NJ Deparment of Education Releases 2009-2010 State Aid Figures

In BOE, Ridgewood Schools, State School Aid on March 12, 2009 at 11:10 am

Projected 2009-10 State School Aid Excluding Debt Service, Pre-School Aid, Extraordinary Aid, and Charter School Aid


County: BERGEN
State Aid 2008-09: $2,985,477

Equalization Aid: $0
Education Adequacy Aid: $0
Choice Aid: $0
Transportation Aid: $628,720
Special Education Categorical Aid: $1,941,625
Security Aid: $415,132
Adjustment Aid: $0

Total State Aid 2009-10: $2,985,477

Aid Difference: $0
Percentage Aid Change: 0%
Aid Per Pupil: $535
District Spending for Cap Determination 2008-09: $76,350,533
Adequacy Budget for Cap Determination 2009-10: $71,804,286
Budget Difference: $-4,546,247

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  1. How is this “state aid” when it was our money to begin with? We send the state our money and they give us a little of it back and they get to call it “aiding” us?

    We’ve done Orwell one better with a hard left government that is a perfect example of what thievery is.

    Truth be told: the state is not “aiding” any taxpayer in Ridgewood. We are aiding it.

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