This budget contains $1.4 trillion in tax increases and $3.9 trillion in spending

In national debt, Obama, Scott Garrett, Stimulus Plan on March 11, 2009 at 1:01 pm

Dear Friends,

President Obama has been preaching fiscal responsibility in his speeches, yet the budget proposed by his Administration is quite the opposite. This budget contains $1.4 trillion in tax increases and $3.9 trillion in spending. In addition, this budget continues the toxic behavior of borrowing from future generations by increasing the national debt to $12.7 trillion and doubling the national debt in just eight years. It also adds $1 trillion in entitlement spending, increasing an unfunded liability that has already grown beyond $50 trillion.

In his address to Congress, the president said he was going to “go line-by-line through the federal budget in order to eliminate wasteful and ineffective programs.” I look forward to the opportunity to work with the president in the coming days on this project, as I believe that it is essential for our future economic health that we develop a budget which will enable tax relief for families, economic relief for American businesses and entrepreneurs, and protection for future generations from a crushing debt burden.


Scott Garrett

Member of Congress

  1. we are all fucked.

  2. Dear Diary
    Hi, it’s me, scott ………

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