Our BOE, however, is to radicalized to pay any attention to such practical research.

In BOE, math wars, Ridgewood New Jersey on March 4, 2009 at 5:46 pm

Pleased to see so much attention being paid to this issue. Our BOE, however, is to radicalized to pay any attention to such practical research.

Daniel Fishbein has made up his mind that we will have the reform math program Every Day math. He and Regina will pretend that everything we’ve been through since last year actually mattered to them. They will pick this program because they are reform minded and that is perhaps all they feel comfortable with.

The National Math Panel said NO to spiraling; Regina says YES.

The State of NJ is saying NO focus on conceptualization for young students; Regina says YES.

Newest research is saying NO to too many topics visited lightly; Regina says YES.

High performing states have focused on teaching algorithms and memorization of basic facts like multiplication tables; Regina says NO.

The Queen and her Consort have spoken. Parents and students be damned.

Remember the $90,000 figure cited by the administration for implementing the new math program. It just so happens that that is the cost of EVERY DAY MATH.

Yes, folks. We’ve been duped again.


  1. The public will revolt if they do this.

  2. Please check the $. I believe that Fishbein said it was $90K PER GRADE LEVEL to start the program. I’m not sure if a dollar figure was given for the yearly supplies and support after the first year.

  3. It is 90K per grade level. He stated this I believe to explain why they won’t roll out the new program in all elementary levels at the same time. Gee, Bridgewater figured out how to do this with all their grades.

  4. If our Bd. of Ed. is so strong, why do we need to spend so much money on an ineffective superintendent? Let’s get rid of the position altogether, vote in a new board who will do what we, the taxpayers want, and use the super’s salary for the kids?

  5. No one will run. Maskin and Lois ran and the BOE machine via the HSAs went into high gear to re-elect Sheilia and get her crony, Laurie Goodman elected.

    After a while good people just throw up their hands and walk away due to the apathy of so many parents.

    I guess we are stuck with 3 more years of Bob Hutton.

    How sad for Ridgewood’s children.

  6. 7:09, it seems that there just isn’t anyone willing to step up and actually join the Bd of Ed and help solve the problems.
    There are just people who want to complain.
    Complaining about how things are, without being willing to jump in and actually provide solutions just isn’t helpful.

    It really is too bad that not one person who reads this blog, or complains about the schools, the school board, the superintendent,etc.wouldn’t sign up to be on the board. It looks like lots of bark but no bite.
    What a shame.

  7. It appears that most prefer to stand outside because it is more effective than being on the inside. Ask Mark Bombace. He’ll tell you why the BOE is dysfunctional. It starts with the fact that hair clips rule.

  8. 5:45 is right…all bark & no bite from the nattering nabobs of negativism.

  9. No wants the job except Bob.

    No wants to be a part of such an ineffective mob.

    Can you blame them, you might end up like Charlie, a blithering slob.

  10. 404 parents in this town have been bullied for so long by the BOE they will do what they are told and like it !There have been many oppertunities to restore the greatness to our schools sytems and they have not gotten any parent support ,sorry people you get what you deserve and all you have left is reputation

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