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Rumors of dangerous mold growth at Emergency Services’ HQ and RHS

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The Fly has received numerous reports that sections of Ridgewood High School and the Emergency Services headquarters on Douglas Place are infested with mold. Unattended to roof leaks are said to be the primary cause of mold growth at both locations.

Have any Blog readers actually seen evidence to support the rumors? Has anyone gotten sick recently after being in one of those buildings?

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So two days with out rain and the fly wonders when the next real "water emergency"

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So two days with out rain and the fly wonders when the next real “water emergency” we’re going to have is when they complete the hook-up to United Water. Did you see the bottle of brown water in the Bergen Record the other day? Well that’s what we’re going to be getting out of our taps pretty soon. The Ridgewood Water should be selling bottled water as a very viable business; instead the Village is going to significantly downgrade our drinking/cooking water so that people can water their lawns! If you’ve forgotten what chlorinated surface water tastes like, be prepared, it’s nothing like what we’ve been used to in the last 100 years. Graydon water will taste better. Instead, require Valley Hospital to supply it’s own water. That would be a major part of the demand solution and also require homeowners to have moisture sensors installed. Stepping up enforcement of the existing odd/even restrictions would help too. You’d have to patrol between 10PM and 6AM to catch people though.

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Yesterday, I celebrated Memorial Day with veterans and residents in several communities in Bergen County. I hope that you, too, were able to take a moment from your time with family and friends to reflect upon the peace and freedom that America’s veterans have secured on our behalf. Please take some time to thank a veteran, a servicemember, or a military family this week.

I wanted to share with you my remarks from yesterday’s Memorial Day ceremonies as well:

Good morning. Since the time of the Civil War, Americans have marked this day with remembrance and gratitude for our fallen heroes. I appreciate your taking time today to join in community and prayer and remembrance to honor those brave souls who gave that last full measure of devotion to their nation.

Whether participating in a parade or a family picnic or a quiet memorial service, our thoughts turn toward the men and women who breathed life into the adage that “Freedom is not free.” We celebrate their memories by celebrating the lives that they have enabled us to live.

Over the past several years, Memorial Day has taken on an added dimension. As we remember those who have fallen, we should pause to remember the brave men and women who have followed in their footsteps; the sons and daughters, brothers and sisters who today serve on the front lines for freedom. Whether they are in combat in Iraq or on air patrol over the skies of New York City, they daily put their lives on the line for our freedom. They have chosen the greater good over their personal interests, and we should not wait for them to perish before we thank them for their sacrifice.

So, wear a red poppy today and this week to mark Memorial Day. But, better yet, honor the memories of those who have passed by thanking a soldier who serves that same grand vision of peace and freedom and opportunity today.

May God bless the men and women of the Armed Services and may God continue to bless the United States of America.


Scott Garrett
Member of Congress

the fly questions ; does the New Superintendent Get "Paid" to promote TERC

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New Superintendent Gets “Paid” to promote TERC,well it sure looks that way….

Too bad our Board of Education does not ask its potential employees to provide conflict-of-interest disclosures with regard to their educational endeavors. What would be standard ethics for business and government is simply overlooked by our … hmm… education administrators of high standing. A casual Google of the Brooks’ (including his co-author wife Jacqueline Grennon Brooks who also drinks heartily from the constructivst chalice) reveals quite a lot of information with regard to their financial interests in the TERC reform movement. Beginning as early as 1991, Mrs Brooks has received substantial sums to advocate, study and promote this dysfunctional and mathematically illiterate program. No less than $100,000 dollars is reported. Later, from 1994 to 2000, Mrs. Brooks is represented as a “Co-Principal” in a grant award of $4 million dollars from the NSF to promote TERC. Now we’re talking real money.

So, what does this mean for Ridgewood? The Brooks’ conflict-of-interest is obvious and disheartening. If the Brooks’ are paid through grant making to take on the advocacy of TERC, how can our children be expected to get the benefit of non-biased judgments with regard to what may be the best math program for them. Answer: they can’t and they won’t. Did our Board of Education know about these grants? If they did, would they care? Do they even understand what constitutes a conflict-of-interest? Would they now be able to admit that they were fooled in bringing in Mr. Brooks to “Continue development of curriculum, especially math and science,” as they so boldly stated in the October 16, 2007 Board minutes? Stay tuned…..

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technical difficulties

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Folks we have been having some technical difficulties with the blog so if you don’t see your post right away be patient we are working on it.

Thank you again for your support


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Today, Monday, May 28, 2007, is Memorial Day a reminder from ,"Your friendly Village Idiot"

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Today, Monday, May 28, 2007, is Memorial Day. Memorial Day is the one day each year that we honor and remember all of the Servicemen and Servicewomen who served in the Air Force, Army, Cost Guard, Marines, Navy and Special Forces who gave their lives for the defense of this Country and our Constitution.

Unfortunately, it’s a day that not many people care about, that is of course if you don’t count the Department and Electronics Stores sales. How many people attended the Memorial Service in Ridgewood today? For those of you that didn’t know, yes, there was a Memorial Service at 11:00 AM in town and the attendance was sparse at best. In contrast, the attendance at the Fred D’elia Run was quite good and a quick ride on Route 17 and Route 4 after the Memorial Service found most parking lots in the Malls quite busy and nearly full. What does this say about our citizens? Simply stated, it shows that most people really don’t appreciate or care about the sacrifice, which has been given by so many others, so that all of us can enjoy the freedoms we have. This could only be described as not very patriotic…. in my opinion.

Which brings me to this blog. Why is it that when there is something controversial or critical of the Village it is not only posted within minutes of the event but in many cases it is posted with pictures. However, when the Village Residents and the members of the Village Council do something noteworthy, such as attending a Memorial Service dedicated to the men and women who gave the supreme sacrifice, we have not a single photo of this service and not a mention of what this day is about on this blog! No mention is made on this blog about the Ridgewood High School student, Eagle Scout candidate, who for the last three years played taps at this service and the wonderful speech he made today. Also, no mention about the U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel who has been overseas in various theaters of operations and his speech or the Ridgewood High School band which played various songs and did a terrific job.

I can not help but notice pjblogger62 that you stand in front of an American Flag in your blog photo, obviously to show your patriotism. I can’t help but wonder where you were today…..didn’t see you or any of the Hitmen for your Blog at this Memorial Service. Apparently this event wasn’t controversial enough for you or your blog. Or could it be that you didn’t feel that this would be worthwhile putting on the Ridgewood Blog because it isn’t something controversial, thereby NOT generating more “hits” for your Blog, which could possibly increase your Blog revenue? Being patriotic is more than standing in front of a flag.

Just my thoughts……

Your friendly Village Idiot

A Proud Patriotic U.S Army Veteran

Happy memorial Day Weekend Everybody!

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Kate Smith Sings God Bless America before 1974 Stanley Cup

Lower Hillcrest Road neighbors continue to blast Village Council about placement of wood chips/mulch

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Once again, Village Council members took on the look of deer facing headlights as several local residents who spoke at Wednesday evening’s meeting criticized placement of excessive mulch and woodchips at the Crest Road Overlook.

Truckloads of wood byproduct material were placed 19 weeks ago in an attempt to curb the growth of foliage that might block the Overlook’s vista. Residents of Lower Hillcrest Road have repeatedly expressed concerns regarding the material’s stability and unsightliness. At least four residents in the area have complained that their homes flooded in April due to placement of the inert matter.

Shortly after the mulch and woodchips appeared on Crest Road, rumors began circulating that Deputy Mayor Betty G. Wiest had personally ordered their placement. Ms. Wiest has thus far not admitted to any personal involvement in the project, nor has she denied having a hands-on role. However, last night she did publicly express her opinion that all of the material should be removed (reversing an opinion she offered several weeks ago, which was that the level of material remaining was acceptable).

Mayor David T. Pfund directed Village Manager James M. Ten Hoeve to schedule an official discussion of residents’ concerns for the Village Council’s June 6 Work Session. It is anticipated that Village Engineer Christopher Rutishauser will be present then to discuss his findings and to offer recommendations as to how the material could be safely removed (if the Council so directs it to be).

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Village Council approves amended Municipal Budget – Village Manager James M. Ten Hoeve admits “mistakes were made”

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Following intense questioning by two taxpayers, Village Council members unanimously approved an amended 2007 Municipal Budget at a Special Public meeting held on Wednesday evening. The resultant 2007 Municipal Tax Rate will be 4.66%.

Officials from the State of New Jersey’s Division of Local Government Services had rejected the Village’s original budget submission (a 3.80% Municipal Tax Rate increase) after it was discovered that non-cash surplus was being used to cover emergency appropriations approved by Council members during 2006. The use of non-cash surplus is not, nor was it every, permitted under current New Jersey Statute.

In response to taxpayer questions, Village Manager James M. Ten Hoeve admitted that mistakes had been made in preparing the original budget submission. However, Mr. Ten Hoeve did not identify who was responsible for making those mistakes. Village CFO Dorothy Stikna was present in the audience, but was not called upon with respect to explanations about the budget preparation process.

Councilman Patrick A. Mancuso and Councilwoman Kim Ringler-Shagin both praised Village department heads for their efforts at reducing budgeted 2007 expenses in comparison to 2006 spending levels. However, neither Mancuso nor Ringler-Shagin addressed issues related to the State budget examiner’s three page audit findings report.

Is the former Town Garage property for sale, again?

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Village Council members met behind closed doors on Wednesday evening to
discuss possible options for acquiring 120 Franklin Avenue, formerly home of
the Town Garage. Acquisition of this property is key to the planned
construction of a municipal parking garage at the northwest corner of North
Walnut Street and Franklin Avenue.

It is now rumored that Ridgewood 120 LLC, the site’s current owners, have
offered the property for sale to Village officials at a price much higher
than the $1.265 million paid in November of 2006. Scuttlebutt is that
Ridgewood 120 LLC’s asking price is at least $1.865 million, and possibly as
high as $2.265 million. The current owners have made no improvements to the
property since purchasing it from the Agnello family late last year.

Council members must decide whether to: 1) pay the asking price, or 2) enact
the right of eminent domain, or 3) revise parking garage building plans to
eliminate the need for that parcel. Still unanswered is the question: “How
did Village Council members manage to get themselves in such an expensive
jam? In other words, how was a real estate investment group able to acquire
the Town Garage property from right under the Council’s noses?”