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Score Card : Blog (vs) Flog

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The flog is a blog run by an administrator who remains anonymous. Unlike this blog, which is run by PJ, the flog creators refuse to identify themselves. The flog was created by a ficticious duo who call themselves “andrew and sue.” Andrew and Sue seem to have no purpose but to rail against posters on PJ’s blog. It is widely believed that “Sue” is Susan Sherrill, former editor of the Ridgewood News who is a big supporter of the BOE. James Rose has identified himself as a poster on this Blog.

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What suddenly happened to all of our money?

In Betty Wiest, BOE elections, Jacque Harlowe, new jersey fiscal crisis, VC on March 21, 2009 at 4:40 pm

Maybe some of this Board of Ed reduction is long overdue reduction of bloated waste. But I have some questions: Why are we in a crisis? Our taxes didn’t go down. The budget didn’t go down. Why are we making it one year and failing the next?

Same question for the Village council. What suddenly happened to all of our money? Did we give it away to charity? Was it invested with Madoff? Why are we suddenly in dire consequences?

At the Daily Treat today, we discussed B. Weist’s letter to the Editor in which she pats herself and Jacques Harlow on the back for something or other in today’s Ridgewood News. Presumably this is in anticipation of the Weist Harlow campaign slogan of bring back the good old days, and she is just the person to take advantage of gathering storm clouds for her own benefit. But, did this council spend our way into the red? Or did the prior council (the one Betty was booted from)? Just what happened? Where did the money go? Who is going to be held accountable and when?


no one is willing to serve

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it seems that there just isn’t anyone willing to step up and actually join the Bd of Ed and help solve the problems.
There are just people who want to complain.
Complaining about how things are, without being willing to jump in and actually provide solutions just isn’t helpful.

It really is too bad that not one person who reads this blog, or complains about the schools, the school board, the superintendent,etc.wouldn’t sign up to be on the board. It looks like lots of bark but no bite.
What a shame.


Its like a party no one wants to attend ,no wonder PJ ,since the BOE has done everything in its power to discourage dissent . Lets face it they have led a concerted non stop attack on the math moms including that silly nonsense about chasing away that loser superintendent who was run out of town at his last job.

Now since not only the Presidents Commission and the State of New Jersey have sided with the math moms the Ridgewood BOE and its sycophants stand as the only supporters of dummy math in the free world.

Not only were threats made against the math moms but the BOE planted with help of the late editor of the Ridgewood News that misinformed story in the New York Times which is nothing but fiction .

My favorite antic has been the BOE again aided buy Susan whats her name and the HSA’s setting up the phony counter blog ala andrew and sue or flog as its called here run by one or two total losers of dubious distinction spending there days planting misinformation on this blog and around town ,This is disgraceful and perhaps criminal behavior for public officials and second rate editors to condone. I know that pathetic ass andrew will now rattle off some smug lawyer comment but the fact of the matter is the guy doesn’t know his ass from his elbow even on his best day.

Its obvious that the flog has no interest in the welfare of the people of Ridgewood .It just another part of the BOE hit machine. This very same group of clowns was behind the stupid attack on my name sake James Rose and his former home .

My two suggestions are :perhaps the BOE can find some time to focus on the education of our children for a change and Andrew will you please come out of the closet ,its time to tell your wife .

thanks again

James Rose
ps the Math Moms have clearly won so let the BOE rest in peace hey Camden cant get anyone to run either..