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In math wars on March 20, 2009 at 4:14 am

From today’s Bergen Record, three interesting letters to the editor caught the Fly’s eye…

Dear Editor:

Reform math programs such as Everyday Math for elementary school and Connected Mathematics Program for middle school use practices that have no credible research to support their efficacy. More importantly and most recently, the National Mathematics Advisory Panel Report (NMAP) published in March 2008 has recognized many of the flaws of these programs which ultimately continue to fail our children:
· These math programs do not teach standard algorithms, the ones mathematicians state must be learned.
· They have watered down math content and replaced it with a heavy emphasis on language.
· They insist that children use a calculator and rely on technology instead of their own brainpower.
· They no longer require students to memorize any of the basic math facts like multiplication tables.
· They encourage students to “discover” methods and procedures to solve problems.
· They use a large percentage of class time for students to work in groups where they are expected to teach each other. The teacher is merely to act=2 0as a facilitator instead of a provider of direct and clear instruction.
It concluded that schools should move away from these kinds of programs.

Renata Pestic
Oradell, March 18

Here’s the link to the other letters from the opinion page

  1. Oradell… bah another peasant town.

    They are not as enlightened or progressive as Ridgewood.

    We are superior as evidenced by our superior constructivist math program.

    \sarc off

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