Council Women Anne Zusy Investigates “Bark Park”…

In Anne Zusy, Bark Park, Ridgewood NJ, VC on March 16, 2009 at 5:44 am

Hi everyone. Was piqued by the complaints expressed at our Council meeting (not having heard of them before), and went to the dog run Saturday afternoon to get a sense of it all. It is indeed headache-worthy. I had not realized the place is called the “Bark Park”, which I found offensive. Why would anyone set up a place clearly with good will in mind that in fact also offers bad will to others, as in those who have to listen to the barking? And I saw all of those illegally-parked cars and spoke with the BC police officer who was doing yeoman’s service by ticketing. And yes, there were a handful of cars from NY and CT states. Have already begun looking into ways to ameliorate the situation … Annie

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  1. Well, Saturday on a warmer day after lousy winter weather could make the dog park “barkier” then usual. Many times I will stop by on a weekday afternoon, and there are much fewer dogs genially (more or less) playing.
    I think the dog park serves a great community service, although I sympathize with neighbors subjected to nonstop barking. Perhaps though ,the dogs may drown out Sat.morning construction and leaf blowing!!!


  3. My vet advised us to keep our dog out of there – – they’ve seen a significant rise in kennel cough and other diseases in dogs who go there. Despite this, we’ve took our dog a few times when it opened only to find that some owners insist on bringing aggressive dogs into the park. We’ve not been there in a long, long time.

  4. I sympathize with the adjacent property owners. That dog park serves a purpose, but when its purpose becomes an annoyance to the property owners who were there first, the issue needs to be ‘revisited’. The dog park should be moved to an alternate area of the park, perhaps closer to Ridgewood ave . Alternatively,the county should build a large soil 10-20 ft tall ‘berm’, cover it with nice natural bushes/trees to absorb the sound. Better yet…use some federal antiflooding funds since a berm the length of the park closer to the edge where the homeowners live could serve to prevent a future flood, while absorbing noise.

  5. Hey Annie…how about staying off your cell phone while driving. That’s right…I SAW YOU!!!!

  6. It seems that women in SUV’s love to chat and drive at the same time in Ridgewood.

    Be careful ladies while doing so when cutting through Glen Rock. They’ll ticket you in a NY minute.

    Anne, tsk, tsk. Get a blue-tooth device and use it while driving.

  7. Men in SUV’s chat on the phone too while driving. I’ve seen them, and one I happen to know intimately got a ticket recently.

  8. Wasn’t that Laurie Goodman who took credit for getting the Bark Park rolling?

  9. NYPD issued 9,000 cell phone violation summonses in one day last week! They typically issue 500 in a day.

    RPD could be issuing a lot more if the top brass raised expectations.

  10. At the risk of stating the obvious, dogs bark. That’s what they do and they seem to rather enjoy it.

    That said, if you designate an area for the sole purpose of bringing one’s dog…guess what, you’re going to hear dogs barking, and the more dogs you have in one place, the more barking you’ll hear. It kind of goes with the territory.

  11. It is not only a problem with women. I see plenty of men on the phone while driving. But I am sure that whaatever they were talking about – it was really important.

  12. It was Laurie Goodman who put in the dog park.

    I like the dog park, better than a big Valley building.

    The bushes sound like a good idea for a sound barrier.

  13. Ameliorate? Are you for real? Some of us are regulars at the dog park when our schedule permits, but do you know what’s WORSE than the alleged excessive barking? The snooty owners who sit there drinking their Starbucks, flapping their faces on their cell phones and ignoring what their dogs are doing. Anything from allowing them to do their “business” and then ignore it, to aggressive behavior.

  14. Thanks Anne for responding and looking. And for letting all us blog readers know

  15. The dogs aren’t the problem, the owners are. The owners refuse to acknowledge that their furry friends are not as social as they are. Dogs are instinctively territorial and aggressive. They were pack animals with a distinct pecking order usually carved out by battle. The owners should go to the bark park by themselves. These places are just another “kumbaya” movement that looked good on paper but hasn’t a snowballs chance of succeeding in the real world.

  16. Why would anyone set up a place clearly with good will in mind that in fact also offers bad will to others, as in those who have to listen to the barking?

    What are you asking here? If it was intentional or if it wasn’t thought out enough for possible issues in the future (as I believe the park has been there for quite some time without any issues in the past)?

    Just curious, Rich

  17. All that dog noise is nothing compared to the noise the hospital generates. Just go down Steilen.

    The hospital operates 24 hours a day/night. They have large trucks entering and exiting at all hours as well. The traffic that needs police to come and direct traffic as well as the accidents from patients and visitors as well as staff making illegal U-turns in driveways and going through red lights etc…

  18. ah,,,but the hospital was there BEFORE you bought your house genuius

  19. Soo..when have the police ever been there to direct traffic??

  20. 5:52
    No matter when I bought I deserve a peaceful night’s sleep and a back yard I can enjoy a peaceful BBQ with friends without the noise polution of the hospital.
    I also would like to be able to drive my car out of my driveway without it being blocked by traffic when the shift changes at the hospital.

  21. to 146. WHY do you think your house was CHEAPER than a house not abutting the hospital? you are the same type of whiner who moves in next to an airport because its CHEAP then bitches about airplane noise and tries to close the airport. you GET what you PAY for. How about moving next to the trains and trying to shut them down? or next to rt17 and close that? ask a realtor. all of the above affect the value of a property. so you buy cheap you get shit location..too bad crybaby,and your statement ‘I deserve a…peaceful BBQ” shows you are probably a candidate for one of the ‘rubber rooms’ upstairs @valley..good thing you live close

  22. 4:01 You need anger management classes.

  23. nice try 2:16. cant take the facts? I guess the only response you have to the accurate post above yours is to make that sort of brain-dead comment. I guess its because you cant call the poster a racist. You anti-valley morons go off-topic on EVERY thread here. Do us all a favor and STFU about your poor decision to purchase a home next to a pre-existing ‘attractive nuisance’.

  24. Why so hostile, 3:37? It seems to me that it’s the pro-Valley crowd who can’t defend their position and resort to name-calling whenever the issue arises. I’ve seen the very valid arguments from the Stop Valley side: increased traffic; safety of our children and any other pedestrians; the destruction of the village’s character and the quality of life of an entire neighborhood that, unlike Valley, pays taxes to the village; the disruption of the learning environment for the students at BF; and the toll on the infrastructure and limited open space from complying with the COAH requirements that come with the expansion. Moreover, Valley has shown itself to have lied in the past when it said it was finished expanding and the zoning rules prohibit the current plans- both factors that swayed residents when they bought their homes. And no, I don’t live in that neighborhood.
    From the pro-Valley side, we get “the village needs Valley” while at the same time it is trying to keep Westwood residents from re-opening their own hospital because Valley is close enough to meet its needs (I guess Ridegewood residents are more delicate and can’t travel the extra 15 minutes). When anybody asks for further explanation, they’re called NIMBYs, morons, and are told to move even though the discussion of the expansion has dried up their ability to sell their homes. It seems to me that the pro-hospital people are the ones driven by emotion and the anti-expansion people by the facts.

  25. 12:35pm you still dont get it. This thread is ABOUT THE DOG PARK you moron. Your incessant whining about making a poor decision to purchase next to an attractive nuisance(valley) has NOTHING TO DO WITH A DOG PARK. The only reason I am FOR Valley is because idiots like YOU are against it.

  26. Oh my goodness, this is outrageous. Anne, I am at that dog park every day, after work, and on the weekends. There is barking, but it is not constant, not in the least. And today we spoke with the county security, and they even agreed, the cars parked illegally ARE NOT dog park cars. Why would someone come from CT or NY to come to a dog park? Do you hear how illogical that is? Those are the people who come to join groups that leave from the park, such as bike rides, etc. Get your facts straight. More importantly, are you seriously kidding that a pen called Bark Park is offensive? It’s name, get a sense of humor. Just consider the fact that you are being very bigoted against people who have pets. Why don’t you deal with the people who leave their kids on the playground and go sit and drink coffee and talk on the phone? Kinda targeted aren’t you? Is there a reason for that?

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