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Update – Graydon Pool Project – Upcoming Open Houses

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Update – Graydon Pool Project – Upcoming Open Houses – from Village of Ridgewood website:


Representatives from the Ridgewood Pool Project, Parks and Recreation, and the Village Council will hold a series of Open Houses to discuss design concepts for the proposed Graydon Pool renovation. All residents are invited to come and share their opinions. The object of these sessions is to gather as much resident feedback as possible for the Council to consider before it decides how to proceed, when feasible, with the hiring of an architectural-design firm. Meetings will be held at the Community Center in Village Hall.

Tue., 3/24 – 9:30 AM

Wed., 3/25 – 1:00 PM

Thu., 3/26 – 8:00 PM

Sat., 3/28 – 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM

Mon., 3/30 – 8:00 PM

Tue., 3/31 – 9:30 AM

Wed., 4/1 – 1:00 PM

Note: Remember to ASK ALL Questions! and Give your feedback!

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Reader takes issue with ,"center of the community" comment

In Graydon Pool, Paul Aronsohn, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on February 7, 2009 at 3:06 am

Actually, I have never considered Graydon to be the “center of our community.” My kids liked it for awhile, until it became uncool, and my wife and I seemed to gravitate to backyards of friends or our own small plot more often than not to relax on Saturday afternoon or Sunday. I think it’s nice, and it would be a real plus if we could have a decent place to swim if we so choose. But, let’s face it, a relative minority of residents could actually consider themselves to be heavy users.

The place where I really felt a sense of community was on that evening in early December when the Village tree was lit and the holiday season began.

Not to pick a scab here, but Arohnson and his comrades on the VC certainly f–ed up that tradition of community. As a result, I don’t trust his perceptions on many subjects.


Pool ‘must’ be renovated now’ By Councilman Paul Aronsohn

In Graydon Pool, Jim Ten Hoeve, Paul Aronsohn, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on February 6, 2009 at 8:36 pm

Pool ‘must’ be renovated now’ By Councilman Paul Aronsohn

Graydon must be renovated, and it must be renovated now. From an economic perspective, the case is compelling. Membership is declining, and according to Village Manager Jim Ten Hoeve, it currently costs Village taxpayers over $100,000 per year to maintain.

From a health and safety perspective, the case is compelling: The water is unsafe, due to its lack of cleanliness and its lack of clarity. And from an overall community perspective the case is compelling. The current pool is largely inaccessible to Village residents with mobility limitations-residents who use wheelchairs, who use canes, or who just have trouble walking in sand or getting in and out of water.

Fortunately, the Ridgewood Pool Project- a group of residents that has devoted over two years to studying the issue – has offered us an available way forward. It may not be perfect – nothing ever is – but it provides a means by which to address each of these issues and to restore Graydon to its rightful place as the center of our community.

the Ridgewood blog asks just one small question : Where are we getting the $14 MILLION ?

Village Council Not Yet Ready For Swim In $13.9 Million Pool

In Graydon Pool, Ridgewood New Jersey, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on February 5, 2009 at 11:45 am

Village Council members told Ridgewood Pool Project co-chairpersons Melinda Cronk and Jane Morales on Wednesday evening that they were not yet ready to move forward with further planning work for the proposed $13.9 million makeover of Graydon Pool.

Citing the receipt of communications from many taxpayers who opposed a “radical” redesign of Graydon, and their own concerns regarding the suggested method of financing the estimated $13.9 million project, Council members asked Cronk and Morales to continue meeting with residents and bring back more comments and ideas at a future date.

Councilwoman Anne Zusy specifically directed the Pool Project leaders to ensure that any future solicitations for resident input be as unbiased as possible.

The highlight of discussions between Council members, Ms. Cronk, and Ms. Morales came when Ms. Cronk publicly stated that she was “absolutely surprised” that anyone had concerns about the conceptual proposal she’d presented to Council members just one week prior.

Hello Melinda, and welcome back to planet Earth!

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I think that over the years Graydon has been a great resource for Ridgewood and I would like to see it once again regain that status.

In Graydon Pool, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on February 2, 2009 at 5:22 pm

I have fond memories of Gaydon growing up, it was the place my grandfather took me to learn to swim before i could even read or write .As a teen it used to be a fun place to hang around in the summer cool off and watch the girls.

So this is what I think and this is what I think should be done.

1) If there really is all this interest, as thy say money talks so lets sell pre-paid memberships 1,2 and 3 years out maybe 5 with volume and time being rewarded with a bit of a discount. This would make long term financing easier and allow us to have a more sensible feel for our budget.
2) I hate to say it but NO FREEBIES to anyone, sorry seniors .Once it starts everyone is always entitled to everything except paying for it.
3) On that note I would agree to a discount for seniors ,a discount for town workers and volunteers and of coarse family discounts.
4) Non Ridgewood resident members should pay more no exemptions, sorry teachers.

These are some of my fears:

1) The Villages inability to budget and forecast as well as manage large projects.
2) Increased traffic on Linwood.
3) Another white elephant.
4) Increase Village expenses, such as traffic control, crime and emergencies services.
5) What about flooding?
6) Graydon is only a few blocks from Valley Hospital and the Village needs to face the fact that a successful upgrade will lead to a significant increase in traffic.

Even though a pool upgrade is long over due it seems to us that a $14 million dollar price tag is a little steep. I would hope that some of the more “Action Park” like elements could be toned down to a more tasteful style better fitting the image of this community. Flooding and traffic concerns must also be addressed. I think that over the years Graydon has been a great resource for Ridgewood and I would like to see it once again regain that status.

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Pool Project Enthusiasts Pledge 5,050 Memberships-$757,500 Yearly

In Graydon Pool, Ridgewood New Jersey, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on January 31, 2009 at 8:58 pm
Probably the most enthusiastic Village Council Meeting seen in many years. But, the most important piece of information was that the New Pool Project Enthusiasts easily out numbered those against the project. That numbered easily counted by the announced “confirmed” numbers of New Pledged Memberships of 5,050 and likely more.

That many would easily translate up to $757,500 annually …. The announcement was met with thunderous applause, even from some Coucilmen, and a sprinkling of jeers from the dishearted. Reality was beginning to sink in… “There will be a new and improved Ridgewood Pool” and the Village Council must not drag its feet and delay it any further. The initial bonding asked for to move the process forward can be secured with confidence that the first $757,500 could be held in an escrow account and released as needed and recommended by legal counsel and auditor. This or other similar process will assure the Village that the early bonding committed to will be secured.

There will be some modifications to the final design recommendation but, that can’t be achieved unless the process begins now. Will it take some hard work?… Of course it will, but when it is a worthwhile endeavor “It Can Be Done” Become a part of it.

From: Dom Nizza

Did anyone go, was there any public comments of opposition?”

In Graydon Pool, Ridgewood New Jersey, Ridgewood Olympic Committee, Robo Calls, Swift911 on January 31, 2009 at 1:08 am

Yes, there were comments of opposition. After the presentation, comments were allowed, many supporters commented, and there were several non supporters that also spoke. Opposition showed much concern against the large project, some wanted to keep the pool as it is, several concerns regarding a bond if falls thru, may not work, and the tax implication on taxpayers, some comments about how one sided the respond form by the committee was on the village’s website and no question from the public for a ’yes’ or ’no’, the robo calls, no formal information was sent to the village residents, some want to have a formal vote, the numbers of needed memberships, would they hold up yearly, that would make it self funded, comments of being here several years and each year more large projects go thru causing increased taxes along with the BOE budgets increases on taxes. The mayor extended the time to allow for those who wished to comment, so everyone could get to speak. It was a well balanced amount of comments – pro and opposed.

Then the council members gave their comments. Some support the project. discussions will be ongoing, possibly for a need to meet in the middle of issues.
Guess its back to the drawing board for the pool committee.

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This pool project supporter showed up prepared

In Graydon Pool, Ridgewood New Jersey, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on January 29, 2009 at 8:37 pm

Pool project council meeting – No decision made, discussions will be on going. This pool project supporter showed up prepared, did she think that Village Hall would flood?


Ridgewood looks close on pricey aquatic center

In Graydon Pool, Ridgewood New Jersey, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on January 26, 2009 at 12:13 am

Friday, January 23, 2009




RIDGEWOOD — The Village Council will decide next week whether to move ahead with architectural plans for a proposed $13.9 million aquatic center that includes four pools, water slides, expanded locker and concession facilities, and a playground.

The plan would replace the sand-bottom Graydon Pool on Linwood and North Maple avenues and follows two years of meetings, tours of aquatic facilities, pool chat sessions, studies and surveys.

Village Manager James Ten Hoeve has concerns about the plan, which would rely on membership fees for funding.

“The point is to make an in-ground state-of-the-art facility which, based on information, should attract membership,” Ten Hoeve said. “The key, the absolute key to this whole thing working, is membership. They need members.”

Economic times are a worry, Ten Hoeve said. “What makes me nervous is the state of the economy, people losing jobs, or not being given their job bonuses,” he said.

The facility as presented would include a toddler pool, leisure pool with two slides and bench seating, a dive well with one- and two-meter boards, and an 8-lane, 25-yard lap pool with starting blocks.

There would be new landscaping, a sand play area, a renovated and expanded concession area, and new locker rooms with showers.

The pool would be open to non-residents who would pay a higher rate than the annual $150 per person fee and the maximum fee cap of $750 per year set for a resident family, Ten Hoeve said.

Non-residents would be permitted to join if the 8,000 membership level is not reached through resident memberships.

That’s where Ten Hoeve said he has concerns for the village.

“I don’t know how to measure will people pay $750 for their family versus going to Long Beach Island for a week,” Ten Hoeve said. “The projection is they will have 8,000 members within three years of its opening.

The village would issue a bond for the cost of construction and design over 25 years. Ten Hoeve said it could have a 30-year life because the project qualifies under the local bond.

The facility could open in 2011 and would be self-funded with membership fees picking up the debt.

The dollar figures are based on 5,000 residents joining the new aquatic center, but Ten Hoeve said the village has to rely on the Graydon Pool Advisory Committee consultants’ projection of membership.

Current membership at the sand-bottom Graydon Pool is around 3,900, Ten Hoeve said.

Pool Project – Comparing Apples to Oranges?

In Graydon Pool, Ridgewood New Jersey, Ridgewood Olympic Committee on January 22, 2009 at 3:27 pm

During Wednesday evening’s Ridgewood Pool Project presentation, committee member Melinda Cronk listed Westfield, NJ as a community with a recently upgraded municipal pool similar in conceptual design to what is being proposed in Ridgewood.

Specifically, Ms. Cronk cited the similarly of Westfield’s “leisure pool” component to the “leisure pool” component being proposed for construction at Graydon.

Above is an aerial photo of Westfield’s new pool. Would someone please explain to The Fly how this looks anything like what is being proposed in Ridgewood?

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