I very much enjoy reading the varied views held by others in town

In BOE, Fire, Municipal Services, new jersey fiscal crisis, Police, taxes on February 22, 2009 at 4:57 pm

I very much enjoy reading the varied views held by others in town. That is the very reason I keep coming back to this blog. The topic of cuts in local service and education is a very hard one that will no doubt bring out many different points of view.

EDUCATION: It is the most expensive issue taxpayers deal with. Even if other town services were cut in half, our tax bills would not be reduced in a meaningful fashion. Education funding it the true killer.
On the other hand good schools have a direct effect on property values. As a community we all have a responsibility to the next generation.

FIRE PROTECTION: I own a home and a small commercial property in Ridgewood as well as a rental home and commercial property in a town with a volunteer fire company. My residential and commercial property insurance is lower in Ridgewood. The residential policy is a little lower, while the commercial policy is ALOT lower.

POLICE SERVICES: In every recession since the 1950’s when economic times get bad the crime rate goes up. We don’t have much violent urban type crime here, but property crimes are an issue. We also have community issues like crosswalk safety and others mentioned on this blog that people want police to deal with. You cut the number of officers there will be less of a response.

GENERAL MUNICIPAL SERVICES: As residents we have always wanted services such as our Library, rear yard garbage pickup, streets maintained, parks and so on. Less employees means less service. Somehow I don’t thing the average Mr & Mrs Ridgewood will accept that.

The answer to each of these issues will vary in the mind of each resident. I am just presenting the issues in the view of one person.

As for the blogger who suggests voting on the town budget and salaries like to school budget? ,I don’t know if that would solve anything. ONE – No such measure has a meaningful political chance of passing in this State or any other I know of. TWO – Our voters keep passing the school budget and that is the true tax problem under NJ’s school funding mess.


  1. Either raise taxes again or make budget cuts,the town can not keep spending other peoples money that they don’t have. The unions will have to make consessions or be eliminated. Other towns in bergen county are considering blending services or combining them to cut costs.

  2. 2:14 PM Says: “Other towns in bergen county are considering blending services or combining them to cut costs.” Exactly what towns the size of Ridgewood have done this and how much money have they saved? I am very uncomfortable with the bigger is better theory. My personal experience is that bigger often wastes more money, has more potential for political corruption and provides a larger managment structure with fewer workers actually providing what the end user needs.

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