It is a sad situation when the weakest member of the BOE goes unchallenged

In BOE, math wars, Regina, Ridgewood Schools on March 20, 2009 at 11:19 am

It is a sad situation when the weakest member of the BOE goes unchallenged. But hey, would you really want to be the only member on the BOE that had a brain in your head and actually used logic to make decisions.

Jack Carrol lasted one term and gave up on these folks. All but one is employed in the private sector. Shelia rules the BOE, working behind the scenes to manipulate the outcome. Ask former BOE member Mark Bombace, he will attest to this.

No, sane people reject working in such environments. Unless two people can be elected at the same time, as a slate, in order to protect one another, there is no sense in running to be the odd man out.

It is unfortunate but that is the political reality. Our BOE is totally out of touch and is radically to the left of center. It is easier to affect change from the outside than to be on the inside at the moment. Witness the debate over math. The math mom’s have won the war of public opinion regardless of what the BOE does.

Everyday Math has been chosen by Regina and Dan for our grade schoolers. But at what price to their credibility. Ask around, everyone knows these people are inept and foolish. We just hire tutors for now. But you wait, when the kids do miserably on their SAT’s in a few years, then we’ll see the backlash. Ridgewood parents are patient and compliant for the most part. That is until you mess with their child’s chances of getting into collage. Oh, the chickens will come home to roost and then we’ll see the real fireworks.

The truly sad thing about this venture, is that none of these BOE members have kids in the system that are now being thought this dumb, dumb math, so they really don’t care. How’s that for representative government.


  1. The fact that no one will challenge Mr Hutton is a testament to the great job he is doing.

    In their heart of hearts, potential challengers know that they cannot do a better job than Bob!

  2. Yup…we all goofed in letting Mr Argyles run alone….

  3. 7:01,

    You make us laugh.

  4. Yea, let’s send Bob in again to negotiate with the teacher’s union. After all, he did a bang-up job the last time he negotiated the contract.

  5. Job and Bob. Hey, that rhymes.

    I think we found his campaign slogan, “No one does a better job than Bob.”

    Wait, what about this for a lawn sign, “Vote Bob for the job – Ridgewood BOE.”

    Yea, that’s the ticket!

  6. i like Bob he gets a bit impatient and I am not realy sure what he does for the board but he is a good stand up guy

  7. i think the campaign slogan for Bob should be ” I’m with the Board “

  8. Mr Rose is that true Camden cant fill their seats either?

  9. If you have the money, private schools are the only escape hatch out of this problem.

    The BOE is not being malicious, I think they are just really ignorant and don’t understand the concept of “educational fads.” They truly believe parents are dinosaurs because they are not embracing the latest trend in education. What they don’t remember is that some of us where there for “whole language”, when they tried to eliminate phonics, and know that “whole math” won’t work either.

  10. hooked on phonics thats the ticket

  11. PJ will this blog be suporting Bob for the BOE or some dark horse candidate?

  12. Poor Bob, he gets my vote, because he’s the only form of entertainment in the boe dog and pony show. It would be so boring if Bob’s big vein didn’t pulsate through a scarlet forehead and neck. Plus the spittle… well that just speaks for itself! Bob gets me vote, oh that’s right, there’s no reason to vote this year.

  13. all of the posters making moronic comments are enough to convince someone not to run. why bother when you have to listen to all this bullshit. I’m not the only one who has considered a run, because there are others that beleive as I do, that the teacher’s union must toe the line and pay for their medical benefits, which is the uncontrolled cost factor killing the taxpayers..but… I am one person, and my efforts would go un-apreciated..so why listen to all the crap that goes along with it. no thanks

  14. Are there any issues on the ballot? If so, I’d dearly like to see as many people as possible show up to vote one way or another on the issues, but withhold a vote for BOE trustee. Not for nothing, but this could be a good send-a-message opportunity for those of us who voted for Lois and Maskin last year. With any luck, we’ll outnumber the contingent that votes for the incumbent.

  15. 12:29 – Hopefully the Blog will throw its mighty weight behind some dark horse candidate — that will ensure Bob’s victory.

  16. “…there’s no reason to vote this year.” Sure there is, 12:30pm. You can always vote “no” on the budget. If it goes down in defeat, that will surely get Bob’s blood boiling.

  17. There’s a huge reason to vote-THE BUDGET.

  18. this is 12:30, absolutely, I plan to vote no on the budget. I wasn’t too clear,sorry, I meant vote for Bob. Perhaps I will vote with a write in. Maybe we could all vote for a write-in. Hey somebody who knows Maskin well ask her if she’ll serve if elected by a write in campaign at the voting booths?

  19. Good idea. I’ll write her in, too. Now there’s a reason to show up to vote. Also, “no” on the budget.

    BOE is making stupid cuts recommended by Fishbein. He’s so useless. It’s sad.

  20. All of you are pathetic, honestly. This is not about who we like as a person, and who has too much “spittle” when speaking. It is garbage like this that obstructs progress. You are all acting like children. If you have issues with Bob’s policies- fine. make them known. But to criticize him as a person? It is irrelevant to his position, not to mention the fact that he is a fellow Ridgewood citizen and a human being. Unfortunately I am not of voting age yet, but I am aghast that these are the Ridgewood voters speaking, and I am horrified that decisions that could determine my future rest in your hands. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

  21. 823 please clue me in on what are Bobs policies ?

    and lets face your not underage no teen would ever use the word spittle lol

  22. yes 823 you sound like an old wanker

  23. Bob is being mocked and ridiculed because of his boorish behavior.

  24. 8:23, you are naive in the world of politics, and it shows. There are many reasons why people cast their vote for specific people, and many times it’s not because of their “policies”. By the way, Bob’s policies suck. He attacks parents that question the Board or express their concerns. He publicly told readers of the Ridgewood News that he would appreciate people to “just say thank you and be on their merry way”. He’s out of touch with the inner workings of the district and he DOES NOT represent his constituents well by taking the admins word as gospel.

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