We hear this over and over "Valley has not been upfront with its neighbors"

In Ridgewood New Jersey, stop valley, Valley Hospital on February 26, 2009 at 12:41 pm

Valley has not been upfront with its neighbors about its plans from the beginning of this expansion plan.

They have spent a lot of money and spread a lot of hot air about how they have “helped” the area. What they have never addressed is their negative impact on OUR COMMUNITY.
Hospital Officials have not been listening to the Hospital neighbors or given their concerns any real thought.

Their words are hollow.

The only thing between the Hospital and their grand plans has been the Planning Board. I hope that the Planning Board can give the Tax Paying Residents some kind of assurance, in writing, that the Hospital will not be able to continue to “hot air” their way through the system.

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  1. I live near Valley and almost every week another incident occurs involving safety or Valley being a bad neighbor. Dust releases, ice left on sidewalks, noisy maintenance work or truck deliveries in the early hours before the city ordinance allows, doctors car alarms sounding for hours, valet parking attendants speeding through the surrounding streets to park cars in local roads etc. etc. The latest is that Valley maintenance workers remove trash from the sidewalks around Valley by using a blower to push the trash on the Van Dien and Linwood. The “Construction Hotline” is a joke, very little results and is handled by the PR department (so it is shows what Valley really thinks about it). In most cases the neighbors need to call the police (funded by all of us except Valley) to stop Valley abuse. Valley started this monstrous expansion proposal without even talking to its neighbors. It would have been nice if they held a town meeting to allow us to ask questions directly, instead we get condescending glossily brochures with a big picture of Audrey Meyers saying trust us! Hypocrites, they say one thing and do the opposite. Ridgewood is just being used as an address for a large money making enterprise that really cares about profits for the doctors, pathology services, medical equipment suppliers etc. that all ”operate” on the wallets of people who check-in into Valley. The hospital itself might be non-profit, but think how many bills you get from lots of for-profit services if you visit Valley. Their actions show over and over again that they DO NOT CARE!

  2. I care. I support Valley Hospital’s plans because I like having the best possible hospital located 5 min from my house. It was there when you bought your house. If you never expected it to change or expand, that was not very good foresight. Move.

  3. This project should not get the green light… But after attending many meetings, the planning board will. They are just putting on the show…. Bobble Heads. corruption begins at the lowest level. It is not about the people nor the village it is about the hidden agenda.

  4. to 8;45, i agree,to 9;11 (is this number a coincedence?)you may need it more than others because you sound like you have bi-polar disorder (a personality disorder), 10;07 is right, do not allow the expansion also lets begin to charge valley hosital property taxes!

  5. It looks like Audrey has changed her online handle to bill.

  6. 9:11 Again insensitive. When we moved here from out of state, Realtors told us about the fact that Valley expanded in the 90’s and that they had been told by the Board of Adjustment NO MORE! They also told up what most construction lasted 1 to 2 years or three at the most – not 6 years!!!!!!

    Moving is not an option for us now. In order to realize the full value of our home we would need to wait 6 years and until after the construction and buyers are not turned away by the construction noise across the street.

    Our family would move tomorrow, but we are now trapped a victim of Valley’s mega plans. Normal upgrades OK, but not a mega expansion – nobody was prepared for this. Valley should be forced to make-up the difference so we can move.

  7. Bill,
    You have no idea when the people writing on this blog moved here.

  8. Valley is “communicating.”

    See Ridgewood BOE for a further explanation about how to “communicate.”

  9. Bill 9:11 first your profile “picture” is scary to say the least…I was just wondering what it says about you.
    and second after the construction the hospital will be at least 15 min. from your house…haven’t you heard about traffic increase.
    My house is not next to Valley, but I do not approve of their “renewal” (traffic increase, safety for children walking from and to school, character of the Village,extreme use of public services, and so on….)

  10. what is hidden? what is corrupt? the project should get the green light because it would be better for the people AND the village to have a better hospital.

  11. 9:11 sounds a bit self centered.

  12. 9:11

    If that is your feeling, then you should move to Hackensack where you could get an apartment right across the street from an even better hospital.

    Please! Lets not be stupid. No one moved to Ridgewood intending for the hospital to overtake the town.

  13. Many if not all of the houses in the hospital neighborhood where there long before the hospital.

  14. I still vote to let Valley do what they want to improve the hospital. I think it would be better for Ridgewood.


  15. Valley hopital is NON- profit? I’d like to see their books.

  16. i had a dream last night,and in that dream valley hospital was a church(and did not pay property taxes) and it’s president was GOD, and everyone did what the valley god said and everyone was happy-

  17. 12:35 PM It is self centered of you not to care about what happens to others in a real crisis. As long as it does not affect you personally then you do not care what happens to anyone else is this it. No responsibility or sense of community, it’s just every person for themselves and pass the ammunition.

  18. YES Bill 9:11 I agree with you 100% percent-

    11:05 Go after the realtor for talking you into buying the house.

    Valley is in need of change to stay up to date with all the medical advances. Would you rather be living next to a building that is falling apart!

  19. Valley should be prevented from this expansion madness. I live on the west side of town and agree the impact of an expansion will ruin all of Ridgewood. It will also have a profound impact on the taxpayers as the expansion will require more town services. I also wonder if the proposed condo development on Linwood by Baker Assoc. is somehow connected with the expansion…wish it were easier to connect all the dots (names of LLCs,developers and interested parties).

  20. I haven't heard anything lately about the plan to build a second parking level at the park & ride on 17 for Valley employee parking. Is that still on the drawing board?

  21. I haven't heard anything lately about Valley's proposal to build a parking structure at the park & ride on 17 for Valley employee parking. Is that still on the drawing board? If so, what is the impact to Glen Ave, Franklin Tpke and side streets?

  22. Valley gave their word after the last expansion that they would not come back for more. Can you trust them with a total zoning change?

    Our council and planning board have no spine – but they do have conflicts of interest. They should be asking the tough questions about the expansion and the 600,000additional car trips per year. What do we need a zoning board for if they roll over on the biggest project to come to town? Homeowners face more challenges.

    And to the poster who needs access to good healthcare: You need good insurance and access to the NY metro’s many excellent hosplials with specialties that will keep you going long after your money runs out. Valley will be your choice if you are arriving by ambulance, but the other hospitals will be your choice for elective surgery.

  23. 5:26 – Are you that dense to think that there are only two available options -let Valley expand at will or have a builidng that is falling apart? Valley counts on such ignorance.

  24. I’m all for Valley updating and expanding. Look no further than what happened to Pascack Valley closing as a warning sign when you don’t update and remain competitive and cannot retain specialty groups (cardiac care, etc.) that have helped drive Valley’s growth and recognition. While it is unfortunate that Valley is in a residential neighborhood, anyone who lives there (as 9:11 stated) knew what they were getting into when they bought a property there.

  25. 2:04, you’ve got it exactly backward. Valley assured the town they were finished expanding and the zoning laws restricted the excessive growth plans we’re seeing now. To say people should have known that Valley was lying and the planning board would roll over for it reflects a breathtaking level of cynicism that not everybody shares.

  26. Get a grip. Pascack Valley did update and look what happened to it.

  27. Pascack Valley took on too much debt when it expanded and modernized, and it drove them into bankruptcy.

  28. 2:04 Check your facts. Pascack expanded to offer gold plated maternity suites for high end customers. The interest of the debt killed them. In fact despite the state of the art facility, they failed. Having been at Valley as a patient, I think they can keep their building, but they need to hire more nurses and assistants. And if they want to stop the spread of infection, how about 1 thermometer per bed as opposed to a rolling cart going from room to room.

  29. Valley’s 400 single patient rooms are along the lines of PVH’s failed attempt to stay trendy and imbue a hospital stay with spa like cache’. But Ridgewood residents should be aware that given the spacious size of the rooms – Valley could at a later date double up on room occupancy without asking the Ridgewood planning or zoning board for permission.

    They would only be limited by the total number of licensed beds the state will allow there. And the DOH determination would trump any local land use boards’resolutions attempting to limit such expansions.

    So once the gross footprint is expanded and onec the site plan is approved (something the Village can control) what goes on inside is out of your control.

    You have to ask yourselves whether all the information your land use boards are being fed about parking, traffic and intensity based on 400 beds …is really just the tip of the iceberg should Valley later convince the DOH to let it rearrange the furniture sometime in the future.

  30. I can’t believe all the development planned for Linwood Ave – Graydon Action Park, Valley Medical Center and the Schlinder Condo Complex. Is anyone on the planning board looking at the big picture? Has anyone looked at the combined impact of these projects.

  31. The testimony of traffic and parking experts, engineers and planners et.al. – is suspect to begin with. They are hired guns. Their job is to paint the most pleasing picture of what will emerge here in order to advance their clients agenda. They don’t want your boards to consider the big picture. They want to isolate the single project under review so they can limit and massage its impact relative only to itself. Reviewing these projects as if they existed in a vacum …instead of your village …allows them to reduce the apparent impact. Your boards will approve these seemingly reaonable variance requests and pat themselves on the back for their “progressive” decisons. And your residents will be left with the results of this progress with diminished quality of life – traffic, congestion, influx of non residents and the resultant need to hire more public workers to service the same. Who pays for this when the development generates no tax ratable?

    Look in the mirror.

  32. Pascack’s debt didn’t kill them.
    Poor management, operating losses before debt expense and decreasing occupancy rates are what did them in (the debt service was just the icing on the cake) – if it was just the debt they probably wouldn’t have gone to Chapter 7. As for modernization, I don’t consider one new 4 story wing with a maternity spa as a fully updated facility. Valley has multiple speciatly groups – I didn’t see them jumping to Pascack Valley and they’ll certainly walk at some point if Valley isn’t updated.

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