But hey, you’re a democrat, you like taxes.

In big government, Democrats, nationalized medicine, Obama on March 2, 2009 at 1:23 am

If there really is a wealth gap in this country it has been caused by a few things. One opinion is that one of main catalysts was the inflated price of housing which was caused by cheap and available credit.

The average Joe makes $75,000 a year; by standard mortgage eligibilty formulas he should only be buying a $225,000 home. But Joe buys a $400,000 home anyway and he’s immediately behind. His $75,000 a year is immediately less household income, since he is paying a mortgage that proportionality too high for his monthly budget.

To your next point, not everyone was making money in this country on Wall Street. Plenty of folks in the 33% tax bracket (those making over 201,000 and “wealthy” by Obama standards) own restaurants, stores, small business, and etcetera. This new rhetoric that everyone who has made money is a hedge fund managers is stupid.

5% of this country pays 70% of the taxes. Where is the equity in that? Why is it more equitable that the 5% should now pay 75% of the taxes? Who decided what is fair?

You voted for Obama because you wanted the government to help people. Give them health care and a quality education. If the United States government was a charity you’d see that every dollar donated by tax payers resulted in less than .05 cents to each needy citizen. Would you give to that charity?

If you really wanted to help the poor, you would give them vouchers so they could get their kids out of the worst public schools in the country. The true democratic crime in this country is refusing to provide the poor with a quality education. Please don’t make the argument that we need to spend more money, we already spend more than any other nation and we are still behind. Are American kids stupider than the kids in Singapore and South Korea?

And then there is health care. You are going to see the government take over and limit the amount of “expensive” treatments for illness. The United States leads the world in cancer treatment and prevention because our current system is the only one willing to pay for expensive preventative tests and chemotherapy. In England they give you some morphine and tell you to settle your affairs. (Yes they do, I’ve know folks with relatives there with lung cancer who didn’t get chemotherapy. The assumption is that you are probably going to die, so why bother.)

Lastly, there is a symbiotic relationship between business and government which democrats keep missing. Twenty percent of New York states budget came from Wall Street, where do you think the shortfall will come from now. Higher NY State income taxes and higher NY State property taxes which will be put on all tax brackets, not just the top 5%.

All those bad, bad big businesses are going to pay a lot less taxes this year because they aren’t making money this year. That means you will be paying more personally.

But hey, you’re a democrat, you like taxes.

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  1. Why does everyone choose England as the only example of universal healthcare and then say ‘see it does not work’. There are many other countries with universal healthcare that uses the most technically advanced treatments, with higher levels of health than in the US that has manageable costs.

  2. Again, 9:10PM is burying us in way too many details and specifics with phrases like “many other countries”.

    I don’t know about you, but 9:10’s got me convinced that state run healthcare is the way to go.

  3. 910 what are u smoking

  4. And what countries are those? Canada? Japan? Pray tell let us know

  5. 910, Point me to these Utopias! Find me these Miltonian green and pleasant lands. You have toyed with us 910. Why stay here if the gaping jaws of death. Unleash these progressive cities on a hill 910! Disclose them all.

  6. 9:10 is right; the free market fetishists just can’t admit it when their ideology is proven wrong

  7. 1039 yea go to canada and get treatment lol!

    i thought yoou were gonna say cuba lol you and mike moron and the prisons are good too

  8. health care in the US is victom to too much goverment interference

  9. BUY health care insurance.
    Spend some of those BIG bucks to take care of yourself.
    Why should the rest of the country pay for your healthcare.

    You know you can well afford it.
    Maybe you’ll have to sell your $900,000 home and move into a $250,000 like the average Joe.

    I pay for mine and its not a bank breaker–just don’t go out to dinner so often, keep your cars for a few years and shed the SUV.
    Its called belt tightening.

  10. Liberals, like 9:10, follow an ideology that based on the accumulation of power to a centralized authority that can then dispense the wealth of a nation. This follows an emotional need for power and control.

    On the contrary, a conservative ideology is based on the diffusion of power down to each and every individual. This is not emotional, but based on the historically correct belief that absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    One of these processes leads to evil the other to freedom.

    9:10, can you tell which is which? If you can’t, then you have made my point for me. The emotional reaction of a nation led a majority to vote for Obama. He is a real threat to each and every individual’s authority over themselves: their goals, dreams, efforts, etc. This, of course, will cause a great backlash against him and his followers. It is merely inevitable.

    While both liberals and conservatives work with the tools of government, they are as different as the arsonist and the fire brigade, both of which work with fire.

    Americans, those who still value their freedoms, must do everything in their power to undermine Obama’s accumulation of power. Everything in their power.

    I certainly will.

  11. 10:47 AM,

    Well said. Count me in.

  12. Don't worry Comrades, Al Gore will teach all the kids to be sevants of the State…

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