Consolidating the art and music supervisors and departments: How much does this really save us?

In BOE, new jersey fiscal crisis, Ridegwood Schools on March 21, 2009 at 4:58 pm

Consolidating the art and music supervisors and departments seems like a political decision the Board of Education is making so they can say that cuts are being made at all levels.

How much does this really save vs. the impact it will have on our children? I wonder if the Board has even looked into other ways to save this nominal sum… Why are the arts always the first curricular area to suffer?

Are the arts something that we as Ridgewood residents are willing to sacrifice? It seems that this is one of the very aspects that sets Ridgeood schools apart from other school disticts. In the past the math and science departments used to be combined. They were seperated for a reason. Really…does a music supervisor know anything about successful art education and cutting edge Web 2.0 technology taught in advanced multimedia classes?

If you don’t want to see the art and music departments turn into the substandard norm that other school disticts have, it’s time to act. Cuts that directly make our children suffer should not be made. Let the Board of Ed. know, as I have, that this distruction of one of our most shining programs is not representivite of what this town wants or needs.

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  1. it is the same old song and dance. Cut arts to make parents pony up more money.

    Well, how about cutting at the 2 curriculum administrators under Regina. And then. stop hiring paid consultants.

    We don’t need all these educrats. We need teachers and principals, period.

  2. I wonder if there is such a thing as education cost consultants. You know, people who go in and unearth all the waste and inefficiencies.

  3. I think there are many non athletes who find alot of solace in art, music theater etc. It sends a very bad message to target the art dept.by the way, I believe the fishbein household is an athletic one.

  4. Does anyone have an opinion on ex superintendent John R. Porter, Jr. ?

  5. Porter would have handled this quite differently. He would not oust the best and brightest to keep the least and dimmest afloat. Parents, keep asking questions, because these cuts are made for “political” reasons and are extremely anti-education. Hold Fishbein’s feet to the proverbial fire. Force him to admit that he and Angelo are not interested in how cost savings can really be made. The principals know, but they are all being ignored. BOE are you all that stupid to take what Fishbein says is the ONLY way?

    It’s not the only way. There are better ways that can keep our good administrators and teachers.

    Look at Cottage Place. Why is it that those people never get cut, just moved along to fail elsewhere.


  6. Dr. Porter had a myriad of ideas with no follow through or even a cohesive plan for implementation. He was entertaining but talked too much and listened too little. He’s happier in California and many of us are glad he’s there!

  7. Porter talked a good game but didnt do squat

  8. the BOE budget has alwasy been a joke ,like all goverment accounting its an ode to fuzzy math

  9. Why are the cuts being being made without the input of the principals?

    Wouldn’t it make sense to go to the people closest to the source of spending, our schools’ administrators? The principals know better than Mr. Fishbein and DiSimone (sp?) where to save money. They know what to cut without compromising the education of our children.

    The cuts proposed by Cottage Place seem arbitrary and some might suggest self-serving and not in the best interest of the district. The BOE needs to hear from the principals. Mr. Fishbein needs to prove his competence by how he manages this constriction of the budget.

    It is incumbent upon our chief administrator to administrate with wisdom and forth sight. He has the responsibility to do what is best for the education of our children not the Byzantine machinations of Cottage Place.

  10. The problem is that DeSimone’s numbers are a mess that’s why he cannot involve principals in the process.

  11. “without the input of the principals”

    The principals are highly paid administrators. They know the problems being faced by the BOE. They should be looking for ways to save every day. They do not need to be in budget meetings.

    And they should be looking for ways to get some of the tenured teachers to work harder. No coasting allowed.

  12. If DeSimone’s numbers are truly a mess, then he should be fired and replaced by someone competent.

  13. Excuse me 5:41, but I would disagree with your premise that the principals, “do not need to be in budget meetings.” Your flacking for the hacks at Cottage Place does not equal common sense. No one knows better how to streamline their spending than the principals in the schools.

    Of course, getting rid of the curriculum cabal at Cottage Place is out of the question.

  14. porter hired jane reilly to spell check for 30 grand ,nuff said

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