The Fly Says This Makes No Sense What So Ever

In municipal jobs, Onyx Equities, Ridgewood Parking problems, VC on March 25, 2009 at 4:39 pm

Tonight, Village Council members are scheduled to again debate the introduction of a multi-million bond ordinance to raise funds for construction of a massive parking garage/retail complex on North Walnut Street.

Current speculation is that construction costs for such a facility would total $18-$20 million. Council members had initially hoped construction could be financed without the need for tax dollars above and beyond $3 million already appropriated for property acquisition and site remediation.

However, The Fly has learned that Onyx Equities, LLC, the Council’s chosen real estate development firm, is not willing to completely fund this endeavor. It is not known at this time exactly how much Onyx is willing to contribute, but insider information obtained by The Fly suggests the number is miniscule.

The Fly suggests Village Council members begin walking Ridgewood’s Central Business District on a regular basis. Empty parking spaces are now a commonplace sight, as are vacant storefronts. Take a close look around Mayor Pfund! Why spend millions for more parking and more retail when we don’t need it?

The Fly suggests Council members scrap plans for this insane project and divert any currently unused funds to pay for continued public safety and public works services.

Kill the garage to keep municipal jobs!

Enterprise Rent-A-Car


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