Mathematics "Educators" Pitch a Hissy Fit Over New Revised State Standards

In math wars on February 20, 2009 at 7:57 pm
Led by Joseph G. Rosenstein of Rutgers University (and Regina-selected member of Ridgewood’s math team), a coalition of mathematics educators and administrators has been created to undermine the effort by our Department of Education to strengthen NJ State Standards along the lines of the National Math Panel’s recommendations. To its credit, the DOE has listened to the Math Panel, Mathematics teachers, the Chamber of Commerce and parents. The Department has adopted standards from the highest performing states, such as Massachusetts, California and Indiana, and has benchmarked NJ standards to Singapore and the Netherlands. Unfortunately, for the high priestesses and ministers of reformed math, adopting higher, more streamlined and focused standards is a high crime. These believers in the reformed math movement are complaining that the new standards constitute…gasp:

  • decreased emphasis on conceptual understanding;
  • elimination of the use of calculators in grades K-7;
  • elimination of representing mathematical concepts through the use of concrete models;
  • deletion of topics;
  • weakening of the process standards; and
  • arbitrary changes of grade level.

It is beyond depressing to see that our very own Daniel Ilaria has endorsed Rosenstein’s campaign (Deby Ives and Nancy Schulz are also endorsers, but no surprise there). In addition to math educators, Rosenstein’s coalition seems comprised of math administrators and no real mathematicians. Rutgers and Montclair affiliations abound, as do fee-for-service math consultants such as Ms. Schulz. Some 800 mathematicians have been contacted to provide feedback directly to the DOE . How is it that Rosenstein is the only one to raise a fit over the new standards draft? Parents are finally getting the ear of Trenton. It is truly disgusting to see professor Rosenstein and Daniel Ilaria work so hard against them. The link to Rosenstein’s site is below.


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  1. this country is doomed-

  2. Who the hell cares. The state listened to us, not them. Now they can feel what it is like to not have things go their way.

  3. It seems that we have a problem in Ridgewood and it starts at the top of our BOE’s Administration. The folks in the reform camp are running Cottage Place and are completely out of step with the NJDOE, mathematicians, The National Math Panel and Village parents.

    I is amazing to see how they insist on a failed policy in face of all the information around them. Can it be that they are so ideologically driven that they throw caution to the wind and charge forward into the abyss.

    When is our BOE going to wake up to the fact that we have hired administrators who are totally out of touch with reality as it concerns the implementation of a world class math curriculum for our children?

  4. We seem to be our very own cottage industry for reformed math. Regina and Daniel, the jig is up.

  5. Our administrators need to grow a set and finally admit their allegiance (to the detriment of our children’s education) to reform math. How do they even look at themselves in the mirror?

  6. Our BOE members need to get their heads out of the sand and do their jobs. They need to take charge and set policy, not abdicate it to the hired help. It is called doing their due diligence and not just blindly following the educrats in our employ.

    Sheila, Joe et el… are you listening?

  7. What the *&^% is going on here? How did these reform zealots DANIEL AND REGINA get such a firm hold on our mathematics program? How did they get the green light to ruin it?

    So Daniel Ilaria, you disagree with the national math panel. Who the hell do you think you are?

    Follow Debra Ives and go screw up some other town. You hunkered down hoping no one will "discover" your true allegience. Now, we all know.

    You need to get out of dodge too. And take Queen Regina with you.

  8. When the standards become more rigorous, what are we here in Ridgewood supposed to do about our middle schools?

    Knowing full well that state standards were due for revision, Regina led our principals to the fuzzy math program called CMP2. Fine when the state is also on a fuzzy math grid. This is not so fine when the state embraces real math and stronger standards.

    So Regina gets to fail again. At what cost to the taxpayers? At what cost to our children?

  9. Danial Ilaria…. I guess it won’t be long until you leave before your contract is up just like Deb Ives did. Maybe her new district, Linvingston, has an opening for you. Or perhaps you can go work as Joe Rosenstein’s TA. You remember what a TA is, don’t you Dan? Go poison the minds of college students instead of my kids here in Ridgewood.

  10. Regina, did you put Dan up to this? When will you ever have the courage to do your own dirty work? Did you figure that since your protege Deb Ives left your side early, it wouldn’t matter if your next underling gets thrown under the bus for you too? Tsk, tsk, Regina the King, the emperor has no clothes.

  11. Why do we keep hiring people from Rutgers?

    Why do we keep hiring people with stupid degrees, like “mathematics education?”

    Why can’t we hire real mathematicians to educate our kids?


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