Legislators Should Share Pain of Furloughs

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February 23, 2009
Contact: Andy Pratt / (609) 292-5199

Senator Kevin J. O’Toole (R-40) O’Toole: Legislators Should Share Pain of Furloughs

Senator Kevin O’Toole, R-Bergen, Passaic and Essex, asked all legislators to agree to give back the equivalent of two or more days of pay if Governor Corzine succeeds in winning approval for his proposal to furlough state workers in May and June.

“During these uncertain times, it’s more critical than ever that lawmakers lead by example. Fairness dictates that if we ask thousands of state workers to take two days off without pay, then 40 State Senators and 80 members of the Assembly should make an equal sacrifice.
“Every public servant must pitch in during these difficult times for New Jersey, especially those entrusted with elected office. Character and strong leadership can help us get past the economic crisis. I urge my fellow legislators to show their commitment to wise and just leadership by joining me in giving back a portion of state-paid salaries if furloughs are imposed.”

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  1. agreed! Time to be patriotic,do your part in these difficult times.

  2. Yep, across the board including those at the top. The taxpayers are experiencing very tough times and can’t afford it’s public servants and their benefit/retirment plans in their current forms now. The unions can’t ignore this!

  3. to 1245 would you stop.

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