The Ridgewood Blog presents and Exclusive Interview with Gubernatorial Candidate Steve Lonegan

In big government, new jersey fiscal crisis, Obama, PJ Blogger, Steve Lonegan, the Ridgewood blog on March 6, 2009 at 12:01 am

So after a little phone tag I finally had an opportunity to sit down with Steve Lonegan and talk the campaign ,Chris Christie ,Governor Corzine and the New Jersey Supreme Court .What stuck me the most is that behind the visions of a tough veteran campaigner is a very passionate man that cares a lot about people .Our interview in the midst of a long day on the campaign trail was only interrupted by a call from his mom.

So I started with something that always bugs me How can a guy running against government subsidies ,take matching funds to run a political campaign ? You see ,he said and i paraphrase ,Corzine can reach into his pocket and take out $60 million bucks but my own mother can only give me around $3400 so either you have to lift the limits or I would be at a huge disadvantage in not take the matching funds.

I pressed him on why he thought he could really cut state spending and he assured me that cutting down and consolidating the number of departments in the state was very doable . He also reminded me that Pennsylvania one of the states New Jersey residents have been fleeing to ,has a flat tax so there was no reason we couldn’t do it here. He pointed me to his record running Bogota and how he enacted similar cuts .The difference being on a state level you had to add more zeros .

This moved our conversation to Bogota and that it had only 8000 residents and I wondered if he thought that was a fair comparison to Trenton ? Again he reminded me and I know this to be true from running this blog ,that in Trenton you have a lot of room to hide but at a local level you are looking people in the eye everyday who you might be dramatically effecting their lives.

This moved us to an other issue it seems Steve has his work cut out for him not only does he have to compete against the deep pockets of Jon Corzine and the Democratic machine but he also has to fight the “chosen one” every Republicans favorite son Chris Christie and the extremely liberal Republican party in this state .

Abbott and COAH were next on the table for discussion and changing the extremely redistributive almost socialistic NJ Supreme Court (my words ). Steve once again reminded me that as Governor he will have the opportunity to appoint 4 new justices and he assured me that the there is a pool of traditional constitutional defending judges.

Finally he stated that he is far more optimistic in the future than I and that the chief threat to New Jersey’s economy are the policies of Jon Corzine and in particular the very destructive policies of Barack Obama .

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  1. “…in the mitts????” Oh my word! Please edit! It is “in the midst”

  2. geez Steve is a real person and he has a mom ,not like the cartoon we see in the regular press ,good job PJ

  3. Lonegan says all the right things. Too bad he is a Democrat shill in the race to steal conservative votes from Chris Christie. Lonegan is Ross Perot.

    Don’t believe that? You should have asked Steve Lonegan why he has vowed to run even if he loses in the primary (in other words, he is going to run “off the line” regardless of whether he runs on the GOP line or not). The reason is because he is a Democrook-funded shill. That is why he is being investigated by the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission for failing to report the sources of his fundraised monies.

    Also, you should have asked Mr. Lonegan what is his plan for building a coalition of like-minded voters to actually win. You see, so far all Lonegan (and his paid mercenaries, note that the same group works for Democrats in some parts of Bergen County and are running canidates against the GOP in Passaic county) have done is run tear-down ads on Chris Chritie and attack Christie. That is because Lonegan has no plan to actually win the election: he is running to ensure a GOP loss.

    Don’t believe me? Here are the facts: Steve Lonegan admits that he is running a right-of-center “conservative” campaign and alleges that he is appealing tot he ‘grass-roots’ fiscal conservatives. If that is true, then Steve knows he can never win. McCain, who actually has appeal to moderates and may have even pulled in a few Democrat votes (from Democrats who still think that America should have a strong defense policy instead of running off to Russia and licking former KGB director’s boots because the State department is afraid of Iran) but he still only got 43% of the general vote in NJ. In other words, even a moderate candidate needs to build coalitions, may inroads with Democrats, and move tot he center to win in NJ.

    Steve Lonegan has never been able to “build coalitions” and has absolutely no appeal to moderates. He has no plan to reach out to less-socially conservative voters. Lonegan knows he can’t win.

    His campaign is really nothing more than a shill act to hurt Christie, paid for and run by Democrat operatives.

    Lonegan is no Republican. His willingness to run ‘off the line’ proves that. His constant attacks on Christie is further proof. And his questionable fundraising and then feast at the public trough is exactly what a Democrat would do.

  4. mr common sense sorry but you dont make any in this comment, you sound like a christie guy ….

    steve is a conservative who wont win because he is a conservative but he is really a democrate ? you say what?

    and he is a democrate because he wont kiss ass to the losers that run the republican party in new jersey the same losers that picked that dope mccain?

    so is he too conservative or a deomcrate and when did the idiot nj republicans know anything about winning ? I must have missed that race ….

    Oh I get it you just tryin g to lose again like always because you all just a bunch of big goveremnt lefties to scard to admit it…

  5. OMG a Republican that is trying to win ..cant be

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