no one is willing to serve

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it seems that there just isn’t anyone willing to step up and actually join the Bd of Ed and help solve the problems.
There are just people who want to complain.
Complaining about how things are, without being willing to jump in and actually provide solutions just isn’t helpful.

It really is too bad that not one person who reads this blog, or complains about the schools, the school board, the superintendent,etc.wouldn’t sign up to be on the board. It looks like lots of bark but no bite.
What a shame.


Its like a party no one wants to attend ,no wonder PJ ,since the BOE has done everything in its power to discourage dissent . Lets face it they have led a concerted non stop attack on the math moms including that silly nonsense about chasing away that loser superintendent who was run out of town at his last job.

Now since not only the Presidents Commission and the State of New Jersey have sided with the math moms the Ridgewood BOE and its sycophants stand as the only supporters of dummy math in the free world.

Not only were threats made against the math moms but the BOE planted with help of the late editor of the Ridgewood News that misinformed story in the New York Times which is nothing but fiction .

My favorite antic has been the BOE again aided buy Susan whats her name and the HSA’s setting up the phony counter blog ala andrew and sue or flog as its called here run by one or two total losers of dubious distinction spending there days planting misinformation on this blog and around town ,This is disgraceful and perhaps criminal behavior for public officials and second rate editors to condone. I know that pathetic ass andrew will now rattle off some smug lawyer comment but the fact of the matter is the guy doesn’t know his ass from his elbow even on his best day.

Its obvious that the flog has no interest in the welfare of the people of Ridgewood .It just another part of the BOE hit machine. This very same group of clowns was behind the stupid attack on my name sake James Rose and his former home .

My two suggestions are :perhaps the BOE can find some time to focus on the education of our children for a change and Andrew will you please come out of the closet ,its time to tell your wife .

thanks again

James Rose
ps the Math Moms have clearly won so let the BOE rest in peace hey Camden cant get anyone to run either..

  1. It is a sad situation when the weakest member of the BOE goes unchallenged. But hey, would you really want to be the only member on the BOE that had a brain in your head and actually used logic to make decisions.

    Jack Carrol lasted one term and gave up on these folks. All but one is employed in the private sector. Shelia rules the BOE, working behind the scenes to manipulate the outcome. Ask former BOE member Mark Bombace, he will attest to this.

    No, sane people reject working in such environments. Unless two people can be elected at the same time, as a slate, in order to protect one another, there is no sense in running to be the odd man out.

    It is unfortunate but that is the political reality. Our BOE is totally out of touch and is radically to the left of center. It is easier to affect change from the outside than to be on the inside at the moment. Witness the debate over math. The math mom’s have won the war of public opinion regardless of what the BOE does.

    Everyday Math has been chosen by Regina and Dan for our grade schoolers. But at what price to their credibility. Ask around, everyone knows these people are inept and foolish. We just hire tutors for now. But you wait, when the kids do miserably on their SAT’s in a few years, then we’ll see the backlash. Ridgewood parents are patient and compliant for the most part. That is until you mess with their child’s chances of getting into collage. Oh, the chickens will come home to roost and then we’ll see the real fireworks.

    The truly sad thing about this venture, is that none of these BOE members have kids in the system that are now being thought this dumb, dumb math, so they really don’t care. How’s that for representative government.

  2. “… Andrew will you please come out of the closet ,its time to tell your wife .”

    Read your own rant and you will see why people do not want to serve. No one should be subjected to this. This last line may have crossed over to slander, abuse of free speech and defamation of Character.

  3. Here’s a pol question for the blog, P.J.

    “Would you want to serve with this current BOE?”

  4. 554 what do you mean?

  5. 6:18 – Do you understand what the phrase “come out of the closet” means, or are you just pretending to be dense?

  6. 850 what are you suggesting ?

  7. that andrew guy is a creepy stalker ,obviously something is seriously wrong with the guy ,Mr Rose its like your picking on the handicaped or something

  8. There aren’t enough pills on the planet to enable one sane individual to serve on the BOE. Those bunch of leftists losers are going to have to play their games with each other.

  9. 850 i believe Mr Rose was calling out the two flogers to make them selfs known you seem to be implying something else ?

    I mean like PJ or not he takes the heat for everyone that posts here

  10. I believe Jack Carol left because he could nt turf the whole town over heheheheheheheheh

  11. I am curious as to why there have not been any postings about the reduction
    in the art faculty at the High School. I believe the art program is being unfairly targeted and am curious as to how people feel about it.

  12. 1131 — is it more than the supervisor who’s being reduced?

  13. perhaps andrew and sue should run or are they on the BOE already ?

  14. yes Mr Rose looks like you upset the floggies ,and you posted under cover …lol love an anonymous blogger complaining about people being anonymous LOL

    andrew and sue are dishonest stupid flunkies end of story

  15. the problem is Pj if you didnt exist they would have no reason for being….

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