BOE to Formally Announce Cost Cutting Measures on March 23

In BOE, new jersey fiscal crisis, Ridgewood Schools on March 21, 2009 at 2:37 pm

Excerpt from BOE Budget Summary:

“The administration has proposed consolidation of the supervision of the music and art departments; we are also eliminating 6.64 secretaries, 6 teachers (these teachers will be replaced with teachers who currently have out of classroom assignments), 9 aides, and one half of the lunch aides. In addition, we are cutting in all areas of co-curricular activities, including athletics. We are also making cuts in professional development and substitute allocations and are forced to use a restricted capital reserve account to make needed facility repairs. This list is not complete but does reflect the crisis we are facing. Also, the administration is committed to taking a hard line towards the renewal of contracts for maintenance and custodial services, purchasing services, energy management services, and health benefits.”

  1. Maybe some of this Board of Ed reduction is long overdue reduction of bloated waste. But I have some questions: Why are we in a crisis? Our taxes didn’t go down. The budget didn’t go down. Why are we making it one year and failing the next?

    Same question for the Village council. What suddenly happened to all of our money? Did we give it away to charity? Was it invested with Madoff? Why are we suddenly in dire consequences?

    At the Daily Treat today, we discussed B. Weist’s letter to the Editor in which she pats herself and Jacques Harlow on the back for something or other in today’s Ridgewood News. Presumably this is in anticipation of the Weist Harlow campaign slogan of bring back the good old days, and she is just the person to take advantage of gathering storm clouds for her own benefit. But, did this council spend our way into the red? Or did the prior council (the one Betty was booted from)? Just what happened? Where did the money go? Who is going to be held accountable and when?

  2. Consolidating the art and music supervisors and departments seems like a political decision the Board of Education is making so they can say that cuts are being made at all levels.

    How much does this really save vs. the impact it will have on our children? I wonder if the Board has even looked into other ways to save this nominal sum… Why are the arts always the first curricular area to suffer?

    Are the arts something that we as Ridgewood residents are willing to sacrifice? It seems that this is one of the very aspects that sets Ridgeood schools apart from other school disticts. In the past the math and science departments used to be combined. They were seperated for a reason. Really…does a music supervisor know anything about successful art education and cutting edge Web 2.0 technology taught in advanced multimedia classes?

    If you don’t want to see the art and music departments turn into the substandard norm that other school disticts have, it’s time to act. Cuts that directly make our children suffer should not be made. Let the Board of Ed. know, as I have, that this distruction of one of our most shining programs is not representivite of what this town wants or needs.

  3. I would love to see the sports budget at the high school. How much do we spend on each team?

    Some teams are forever fundraising and others must have benefactors.

  4. Not enough

  5. I heard sports is being cut back too — they are getting rid of coaches.

  6. When are we going to cut Angelo DeSimone’s assistant, who makes $600 per day? Or perhaps Regina or Jessica our over paid administrators? Seems to me that one or two of these cuts would go a whole lot further than cutting aides and secretariers, who make nothing to begin with.
    None of the proposed cuts take from the top (oh, excuse me, the administrators have frozen their huge saleries for a year!)

  7. This is oh, so fishy…..

    Isn’t it Fishbein???

  8. How can older seniors in Ridgewood afford to stay here, with taxes so high and employement opportunities decreasing, like aids and secretaries and hosts…… it’s a sad state of affairs, when we’d rather increase the number of toilets or expand our hospitals or pools and not reallocate those funds to the people that made this town, our seniors.

  9. 6.64 secretaries? How many were from the 3rd floor at cottage place?

  10. Sorry 11:15 it would be illegal to “reallocate” school district funds to seniors.

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