Time to Stop the Systemic Budgetary Short Falls

In big government, new jersey fiscal crisis, taxes on February 22, 2009 at 10:33 pm

the Ridgewood blog feels its Time for action …..

The problem is that furloughs give us short term cuts in spending with out solving the long term systemic problem of budgetary short falls

lets assume the tax base is already stretched to the nines , what can we do to better position ourselves to deliver meaningful services with out driving out the existing tax base?

Lets face the state has a declining population and business have been fleeing the state for years .With the complete break down of the financial sector New York City we can no longer be depended on as an engine of high wage job growth. It is time for us to face facts and start to make the needed decisions .

First follow thru with an immediate short term furlough program .
2nd put an immediate hold on all capital projects unless they are maintenance related
3rd shut down both the senior and youth center at the village hall.
4th All departments commence an audit of there operations leading to an immediate 10% minimum reduction in operating costs to be determine by the department itself.
5th Examine Privatizing the Village waste disposal
6th Look for viable alternative for any village owned property
7th Sorry there is no more pay for play money available any Village contract ie consulting or construction with any out side source needs to bring the price down to a market rate immediately no and if or buts.
8th Any contractor hired by the Village will be liable for any damage ,financial or otherwise caused by over charges , incompetence or incomplete work.
9th Village officials and Village employees will now be liable for any and all damage they inflict on Village owned equipment,
10) All village owned vehicles will be returned by employees and Village owned vehicals will no longer be provided to employees for personal use .
11) the Village manager will conduct an audit of all village purchasing looking for opportunities to save money.

ps we don’t like some of it either and i hate like hell to have to lay anyone off but having gone through this in New York City in the early 90’s ,history shows us the best coarse is act fast and act now!

PJ Blogger

Hot Offers (1.25 - 4.15)

  1. I work in NYC and visited my NYC-based CPA to do my 2008 tax returns last week. As always, I had to do the two-state returns due to living in NJ and working in Manhattan. When he saw that we had a NJ return to do, his comment resonated with me. “Ahh, New Jersey. The worst state to get taxed in”.

  2. 12) start negotiations with the unions immediately on wage, pension, and benefit concessions. 13) have some departments share workers,go back to 8 hour shifts,(no more 12 hour 4 day work weeks for police).(no more 3 day 42 hour shifts for fire dept).These shifts are extremely wastefull of town resorces.

  3. Not gonna happen!

  4. 1025 it will happen one way or the other the party is over ,like PJ said same as NYC in the early 90’s ,much bigger unions then here and as they say a job is better than no job

  5. or you could just do massive layoffs ?

  6. maybe the village could get the assholes who screwed up the village hall renovation to pay damages for all the incomplete work

  7. the town has depts working with each other,dont you know what you are talking about.and we all pay into the bennys . wake up.

  8. Hey 6:29…this isn’t NYC…It’s not gonna happen. I would love to hear your explanation as to how the shifts of the PD and FD are wasting the towns resources.

  9. to 629 and 937.you both need to wake up.we never had a party you jerk.

  10. Other towns in bergen county and many other places are feeling the tax revenue squeeze.Some of these towns are trying to save money by consolidating services by sharing police/fire departments among each other. More private citizen involvment and less full time municiple employees and the huge expenses they demand would help.It is imposible to continue on the way we have been, the taxpayers have hit the wall.The town has got to cut real costs and the taxpayers have got to do more for themselves.

  11. What this country is going through right now has destroyed many countries and civilizations since the begining of recorded time.High taxes,corruption,and an apathetic tax base causes everyone to suffer.Like a blogger said on another post, 25000 taxpaying residents don’t have to take any nonsense from the people they pay their taxes to.Lets get together and act on this.

  12. Does anyone know how the residents can get control of this spending?When i read these blogs i feel like i’m being held hostage by the people that run and work for the town.

  13. Sounds like 10:12 has mutiny on his/her mind.

  14. the town can not cut any more workers,all depts are so short in workers its not even funny,all depts help each other out.

  15. to 8;47, just have another beer and watch a little more tv, you’ll be alright.

  16. hey 6;09 go over 8;47’s house he’s drinking beer and watching tv.oh yeah, you know where he lives,in la la land.

  17. to 303 that is so true.

  18. What town in Bergen County is sharing police and fire departments?

  19. thats the problem no would like to give up the power,its about the money.some do share and it works out for some but not all.some things work some will not.

  20. would all of you stop the bull shit storys,this was a big b,s, story to see how far it will go.and what will come back to town hall.thats what they do.wake up.

  21. thats so true.

  22. they have a lot of money ask how munch money is in all acct,s,hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.they never replace workers when they leve,so ware did that money go,huh thanks sal.

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