandVision.com to view ArtChick’s creations. This installation also exhibits ArtChick Nightclub Photography. Come see some of the worlds top DJ’s displayed on Metal Murals and pop style dancing silhouettes. Each mural displays the DJ in focus surrounded by impressionistic color light movements. These photos simply display the raw talent of digital photography and this generation defining themselves. Come by the Stable Gallery Mon-Fri at your own leisure. Its Free and ArtChick hopes to inspire you! All images are for display only. However if you really would like to make an offer contact ArtChick: info@artchickphotos.com WHAT IS MAIL ART? WHAT MAIL-ART IS ABOUT Here is a brief way what the main things are that define Mail-Art. But, of course, there are more. 1) Mail-Art is about: SENDING ARTFUL THINGS It is the desire to make sending things something special. If you can send it you can make it Mail-Art. 2) Mail-Art is about: CREATIVE COMMUNICATION Communicating in a way that redefines sending messages. For some people it is the fun of “a little creativity every day” 3) Mail-Art is about: MAKING PROJECTS AND SHOWS Creating a forum for activities and projects free from the rules of the main-stream art-market. Give and receive artworks and make or join in on exhibitions and shows 4) Mail-Art is about: GLOBAL CULTURE Be a part of a large global community – share culture, lifestyle and interests with each other in a peaceful and creative way. 5)Mail-Art is about: FREEDOM Work for borderless liberty and human rights ALL over the world. Help people fight for freedom of the mind . 6) Mail-Art is about: FUN AND HUMOR Celebrating humor and fun for artful or nonsensical reasons. Have fun by doing Mail-Art with others.


Valley Executives on “Schmooze Patrol”

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Susan Sherrill, Editor of The Ridgewood News, photographed at a recent social event with Audrey Meyers and Megan Fraser of The Valley Hospital. This photograph appears on page 136 of the most recent “201 Magazine.”

The Fly wonders if Ms. Meyers, The Valley’s President and CEO, and Ms. Fraser, her Director of Marketing and Public Relations, were trying to ensure favorable print media coverage of The Valley’s Renewal Plan.

A picture is indeed worth one thousand words . .


Reader says,"Negative comments are not an attack. Stop being so damned precious."

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Negative comments are not an attack. Stop being so damned precious. There is a difference between “a teacher” and the teachers union. There is a difference between “an administrator” and a “school system.”

Nothing here is personal, unless a foolish BOE member writes a poor letter trashing parents who want to ensure the best possible education service for their students.

We can no longer just continue to pretend that everything is just fine with education. It’s so great a matter that even presidents (our president) gets involved with it–hence his coming report from his math panel.

None of the people working in this system are volunteers; they are paid to do their jobs. Therefore, they must be able to take criticism. It is the only way our system has any hope of improving.

At last, we’ve made a good start here in Ridgewood. But judgding by the way our BOE and SUPERINTENDENT and ADMINISTRATORS are responding, they seem to expect nothing but praise even when they preside over a job that is NOT a job well done.

Because they are unused to criticism, they are naive as to what constitutes an acceptable response.

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Ridgewood F.M.B.A. Local #47 & Fire Officers Association Opposes Plan to Reduce Career Firefighter Ranks

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The Village Council is considering replacing Career Firefighters who are assigned to the Fire Prevention Bureau with Civilian Fire Inspectors.

This idea has been discussed by the Village Council on three occasions:

Village Council first discussed this idea on August 16, 2006 at a Village Council Long Range Planning Meeting. Click on the link to read the minutes of the meeting Meeting Minutes.
Excerpts of the minutes, “Councilman Harlow again spoke about the elimination of the Fire Prevention Bureau. Councilman Mancuso said that the support of the Fire Chief is crucial for this to be accepted because the community will not be happy if they think safety is being compromised.”

The topic was again discussed in the Five Year Financial Forecast Update on July 6, 2007. On page two of this document there is a bullet point which says:
Fire Prevention-analyze civilian provision of services.

More recently at the February 13, 2008 Council meeting, Village Manager James Ten Hoeve stated that since there are four Firefighters retiring this year, and one of them is assigned to the Fire Prevention Bureau, it would be a good time to conduct a study of the Fire Department.
Every time this issue has come up, Fire Chief James Bombace has advised Village Manager James Ten Hoeve that he could not support the idea of replacing Career Firefighters who are assigned to the Fire Prevention Bureau with Civilian Fire Inspectors. In the Chief’s opinion, any reduction in the current Firefighting staff would comprise the safety of the members of the Fire Department and the citizens of Ridgewood.

Mr. Ten Hoeve has failed to convince the Fire Chief to agree to replace Fire Inspectors (Career Firefighters) with Civilian Fire Inspectors. We question the timing, need, and rationale of conducting an audit. Is this an attempt to circumvent the Chief’s recommendation? Councilman Mancuso said that the community would not be happy if their safety is compromised and that the Chief’s recommendation was “crucial”. We agree with that statement. We are concerned that the safety of our community will be compromised, as well as our own safety, if any cuts are made to the current staffing levels of the Fire Department.


Travell Mom defends Teachers but Hates the Math

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Okay, it’s time for me to weigh in here. I watch this blog a lot and take most of it with a grain of salt, but this thread hits too close to home.

Several years ago, when our Ridgewood teachers threatened a strike, I publicly came to their defense, and still would today.

A million years ago, I got a teaching degree, but had already decided during student teaching that I didn’t want to be a teacher. Why?

Because it’s TOO HARD. Since then I’ve learned that most of the world does not understand what teachers have to deal with. Most of it is hidden, so it’s understandable that people don’t know. But because I have a teaching degree, did my student teaching, and then spent four years subbing while getting my computer science degree, I do know.

It’s a thankless job if you’re doing it right because placing the needs of the kids over the administrators means being insubordinate. It means risking your job. Sometimes it’s better to quietly bend the rules, but you can’t even admit that to parents.

Teachers have all kinds of pressures, including professional jealousy if they’re going beyond the call of duty.

And in terms of caring for the lives of children, it’s one of the most emotionally draining jobs there is, next to psychologist, and because of that, a few weeks off in the summer is an absolute necessity in order to avoid burnout and to recharge.

Now that I have kids in school, I watch closely.

Teachers today, as opposed to the 80’s when I got my teaching degree, have more stress and responsibility than ever.

I may not like some of the decisions that have been made in our district, but when I start hearing talk of teachers having cushy jobs, I have to speak up.

Granted, there may be a few teachers in our district doing the minimum, and that’s a problem. But for the most part that’s not what I’ve seen in our district.

I’ve seen devoted workers who’ve had to develop a strong stomach for all the pressures.

I also know this–they don’t flit off at 3 pm. They work long hours beyond the school day. It’s called “prep time.”

They also bring work home, and that includes thinking about how to reach certain children, and wringing their hands over one or two. It’s impossible to be a good teacher and not bring the job home.

Sometimes teachers have to comply with requirements they hate, and then in the presence of questioning parents, they have to defend what they hate. Would any of you want to do that? One might glibly suggest that such teachers should risk losing their jobs, but it’s not so simple. Good teachers know they’re good–they want to stay and benefit the kids. So they break rules quietly, and they bend curricula where they can.

Personally, I’d much rather that such teachers stuck around.

But that’s why it’s important, when you’re talking to your child’s teacher, to read between the lines.

Nuf said. I’m proud to tell people I didn’t become a teacher because it’s TOO HARD. Instead, I became a software engineer at twice the starting salary. That’s just true.

Oh and one more thing, I hate the math.

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Paul Stuart Aronsohn Strong Ties to Big Labor?

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PJ I looked this guy up just to try to get a feel for what he’s about ,he seems to have a lot of support of organised labor …

Paul Stuart Aronsohn
United States House of Representatives (Congress)
Political Campaign Contributions
Campaign Finance Information
’06 Election Cycle

Contributions From Poltical Action Committees Committee Interest Group Type Contribution

Count Contribution $ Amount Percent of Total
Corporation 8 $13,000 11.95%
Labor 22 $58,750 54.02%
Non-Connected 3 $5,500 5.06%
Trade/Memership/Health 2 $3,500 3.22%
Cooperative 3 $10,000 9.20%
Corp.w/o Capital Stock 0 $0 0.00%
Other 16 $18,000 16.55%

Click Here for the entire list of committees supporting this candidate in ’06


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Beef sent to Ridgewood Public Schools Ordered Destroyed

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8 school districts added to beef recall

THE RECORD, Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Eight North Jersey school districts were added Wednesday to a list of districts that must destroy meat as part of the nation’s largest beef recall.

The state Agriculture Department expanded its list of schools and school districts affected by the recall after officials identified two additional food processors that shipped meat for consumption by Garden State students enrolled in the national school lunch program.

The school districts added to the recall list Wednesday are:

• Bergen County Technical Schools
• Englewood
• Fort Lee
• Leonia
• North Bergen
• Passaic
• Ridgewood
• Wayne

Nationwide, federal officials have recalled more than 143 million pounds of meat that originated at the Hallmark/Westland Meat Packing Co., of Chino, Calif. The company is accused of slaughtering sick cows.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has ruled it a “class two” recall, meaning the meat poses only a “remote possibility” of sickening those who eat it.

The North Jersey schools and districts identified on Monday as part of the recall were:

• Bergenfield

• Fair Lawn

• Hackensack

• Lodi

• Midland Park

• Palisades Park

• North Haledon

• West Milford

• Paterson Catholic

• Passaic County Vocational-Technical

• St. Gerard School

• St. Mary Elementary

• St. Mary Paterson

• St. Philip the Apostle

• St. Therese School

• Boonton

• Riverdale

Consultant Suggests BOE Fund Police Department’s School Resource Officer

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A consultant contracted to perform a personnel audit and utilization study of Ridgewood’s police department has reported back to Village Council members that funding for the full-time School Resource Officer (police officer Chris McDowell) should be provided by the Board of Education. This shift could result in a $133K savings to the police department’s budget.

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"Professional" Democratic Politician Enters Village Council Race

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Paul S. Aronsohn, who unsuccessfully challenged Representative Scott Garrett for the 5th District U.S. Congress seat in November of 2006, has unofficially announced his intention to run in this May’s Village Council election. Aronsohn reportedly picked up a nomination packet from the Village Clerk’s office last week. He was observed at Wednesday evening’s Village Council Work Session greeting and shaking hands individually with each current Council member.

Aronsohn currently resides on Linwood Avenue with his wife, Marie DeNoia Aronsohn a reporter for the NJN Network. Tax records indicate the two purchased the property in May of 2007. Marie DeNoia Aronsohn also owns a home in Toms River, NJ. The NJN Network website indicates that she works in the broadcast network’s Trenton studio. Mr. Aronsohn is reportedly a public relations executive for the Pfizer Corporation.

The potential candidate’s former web site is still active. The Fly supposes it will soon be converted over to: “Aronsohn for Village Council,”


Several weeks ago, The Fly wondered if the Bergen County Democratic Organization (BCDO) had targeted Ridgewood’s municipal government for a takeover. Certainly, with Mr. Aronsohn now running, and Frank DelVecchio, a known player in the BCDO, also a likely candidate, the answer to the question is YES!

Paradoxically, it is rumored that Mr. Aronsohn was encouraged to seek office by outgoing member of Council Kim Ringler Shagin. Go figure.


Train Station Renovation Trumps Ground Breaking of Planned North Walnut Street Parking Garage

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During this evening’s Village Council Work Session, Village Manager James M. Ten Hoeve revealed that ground breaking for the proposed parking garage on North Walnut Street will not take place until at least the year 2011.

New Jersey Transit has officially informed Village officials that bids for the ADA compliant renovation of Ridgewood’s train station will be advertised in June of 2008. The New Jersey Transit Board of Directors expects to award bids in September of 2008, with construction scheduled to begin in early 2009. The train station renovation project will take until 2011 to complete.

Since existing parking at and near the train station will be disrupted during New Jersey Transit’s massive construction project, Village Council members have wisely elected to avoid their own project, which will cause the temporary elimination of approximately 100 parking spaces on North Walnut Street.

The Fly believes that between now and 2011, parking requirements within the Central Business District will change significantly. Let’s wait at least until 2010 before committing any more money and resources to a parking plan that may be obsolete before construction even begins.

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