Reader asks,"Why do the Bath Room’s have to cost so much?!?"

In bathrooms, big government, new jersey fiscal crisis on February 20, 2009 at 8:57 pm

Why do the Bath Room’s have to cost so much?!? I realize they are needed and am not arguing against them but could they not be built at a more modest price? I don’t think it’s right to ask the lower paid employees to take time off without pay while all the other big ticket projects being discussed (Graydon, Shedler).

The administrators should also have to “give back.” A mere $425,000 a year is not that much to the Village but it is a lot of money to the employees who are paying a mortgage, buying groceries, etc. True savings to the taxpayer could be realized if the entire state/county and local govts. have their benefits/pay increases brought into line with those of the private sector — OMG!!!

Tough times require difficult and unpopular choices. Yes, even a wage freeze for a year or two might be needed for all public servants (teachers too and their union should wake up.) Ouch, yep, it hurts — just ask my neighbor who was laid off after 18 years. He would have gladly contributed a little more toward his health benefits or have his wages capped for a year just to keep his job!

GigaGolf, Inc.

  1. If you owned a building lot you could build a nice big house for that kind of money.Keep getting estimates,put the bathroom off and use port-o-sans until you get the town budget under control.

  2. Its simple. skip the 300,000. Just build a dock on the edge of the brook with an ‘outhouse’ type of seat. the woodshop class could do it for free with spare materials. The brook flows to the sewer plant. It might encourage the residents to use the can at home before they go to vets field…so whats not to like???

  3. to 758,thats funny.

  4. “the woodshop class ????”

    not in Ridgewood, my friend.

  5. seriously? we no longer have shop classes here in town? I havent paid attention since i graduated in the late 70’s and dont have kids in school. i just pay for all the newbies kids and programs via my taxes

  6. what about portapoties? are they that bad in a time of economic ‘crisis’?

  7. Ask a Ridgewood resident to use a portapottie at the athletic fields???? That woul dbe unheard of. They need new bathrooms, with gold toilets and sinks and a machine that wipes their ass for them!!!

  8. 1:59 Self-cleaning toilets? Like Totos that actually spray water to clean your bum afer you go, like a bidet? This is needed for the sports fields? No wonder the toilets will be so expensive if that is what they are planning! Is this requested by the same bunch who want Graydon turned into an aqua park? All this is just nonsense talk while the local food banks can’t keep up with the demand from people who have lost their jobs and may lose their homes…no wonder other towns refer to it as Richwood. Give the kids a few port a potties and tell them to poop at home if they don’t like them or to pretend they are away at a quaint and rustic summer camp.

  9. We used to have a bathroom at vets. Although it was locked practically every time I tried to use it, it seems like it could have been rehabbed rather than razed. It was made out of brick and was already paid for…

  10. now we all can smoke pot in the new bath room.

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