New Japanese in Ridgewood

In Japanese Food, Ridgewood New Jersey, the Village on March 4, 2009 at 10:23 pm

from the SECOND HELPINGS blog

by BILL PITCHER has been The Record’s food editor since June 2006 after five years writing and reviewing restaurants. He was born in New York’s Hudson Valley and raised in the southern Adirondacks.

by ELISA UNG joined The Record as its food writer and restaurant reviewer in September 2007. She’s a native of California and a graduate of the University of Southern California, and she spent the last eight years writing for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Kumo closed until next week
Kumo, a Japanese restaurant in Ridgewood, has closed for renovations. According to a sign on the door, it will reopen March 9.

Its sister restaurant by the same name in Westwood remains open, although its menu is more pan Asian, not solely traditional Japanese.

Now for the good news……..

New Japanese in Ridgewood

Masago, a Japanese restaurant, has opened in Ridgewood, replacing another Japanese restaurant, Hana. While the menu is described as neo Japanese cuisine, it’s mostly composed of familiar tempura, teriyaki, sushi and sashimi.

Masago is at 22 S. Broad St., Ridgewood; 201-652-4455.


  1. yea more bull shit.if you like cat foo youg,

  2. It’s March 10. Kumo is still “closed for renovations.” Looks like it will be changing its name to Sayonara!

  3. Went to Masago last week – was not impressed at all. Too much rice, not enough fish in their sushi. Gen (on Ridgewood Ave) has the best sushi in town, IMO

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