Latest Snow Day Alters April Break Schedule

In BOE, Ridegwood Schools on March 8, 2009 at 3:12 pm

Due to the snow day on Monday, March 2, the Ridgewood Public Schools WILL BE OPEN on Monday, April 27, which would have been the first day of April Recess. Only two days were built into the 2008-2009 academic calendar for inclement weather; the policy calls to make up any additional snow days by taking from the April break, if necessary.

Wayside Gardens

  1. PJ –

    I don’t have any kid in our school now. But do you, or anyone else, know that whether or not if there’s a same/similar proceeding enforced by our BOE?

    20 Dumont students on ouster list

    I know some other school districts, such as Ft Lee, Tenefly, etc., have been facing the same situation.

  2. The BOE is pretty aggressively tracing residency. I have lived in town for 17 years myself, but have a different address since I registered my youngest for kindergarten and I need to prove that I live here. I am more than happy to do that

  3. Now how about ending the gravy train for all of the non-resident teacher’s kids who are allowed to attend RW schools on our dime?

  4. Does anyone have numbers on just how many students that is?

  5. While you are at it–lets stop the kids in divorced families where they live with the Mother in Hawthorne but the father rents a one bedroom apartment in Ridgewood-all 4 kids go to Ridgewood–has to do with joint/shared custody and the BOE says its ok. I know of one for a fact and the kids go to the high school, BF and the elementary school by Doremus ( Somerville was full so they were sent there.) This is WRONG!

  6. sure… the BOE knows… the teachers know… but neither are telling.

  7. Better believe the teachers will do a “soft protest” and show the kids nothing but movies all day….

  8. 10:15–absolutely. Let’s make sure those children from broken homes pay through the nose.

  9. lets ask Hutton, he is running again, maybe we can get him to fess up!

  10. Better believe the teachers will do a “soft protest” and show the kids nothing but movies all day….

    Well, at least this would be more challenging thatn what they are doing in math class.

  11. 10:15 –
    Let’s not muddy the waters here by mixing situations. Stay focused… kids of non-resident teachers are getting a RW education (on your dime) but are not paying RW taxes.

    Hey, wait a minute, are you a non-resident teacher with kids in the RW schools trying to obfuscate the issue on purpose?

  12. 12:46 –kids from broken homes have nothing to do with it- why can’t they go to school where they live- in another town- THey live with the mom in Hawthorne and the loser dad on food stamps rents a one bedroom here in Ridgewood so the kids can go to school here. I am familiar with this individual because he was my tenant and finally evicted for non payment of rent -it took 13 months. He is now someone elses problem in not paying the rent all over again! But the kids are going to school here and we are all paying for it

  13. turn the guy in to the ed center. they hired a detective to confirm these kids of rumors or whatever. they cannot so anything about it if you just wright on a blog and dont tell anyone!

  14. 11:46–I did go directly to Mark Bombace and because it is shared /joint custody situation the kids can go where the parents want them to-I can only imagine how many others are attending the school like this. My grandkids would love to go to Ridgewood schools–maybe I should say they live with me!

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