Profile: Diana K Gibson Instructor at the Ridgewood Art Institute

In Diana K Gibson, Ridgewood Art Institute on February 23, 2009 at 6:45 pm

Diana K. Gibson is a painter of the traditional manner. Ms. Gibson began studying oil painting at the Ridgewood Art Institute in 1997 with internationally known artist and teacher, John Phillip Osborne.

Ms. Gibson teaches her students the fundamentals of traditional oil painting with an emphasis placed upon atmospheric and prismatic light effects. Landscape, portrait and still life painting disciplines are taught and students are encouraged to conduct their studies directly from nature. Under her guidance, high school students receive the skills necessary for higher education in the fine arts. Students wishing to build their portfolio for college should consider her class.

Ms. Gibson’s work has been exhibited in New York City at various shows including the American Artists Professional League, Hudson Valley Art Association, and Allied Artists of America. Her artwork has been recently published in AMERICAN ARTIST magazine. She has been the recipient of many awards, most notably Best of Show, The Grumbacher Gold Medal as well as other commendable honors.

Diana is the founder of the Plein Air Painters of the New Jersey Highlands, is a signature member of the New York Plein Air Painters and is a former member of the Board of Trustees at the Ridgewood Art Institute. She is represented by several galleries and her work has been sold to private collectors in the U.S. and abroad.


  1. James… thanks for sharing this interesting posting on Deana K. Gibson and her work..

    The link you provided was helpful and I traveled the blog… and found some photos of the “artist” working at some water or lake location…

    Beutiful… Can LINKS posted in your blog all be highlighted for a quick connection? I don’t have a personal WEB site… and all this technical stuff is a little overwhelming for me sometimes..
    .. Dom

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