"How Food Editors Really Work"

In Ridgewood News, Susan Sherrill on February 26, 2009 at 1:07 pm

“How Food Editors Really Work”. Former Ridgewood News Editor, Susan Sherrill , who really loves to cook, will be spending more time in kitchen like this at the (201) Magazine as Food Editor. All photos courtesy of the Magazine. Anytime she needs an assistant for those food tasting opportunities like these, I’m ready most any time. Just write me at domnizza@netzero.com

Dom Nizza
My Community E News

  1. Sounds good to me PJ… that Filet Mignon Looks great… we should eat out more often if we can… it helps the Economy…

    What’s the appropriate Wine to bring? I’ll bring it if you pick up the check. Good Luck, to Susan..a great gal.

  2. Great to see that Susan has found a job to suits her taste. Now maybe, just maybe, The Ridgewood News will regain its independence at shed its proclivity to imitate Pravda when it comes to covering local government.

  3. OK 8:03,,, still bashing people?

    It’s a shame… this topic is on food and people connected to food preparations… find another Blog to tear down…. and get out of this kitchen…. please..

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