I am wary of additional government intervention, as it does nothing to strengthen our financial markets or encourage private investment.

In big government, Scott Garrett, Stimulus Bill, Stimulus Plan on March 5, 2009 at 9:46 pm

Dear Friends,

Last week, President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress. I applaud President Obama’s boldness and energy in the face of our current economic crisis. He recognizes that the challenges our country faces are interrelated, and we cannot rectify the crisis without addressing the broader issues. Where President Obama and I disagree is in the manner in which the broader issues should be addressed.

The President believes that government intervention in the marketplace is necessary to restore order – I am wary of additional government intervention, as it does nothing to strengthen our financial markets or encourage private investment. My main concern is that Washington is sending mixed signals to Wall Street which is causing capital to remain on the sideline. Until investors are clear about the government’s intention with regard to future market interference, confidence will not be restored to the financial sector.

The President wants to create jobs – I share his desire to fight the rising unemployment that has so many American families fearful about their ability to provide for their loved ones. I believe the best way to create jobs is to encourage the growth of American small businesses. History has shown that the most effective way to reinvigorate the economy and spur economic growth is to ensure that job creators face a lower tax and regulatory burden.

The President wants to reform our healthcare system – I am encouraged by his recent statements on fiscal responsibility, as the current level of entitlement spending is unsustainable and will only serve to sink our country into further debt. I do have concerns about any healthcare reforms that will demolish independent private-sector healthcare in America and disincentivize entry into specialty fields, which could result in reductions in innovation and quality of care. Much bipartisan discussion is needed in order to develop a clear plan to solve our nation’s healthcare problems.

The President wants energy independence – I could not agree more. I have and will continue to support an energy policy that will move America away from foreign sources of energy and encourage American-made solutions. Alternative and renewable fuels will play a key role in this effort and I support increased research in wind, solar, bio-mass, bio-diesel, nuclear, ethanol, hydrogen, and coal energy. The potential of these fuels requires that Congress be supportive of further research and development to improve those fuel technologies.

I believe the way to revive our economy is to liberate Americans from their overwhelming tax burden in order to empower individual taxpayers and keep more money in the wallets of American families. We must cease the excessive federal spending that continues to bloat our national debt, and create opportunities for private initiatives to spur economic growth. We must end the government interference in the marketplace that many experts say have helped create our current economic crisis.


Scott Garrett
Member of Congress

  1. another do-nothing response from The No Party…

  2. Scott, you really don’t make much sense, as usual…

  3. small busineses create jobs moron not big goverments run by marxists

  4. Scott – what would you do if you were a congressman?

  5. This does makes sense.

    Scott is saying holding the conservative learn, and with the stock market at 6643 this morning, I believe he’s right.

    Scott didn’t vote for TARP I, or Stimulus I, which I think was in the best interest of the individual taxpayer.

  6. Scott,

    You’ll never make sense to liberals. They don’t get the idea of having principles and sticking with them. They stand for nothing but the accumulation of power to themselves. How do they get that power? By working tirelessly to take it away from others.

  7. Thank you, 10:12, for faithfully downloading & regurgitating El Rushbo's talking points

  8. yes 64% of the people making over 250k own there own business please pass this on to Mr Obama and his minons

    another words they hire people assholes!

  9. 12:23PM

    Explain why we are spending 750 Billion dollars to bail out Fannie and Freddie mortgage clients – again.

    50% of all homeowners who enter into mortgage workout arrangements default any way.

    So we will lose 350 Billion dollars on this plan.

    Keep mentioning Rush Limburgh and no one will notice you wasting our tax dollars.

  10. I want to know who will be bailing me out. We propped up banks, automakers, insurance companies and others who have clearly failed. We are offering stimulus money and mortgage relief to citizens to jumpstart the economy. I have stopped spending. There is no stimulus for me and I need to protect what I have earned. My taxes will be increased to help pay for all of this.

    Who will bail me out in retirement? I did not leverage my assets. I have always lived within my means.

    Even when credit was easy I knew to keep my mortgage debt to 28% of gross monthly income and total debt to 32%. I saw my neighbors who work on Wall Street get big bonuses and live large. Now they are complaining that congress is not releasing the tarp money fast enough. They don’t get why their bonuses are smaller. Can we really trust the very people who were clueless in their greed? The bankers are afraid that, upon further inspection, we will discover that they are all thieves. They want their money before the jig is up.

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