Ridgewood village manager retiring

In Jim Ten Hoeve, Ridgewood New Jersey, VC on March 13, 2009 at 3:24 pm

Friday, March 13, 2009

RIDGEWOOD — James M. Ten Hoeve, the village manager, will retire in May after three decades with the municipality.
Ten Hoeve, 58, announced his retirement at Wednesday’s public council meeting. He was hired by the village in 1981 and served as chief financial officer and tax collector for 23 years.

The Hawthorne resident, who earns $182,152, was appointed village manager in 2004 following the resignation and retirement of Larry Worth a year earlier.

Ten Hoeve will retire May 31 and is entitled to 30 days vacation. He will leave his post with six months pay and any unused personal and vacation days.

It is not likely he will leave the financial field entirely because his expertise is valued by auditors. Ten Hoeve is a certified municipal finance officer and certified tax collector.

“I decided last fall when finance managers and professionals were making offers,” Ten Hoeve said of his decision to retire from public service. “I’ve had many, many good years here.”

A graduate of Seton Hall University, Ten Hoeve earned an undergraduate degree in business administration, majoring in accounting. He served as a staff accountant for a municipal accounting firm immediately after graduation and from 1974 to 1979 was the deputy controller for Paterson.

He was the chief financial officer and tax collector in Bergenfield in 1980 but left the post when he was hired in 1981 in Ridgewood to serve in the same capacity.

Among Ten Hoeve’s accomplishments are jump-starting and bringing to completion the delayed Village Hall renovation project, which was completed in 2005.

  1. Why would anyone in their right mind want to be publicly associated in any way, shape, or form with the OVER BUDGET Village Hall rennovation project?

  2. Why is he getting six months pay if he’s retiring?

  3. to jim we all love you and we all know how hard people can be,good luck to you and its your time to take it slow.you did a great job over all.thanks.

  4. I knew those who never did a day of real work in their lives would chime in about smtg…. Only in Ridgewood, as they say.

    Despite this, I for one will miss Mr Ten Hoeve. Far from perfect, but arent we all?

    I’ve found JTH to be dedicated and honest, each time I’ve come in contact with him. Showed integrity and has done a nice job in this village.

    Good luck in your retirement, sir. Down the road, many might never admit it to their neighbors or to themselves, but they will realize just what a class act you were in this very public role, Mr Ten Hoeve.

    Best wishes..!

  5. Sorry, but all my observations of him suggested he was arrogant and inept.

    I wish him well though.

  6. No thats not Ten Hoeve your talking about 3:23. Thats the engineer………

  7. 1020 — it really could be just about all the department heads.

  8. to 530 thats bull shit about all the dept heads.what do you know.

  9. hear comes the dog doo,

  10. well jim good luck to you.but you need to go on the line about what kind of shape are we in for the rest of 09 and going into 2010,this is big,do we or we do not have the money,some are talking about a too week give back.true or not.thanks the workers that worked with you for a long time.

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