Ridgewood Math : Time for an Autopsy?

In BOE, math wars, Ridegwood Schools on March 14, 2009 at 1:29 pm

Mathematics in Ridgewood has been so convoluted and butchered that it’s been a moving target, requiring many chiefs to keep it all under control.

In the last few years, Ridgewood math has been beaten to death.

As long as we have plenty of math chiefs, the agony will continue. Here is how it will go:

They’ll conduct an autopsy, which will take a few years. At the end of the autopsy they will “discover” that the victim had simply been experimented on too much.

In the meantime, they’ll be doing plenty of chaos management behind the scenes.

Then they will eventually conclude from their discovery that mathematics is taught best in a straightforward, systematic, direct manner.

Then, after that, slowly and imperceptibly, over a few more years, they will swing the pendulum back to basics, perhaps with a few improvements, but it must happen slowly enough that nobody notices the turnaround.

(That’s exactly what happened to the subject of spelling, by the way. Over many years of evolution and “discovery,” we are now seeing spelling becoming important again, but they’re covering up for their botch job by suggesting that spelling is important for reading, rather than for its own sake. But it happened so slowly that this has gotten slipped past a new crop of parents and kids. You can be certain that the math turnaround will have some new spin on it, too.)

Then, a few years after that, they’ll discover that they don’t need so many math administrators any more.

Hmmmm… what if they hasten their autopsy, make their discoveries today, and cut those jobs now?

But alas, that would mean that just as private businesses do, they’ll have to cut their losses and be more transparent about mistakes.

What a concept. (Pardon the expression.)

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  1. You, dear poster, are assuming they are smart to begin with.

    Think again!

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