The national debt currently exceeds $10.6

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Dear Friends,

This week, President Obama will address a joint session of Congress to discuss the outlook for the coming year. Of the many things he will discuss, I am sure he will touch on the current economic crisis, and outline his plans for the budget that he will introduce this next week. One main concern I have for the future of our country’s economic health is the ever-increasing size of our national debt. We have run record deficits over the past two years, with little hope of shrinking the deficit in the near future.

Deficits this large are unsustainable. The national debt currently exceeds $10.6 trillion.Over the next 75 years, the federal government has promised to spend over $50 trillion in unfunded liabilities on entitlements. For the sake of our economy’s present and future health, we need to stop spending our children’s money and begin taking responsibility for the excessive growth in our debt.

I will continue to work to promote accountability and transparency in how Congress spends your money, as well as responsibility for the fiscal health of future generations. Please continue to send me your comments and concerns about these and other issues.


Scott Garrett
Member of Congress

  1. 50 trillion over the 75 years- we,ll spend 50 trillion in the next 10 years, and all it will do is give us a little time to prepare for the inevitabe. Please stop spending money,if you want to create jobs and get the economy back on a natural sustainable course start to privatise as much as possible. More governent involvement means more corruption and more taxes.There is no way out of this current economic disaster, the people will have to suffer through it.Please stop the spending.

  2. Scott, the vast majority of Americans support President Obama’s financial plan: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20090224/pl_nm/us_obama_polls_4

    I would guess that a vast majority of Ridgewood residents support the plan.

    Do you support it?

  3. 1035 NO HE DOSE NOT and niether do I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS is a total disaster Obama is already a failed president
    and as for the the suckers i mean the people who think It’s ok …good luck lol

  4. Spending to prop up the markets just delays the inevitable.

    Let the banks crash, let the homes go into foreclosure, let people buy those foreclosed homes at their true value.

    Painful, but the money is on the sidelines because the true market bottom has not occured and the current government is not allowing it to occur..

  5. thats it

  6. 11:19 – As usual, you’re in the minority.

    When will Scott Garrett start representing the interests of the Ridgewood majority?

  7. 444 rather be right than a broke ass kisser any day lol go scott !!!!

  8. The interest alone on the $10 Trillion National Debt, will be $500 Billion this year!

    from CNN ‘The interest on the national debt will approach $500 billion a year this year or next…


    commentary: This is not your father’s country anymore.

  9. We really shouldn’t worry. The Obama administration plans to pay down the deficit by taxing it. This is based on the same principle as the stimulus plan, which rescues the nation from a credit crisis by borrowing nearly a trillion dollars.

  10. “I would guess that a vast majority of Ridgewood residents support the plan.”

    I think you are wrong. In the last few weeks, I have met many people, even people who voted for Obama, who doubt don’t support this plan.

    One point that Scott Garrett has made about the stimulus and the TARP bailout(which I believe he voted against) is why is our government so quick to spend?

    Do you spend a large amount of money that quickly in your own life? Why would our congress not bother to delay the passing of the plan until it can be read, research and examined? It’s a lot of money, it should have been thought about, debated, and modified, again and again.

    Do you really thing our government, congress and senate, is so smart they can put together a plan in less than 20 days to spend 800 billion dollars and they’ve given it real, deep thought? I have my doubts, and I think so does the rest of this country.

    I think they are just throwing money out there and hoping that it works. If someone is spending my tax dollars, I’d really want them to take some time to think about it.

  11. The ever growing federal liabilities – over the next 75 years, the federal government has promised to spend over $50 Trillion in unfunded liabilities on entitlements. Empty Promises?

    That’s the unfunded liabilities entitlements for Social Security and Medicare. Who will pay for that? The next generation won’t be able to, they won’t have enough money. No social security or Medicare, unless the taxpayers will be heavily taxed!

    We need to Stop Spending!

  12. just keep printing money and the money becomes worthless.

  13. The people who spend like drunken sailors ARE drunken sailors. And we thought Bush spent too much. But he’s a teetotaller compared to the sailors now turning America into a debit card.

  14. go scott!!!

  15. scott- look into the valley hospital expansion here in ridgewood,we want them to pay property taxes!

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