Zusy is wrong about a “Happy Compromise”

In Anne Zusy, Concerned Residents of Ridgewood, stop valley, Valley Hospital on March 18, 2009 at 1:57 pm

At last night’s Planning Board meeting Anne Zusy stated that “once people have an opportunity to read the draft Master Plan amendment, they will find that it is a ‘happy compromise’ between the needs of the Hospital and the Residents”. ANNE! YOU ARE WRONG! You are comparing the Board proposal with the wrong baseline. You cannot compare the document that the Planning Board has drafted with the Hospital’s original “wish-list” and say that there has been compromise. The hospital asked for things, such as the complete removal of FAR restrictions, that they knew would never be approved.

Remember, the Hospital approached the Council and asked if the Village would voluntarily change our laws to allow the hospital to reconstruct itself 72% bigger; with taller buildings, located closer to the boundaries and more densely packed. The baseline you should be comparing the Board proposal against is the current building envelope. Then you will understand the extreme amount of compromise the Village would be making if the amended Master Plan is approved!

Last December, the Concerned Residents of Ridgewood proposed a Minimum Requirement document that outlined a detailed true compromise position. For example, it proposed that the greater building height be accepted, but ONLY if the setbacks are made at least 60 feet from ALL four sides of the property and the roof top mechanicals are pushed back by 24 ft. The document also pointed out that the hospital’s increased size was removing light and space from the Village and so the hospital, in-return (as a compromise), should give back to the community in the form of annual payments in lieu of taxes. Even against this compromise baseline, the proposed Master Plan amendments would require the Village to do the compromising and NOT the hospital.

Webster’s Dictionary definition of “Compromise” is: “a settlement of differences by arbitration or by concert reached by MUTUAL concessions.”

The bottom-line is that: in 2007 the hospital asked to be allowed to build 900,000 sq ft of 80 ft high buildings and the Draft Master Plan allows this – where is the “compromise”? Building these huge structures would require the community to deal with six years of construction WITHOUT RELIEF – where is “happy” in all this except for the hospital?

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  1. Well said…..

    Been here a long time- even before the first renovation… the hospital always asks for more than what it thinks it might get and then they say we compromised- we are such good neighbors. – This project is awful and the people voted Ms Zusy in thinking she would support them not the hospital.

    Stop Valley!

  2. Move–Enough said.

  3. Valley is not a good neighbor. One who only thinks about himself is not a good neighbor.

  4. You’re right 11:51. Valley should move.

  5. You are right 11:51—-Valley should move to another town.

  6. I am willing to give Anne the benefit of the doubt, but will be watching very closely.

  7. Valley will be a much better, more efficient, more attractive facility when it moves to another site. Valley needs *space* in order to meet its objectives…15 acres ain’t gonna do it!

  8. When I said “Move-Enough said ” I was not talking about Valley relocating you moron- I meant the NIMBY’S should move but then again I think you knew that.
    I can refer you to several good realtors both in Ridgewood and outside of Ridgewood

  9. 6:16 am – this is a dumb statement because it is IMPOSSIBLE for people to move in this environment especially if construction starts. You do not get it, 100’s of people are trapped for 6 years – they all LOOSE bigtime and Valley wins bigtime. There is currently no compromise, just hard business-at-all-costs hearts on the Valley expansion supporters side. You just do not care, and that does not seem to bother you. I feel sorry for your soul.

  10. Maybe you just don’t get it, Much easier for you to pack up and leave than to build a new hospital.

    Your property values went up= take the profit and run

  11. What planet do you live on 10:25am?

  12. As a person who has sat through all of these tedious meetings there has been no compromise. All we have seen is the yes men and women on the planning board reacting (when not sleeping) to the wishes of the hospital. This whole process has been a sham. They have only done 1 independent study – traffic and even then have disregarded the projection of their own expert that Valley is disingenuous when it says that traffic will not increase. They have not done a environmental study, a construction analysis or any other proactive independent analysis. All they have relied upon is Valley’s Need List. How silly. it would almost be laughable if it wasn’t for the negative impact this is going to have on the whole village and especially the people in the northeast section of the town. Valley pays nothing to this town except bribes to local organizations such as the Fields Committee and yet it requires the most services. This is just truly amazing and infuriating.

  13. I live in the county of Bergen and the town of Ridgewood- and you ?

  14. I’ve sat through most of the PB meetings and they are a sham. There has been no compromise and Valley will get whatever it wants from a PB that has disregarded the testimony of experts, and the concerns of residents.

  15. The Planning Board Members have barely asked any questions of any of the people who have spoken. This has been a long and tedious waste of time for everyone. If they intended to basically rubber stamp the master plan changes why didn’t they do that after the first meeting?

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