Dr. Pauline Bergstein at Christ Episcopal Church

In Christ Episcopal Church, Dr.Pauline Bergstein, Parents, teenagers on March 11, 2009 at 12:56 pm

Dear P.J. Blogger:

I’m hoping you will be willing to post an article advertising a Parent’s Forum that Christ Episcopal Church in Ridgewood is sponsoring on Sunday, March 15th. We’re hosting Dr. Pauline Bergstein, a psychologist & therapist in private practice in Ridgewood and Englewood, to lead a presentation and discussion for parents entitled “Parenting Resilient Adolescents.” Dr. Bergstein’s objectives are:

* to help parents & other adults better understand the challenges facing today’s adolescents
* to help adults better understand how to work toward adolescent resilience
* to help parents understand what their teenagers need and want from them
* to help parents feel more comfortable setting boundaries for their kids.

Dr. Bergstein has many years of experience and expertise working on adolescent issues, and she’s an engaging speaker; we’re thrilled to host this event, which is open to the entire community. Would you be willing to help us get the word out? We think these are important issues, and we’d like to get as wide an audience as possible for Pauline’s presentation.

Thanks so much,

The Rev’d Nathan LeRud, Curate
Christ Episcopal Church
Ridgewood, NJ

  1. What time?

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