Jim Ten Hoeve Resigns

In Jim Ten Hoeve, Ridgewood NJ, VC, Village Hall on March 12, 2009 at 4:11 am

Those in the know at Village Hall have informed The Fly that on Friday, March 6th, Village Manager James M. Ten Hoeve submitted his resignation for purposes of retirement. It is being reported that Mr. Ten Hoeve’s last day of work will be Friday, May 1st.

Village Council members are scheduled to meet in Closed Session tonight, Wednesday, March 11th to discuss “Personnel – Village Manager’s Office.” The specific topics of this scheduled discussion are unknown. However, The Fly believes Council members will be discussing the appointment of an interim Village Manager, and strategies for conducting a search for a permanent replacement.

The Fly extends her best wishes to Mr. Ten Hoeve in his new private sector career.

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  1. to jim its time to rest,good luck to you. and enjoy some time for you.this is your time now.and if any one thinks that the job is so easy come down and try it for a few weeks,then talk.

  2. Thank God!

  3. Clarification – It was announced at last night’s Village Council meeting that Jimmy’s last day on the payroll will be Sunday, May 31st.

  4. Did anyone see Anne Zusy talking last night about safe driving? What a joke. She was recently pulled over for speeding and talking on a cell phone. She screamed at the police officer and she threatened to have him fired. The chief of police had to get involve and he had to keep it from being turned over to the county prosecutors office.

    How I long for the good old days when councilmen would keep quiet and do as their told.

  5. to 859.are you the person for the job.can you do it.

  6. best of luck jim stop back and say hello.stay well

  7. jim,bo good luck to you.

  8. I hope we get some one that is going to work with the depts.they need people,

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