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This is not an end-all, be-all disaster

In Anne Zusy, Valley Hospital on March 20, 2009 at 4:04 am

Hey everyone. You need to calm down. This is not an end-all, be-all disaster. There are a lot of thoughtful people paying more attention to this on a daily basis than some residents such that they know the facts perhaps a bit more readily. That is not a put down, simply a declaration that there are people who are devoting their time to issues such as these, and no one is pulling a fast one. Please if there are concerns touch base and let’s work together on this. Some of us have spent literally marathon-hours without pay to focus on this issue of safety and caring … Annie P.S. Would the community benefit from some News You Can Use info meetings where we discuss topics such as these, and everyone can come out and let us know what they’re concerned about, and we can let them know the status of where things stand, or … more importantly, where these expresssed concerns might take us?


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Zusy is wrong about a “Happy Compromise”

In Anne Zusy, Concerned Residents of Ridgewood, stop valley, Valley Hospital on March 18, 2009 at 1:57 pm

At last night’s Planning Board meeting Anne Zusy stated that “once people have an opportunity to read the draft Master Plan amendment, they will find that it is a ‘happy compromise’ between the needs of the Hospital and the Residents”. ANNE! YOU ARE WRONG! You are comparing the Board proposal with the wrong baseline. You cannot compare the document that the Planning Board has drafted with the Hospital’s original “wish-list” and say that there has been compromise. The hospital asked for things, such as the complete removal of FAR restrictions, that they knew would never be approved.

Remember, the Hospital approached the Council and asked if the Village would voluntarily change our laws to allow the hospital to reconstruct itself 72% bigger; with taller buildings, located closer to the boundaries and more densely packed. The baseline you should be comparing the Board proposal against is the current building envelope. Then you will understand the extreme amount of compromise the Village would be making if the amended Master Plan is approved!

Last December, the Concerned Residents of Ridgewood proposed a Minimum Requirement document that outlined a detailed true compromise position. For example, it proposed that the greater building height be accepted, but ONLY if the setbacks are made at least 60 feet from ALL four sides of the property and the roof top mechanicals are pushed back by 24 ft. The document also pointed out that the hospital’s increased size was removing light and space from the Village and so the hospital, in-return (as a compromise), should give back to the community in the form of annual payments in lieu of taxes. Even against this compromise baseline, the proposed Master Plan amendments would require the Village to do the compromising and NOT the hospital.

Webster’s Dictionary definition of “Compromise” is: “a settlement of differences by arbitration or by concert reached by MUTUAL concessions.”

The bottom-line is that: in 2007 the hospital asked to be allowed to build 900,000 sq ft of 80 ft high buildings and the Draft Master Plan allows this – where is the “compromise”? Building these huge structures would require the community to deal with six years of construction WITHOUT RELIEF – where is “happy” in all this except for the hospital?

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Council Women Anne Zusy Investigates “Bark Park”…

In Anne Zusy, Bark Park, Ridgewood NJ, VC on March 16, 2009 at 5:44 am

Hi everyone. Was piqued by the complaints expressed at our Council meeting (not having heard of them before), and went to the dog run Saturday afternoon to get a sense of it all. It is indeed headache-worthy. I had not realized the place is called the “Bark Park”, which I found offensive. Why would anyone set up a place clearly with good will in mind that in fact also offers bad will to others, as in those who have to listen to the barking? And I saw all of those illegally-parked cars and spoke with the BC police officer who was doing yeoman’s service by ticketing. And yes, there were a handful of cars from NY and CT states. Have already begun looking into ways to ameliorate the situation … Annie

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Don’t want my reputation to be besmirched -Anne Zusy

In Anne Zusy, Jacque Harlowe, Ridgewood New Jersey, VC on March 7, 2009 at 2:24 am

Fyi, I was vociferous in letting my thoughts be known on this as on other issues, and voted against putting Harlowe on the Zoning Board too … Don’t want my reputation to be besmirched thusly. Annie


“Holiday Tree” Debacle Continues

In Anne Zusy, Holiday Tree Debacle, Home for the Holidays, Ridgewood New Jersey on January 8, 2009 at 2:06 pm

Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce President Doug Seiferling got his two cents in about the much maligned Village “Holiday Tree” during last night’s Village Council Work Session.

Speaking publicly at the meeting room podium, Mr. Seiferling revealed that the December 6, 2008 “Downtown for the Holidays” event was sponsored and paid for entirely by the Ridgewood Chamber of Commerce.

Total related expenses incurred by the Chamber this past season were $15K, according to Seiferling, who also stated that there were approximately 4,000 people in attendance.

Even though the holiday season event was sponsored and totally paid for by Chamber of Commerce members, Seiferling alleged that his organization was not given an opportunity to provide any input whatsoever into the contentious Village “Holiday Tree” decoration project.

The Chamber’s president said that he recalled being summoned to a hastily called meeting in Village Manager Jim Ten Hoeve’s office, during which Ten Hoeve and Councilwoman Anne Zusy informed him of how the tree was going to be decorated, and told him in no uncertain terms: “this is the way it’s going to be, period.”

It is rumored that many Chamber of Commerce members are so upset over the way in which this season’s event was conducted, that consideration is being given to the Chamber pulling their sponsorship from any future winter holiday function.

How to not win friends and influence people in the worst way – nice job Village Council.

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