Cupping this Sunday: Jersey Style!

In Ridgewood Coffee on February 26, 2009 at 3:14 pm


Several months ago some friends of mine bought a small coffee company in Ridgewood, New Jersey. It’s a great neighborhood joint where people of all types convene, right near the central park of Ridgewood, which is a very nice, walkable town with lots of shops and restaurants that attracts daily visitors from all over Bergen County.

My friends fixed the joint up a little and really went for high quality coffee. They trained their baristas, fixed up the equipment, and went with the best roasters to supply their beans. It’s the best specialty cafe I know of in the area. When you consider how many people live in Northern New Jersey (millions!), it’s good to know that specialty coffee is spreading there, too.

In that spirit, please come to a tasting I’ll be hosting there this coming Sunday. The theme is seasonality in coffee. If you’re confused or just interested about why coffee from Central America, where the harvest starts in October, isn’t really that fresh in February but it is fresh in June (weird, huh?), come on by. We’ll be tasting some great Southern Hemisphere coffees and talking about harvest in general. I’ll also bring some fresh crop coffees from El Salvador… I guarantee you won’t be able to taste any of these coffees for months. RSVP to newyorkcoffeesociety@gmail.com if you plan on coming:

Ridgewood Coffee Company

90 East Ridgewood Ave

Ridgewood, NJ

(train-takers, take the Bergen County line from Penn Station to Ridgewood Station… if you are taking the train from NYC and want to meet up with me, just mention it in your RSVP email and I’ll try to swing it so we can travel together)

Sunday, March 1st 4 pm to 6 pm (or so)

Happy cupping!


  1. There has been a huge change in the Ridgewood Coffee Company since it’s come under new ownership.

    They are friendly, welcoming and knowledgable and always willing to share some of their newest blends with their patrons.

    I must also mention that they are nondiscrimatory. What do I mean by this? Well, they don’t disrespect their patrons, such as the motorcyclists that frequent their shop by telling them that their presence there is bad for business.

    If you, like myself, are a coffee fiend, I would highly recommend a visit!

  2. You just GOTTA love a biker who can appreciate a good cuppa joe!!

  3. And, if they’re appreciating their good cuppa joe at your (generally speaking)coffee establishment, as opposed to the many other places one can spend their money on coffee, what difference does it make if they are bikers or business men, which actually most of them are!

    Business is business 🙂

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