School Board Candidate Kits are Available at the Ed Center Candidates Packets for Board of Education

In BOE, School Board Candidate Kits, School Board Elections on February 24, 2009 at 7:44 pm

A “School Board Candidate Kit” can be obtained from the office of the Assistant Superintendent for Business, Angelo DeSimone, at the Education Center, 49 Cottage Place. The kit, published by the New Jersey School Boards Association, includes a sample nominating petition and information about legal qualifications for school board candidacy. Information about the New Jersey Ethics Act, important dates in the school election process and briefing sessions for school board candidates are also included in the kit.

Among other requirements, prospective candidates for the Board must be at least 18 years of age, a United States citizen, and a Ridgewood resident for at least one year prior to April 21.

The deadline for filing nominating petitions to run for positions on the Ridgewood Board of Education is Monday, March 2, at 4 p.m.

Anyone seeking more information should contact the business office of the Ridgewood Public Schools at 201-670-2660.

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  1. Please, I’m begging. Some one run against Bob “The Caddy” Hutton.

  2. How come no one wants to do this??

  3. it would be interesting for a candidate to step forward, who represents the interests of LONG TIME Ridgewood taxpayers. we always liked the quality of our schools in the late 1960s thru the 1970s, before we became overburdened with the bureaucrats, administrators, and ‘temporary new residents(who spent spent spent then bailed out of town the day after their last rug rat got a diploma from RHS) voting yes on every school budget, soccer field, and any spending plan ‘for the children’. So how about a “NO” candidate? NO to fancy math, NO to sports programs (unless the participants pay), NO to out of control Teacher salaries, NO to out of control teacher health benefits, and NO to overpriced administrators? We old timers need to organize…as the silent majority. Any takers?

  4. After the way Sarah-Kate and Greg were treated last year, who would want to do this?

  5. 7:17 – Ridgewood’s reputation for being a premier community with one of the best school systems was built during these Luddite years. It won’t last for much longer.

  6. Is that a threat 9:46? Thanks to individuals such as myself who pay the freight for freeloaders such as you, Ridgewood is the town you enjoy. Let me guess.. your implied threat would be something like union thugs picketing in front of my home? try it a-hole

  7. Is Bob running again? Rumor has it that he is not.
    Tough group to join with these budget problems–what a mess. 2.5 million dollars in the hole? What is going on?

  8. 6:14

    “Is that a threat 9:46? Thanks to individuals such as myself who pay the freight for freeloaders such as you, Ridgewood is the town you enjoy. Let me guess.. your implied threat would be something like union thugs picketing in front of my home? try it a-hole”

    A brilliant statement, truly brilliant. How about this: I have one kid in the system and for that privilege pay more than $30K in property taxes. Am I complaining? No. Am I a freeloader? Don’t think so. Did you feel threatened by my suggestion that you step forward and run for the BoE seat? Why? You seem to think that you have pretty good ideas about how to address the District’s challenges. All I said was to step up and run. Union thugs? How is that relevant?

    Get a grip. And wash your own mouth out with soap.

  9. 8:55 sounds like a real tool. Most likely one of the teachers. Last time it was ‘if we don’t get our contract your children won’t get their letters of recommendation for college’. Grow a sac.

  10. i think no one wants it .people are fed up with the poor treatment of the challengers and especially the disgusting treatment of the “Math Moms” …just vote no one the budget,the rest is worthless

  11. just say NO

  12. The school budget is the largest factor in our property tax rates. The remaining cost for municipal services is all but meaningless in the big picture. The school budget is also the only budget we as taxpayers have the right to vote on.
    What ever your position is on taxes and the school budget VOTE! I hope the see a 90% voter turn out this year. (Yea, I know I am dreaming).

  13. Republicans = The No Party

  14. I don’t think 8:55 is a teacher-nobody on a teacher salary would be able to afford 30K in property taxes.

  15. How can a bunch of dumb asses budget?

    They can’t!

  16. For the people who read and post to this blog a lot, I think that this would be the perfect opportunity to finally be able to contribute in a very constructive way.
    Rather than posting messages that relatively few people ever see, here is a great way to actually make an impact and hopefully make changes to the system.
    I understand that as of today no one has picked up a candidate kit, which means that when Bob Hutton runs again (and word has it he will run if no one else is) he will run unopposed and thus be elected…again.
    It’s time for change. To all of you who complain about the current board – it’s lack of communications skills, it’s lack of fiscal responsibility, it’s lack of knowledge about Math, etc. etc…Well, now is your time to really help solve these problems.
    Please, consider the good that you could do if you were on the Board.

  17. I think we would get a better turnout if the vote was binding, and required budget restraint. Its a joke in NJ

  18. How many folks in RW are in the over 250K crowd.

    Your taxes are going up, your not going to be able to deduct your mortgage interest or chariable donations. Your heat and electric bills will skyrocket because PSEG will have cap and trade, and “going green” costs.

    For those under 250K, guess what, your taxes and energy bills will go up too!!! You can’t have this much spending without everyone’s taxes going up.

    Now, do you really want to vote to raise your real estate taxes?

    Think people, THINK!!!

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